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19th C sumak
Thu, Dec 2nd, 2010 02:52:12 AM
Topic: "talismanic amulet"
19th C sumak

In our writing about the historic small-scale society oriental rugs we collect, research and study RK has introduced a number of words into this field.

We surely do not take credit for inventing them but we do wish to take credit for introducing them for instance some examples: small-scale society weavings; talisman; archaic; non-classical rug, classic Turkmen, power symbol, etc just to mention a few.

Our use of these words has now proliferated and bubbled through the cloudy waters that fill many of the oriental-rug-oases that litter the dry barren desert of contemporary oriental rug dealing.

We are sure many RK bashers will scoff at the statement above but we urge them, or anyone else, to disprove it and show examples of such words used in conjunction with historic oriental rugs prior to our using them in private and in print.

However we are not writing today to blow our horn but rather to demonstrate how others have tried, and oh how vainly they have tried, to mimic what we do and often do it in connection with pathetic attempts to pump up and sell their mediocre weavings by attaching such glittering and potent adjectives to those offerings.

Case in point is a recent offer a certain ben benayan has posted to his rugrabbit.com website.

Seems benayan must have fallen into stash of mediocre, pseudo-interesting old rugs by either buying them, which we doubt but so what, trading for them, or getting them on consignment to peddle.

Here is the latest one a beat to the nubs pseudo-interesting so-called Salendi Ghiordes(and well offer a few words about this provenance in a minute or two) medallion rug.

This is a type of rug that RK likes. But that said we only like the champion(s) of the group and were our library available at the moment we would publish the one, in the James Ballard Collection, we believe to be the best of those champions.

The one benayan offers is not a bad example though its provincial character, and later day in the continuum of the type birth, hamper liking it as much as it seems benayan does.

But its not the fact benayan, a rug wanna-be neophyte who has still not yet cut a molar as either a collector or peddler let alone authority, believes this rug to be sumptinspecial its his attaching the phrase talisman amulets to it.

According to benayan the insipid attempt to recreate the mosque lamp a rug of this type almost always displays between its corner-pieces and medallion is, in his eyes, a talismanic amulet.

Heres a detail:

Nonsense, period end of discussion.

Frankly, benayan wouldnt know a talismanic amulet from a rusty nail nor could he discern one if his life depended on it.

But, alas, rugDUMB has no organization to vet what dealers like a benayan say or do, nor does it even have anyone except RK to point this out or demonstrate what a rug-clown like a benayan does.

The minor border, which dead-eye benayan calls unusual, is nothing but another expression of the out in the sticks, provincial place a rug of this type was woven. So is the in-fill iconography between the quadra-foliate inner medallion and the medallions outline that separates it from the field. Also the four rams horn kotchak appendages on the N/S/E/W points of the medallion are, again, pastiche attachments the classic examples lack.

Too bad rug-ignorant benayan doesnt realize the best of this type of rug are not village rugs, which his is, but rather ones developed and woven in an urban environment.

Copies like this one, done outside those centers and a century or more after the type was first generated, hold little interest for anyone who is experienced and knowledgeable enough to know the history of Turkish and Anatolian rug weaving.

Something a benayan has yet to fathom.

Speaking of knowledge and expertise, and enough about a rug-clod like a still (might we say forever) wet behind the ears benayan, RK would like to mention another offering we recently spied on rugrabbit.com.

sumak bag offered by Ronnie newmann who claims it is 19th century

Rk will be glad to bet dollars to donut-holes this sumak bag is a recent reproduction and not in any way 19th century.

Should mr newmann, another rug clod in our estimation although he is far more experienced clod than a benayan, object to RK stating his sumak bag is a reproduction, we would welcome his trying to prove we are wrong.

In fact wed be glad to bet we could prove it to be a reproduction and will gladly wager newmann a 1,000 dollars we are right and he is wrong.

So squeek up newmann or go disappear down that rug-rabbithole RK mentioned some weeks ago.

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