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Wed, Nov 24th, 2010 10:21:47 PM
Topic: Kelim Robbery in Holland

RK just received an email about the robbery of a kelim collection in Holland.

The following notice is posted on that rag hali's website:

"Anatolian Kilims stolen in Armed Robbery

24 November 2010

In the early hours of Monday November 22, the well-known kilim and textile collectors Anne and Rudolph Saltet were bound, gagged and robbed at gunpoint at their home in Doorn, near Utrecht in the Netherlands, by a gang "with Turkish accents".

Numerous kilims from the collection were stolen, as well as Bhutanese, Indian and Chinese textiles. Some of the missing kilims were among those exhibited in De Pracht van Anatoli Het onbekende Turkije at the Rotterdam Kunsthal in February 2008...."

Not to in any way make light of this despicable event we ask: Does this mean kelim collecting, which had for the past decade and more fallen out of favor, is now once again become a hot topic?

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