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Thu, Nov 18th, 2010 03:50:32 AM
Topic: icoc Proposals

sorry, no time now but tomorrow they will be posted....stay tuned

Author: jc
Thu, Nov 18th, 2010 03:50:32 AM

(After we received an email earlier today from an RK basher who claimed we were just "trying to make trouble" we decided to take the time to finish this post and get it online asap.)

Below is text for the first abstract/proposal we sent expressing our interest in participating in the upcoming icoc event.

We have presented a similar proposal to the icoc committee several times for earlier 'conferences' and each time it has not been accepted.

Frankly, we did not think this time would be any different but we always say: if you dont put your hook in the water you can't catch that fish.

By the way, it was sent directly to the icoc committee by email to the address they advertised for proposals prior to the special part of their website they then later established.

We then used that facility to propose our second abstract which you can read in the jpegs below.

All in all, we are not in any way amazed dodds and company does not want to us around, nor that they do they want to allow us to reach the captive icoc audience they shelter and protect from the truths someone like RK can successfully bring to the fore and present in a factual and bona fide manner.

So have a read at what we offered to present.

Our proposals contain what we are sure RugKazbah.coms readers already know we can not only expertly discuss but more importantly we can factually prove.

We should also mention the fact the icoc has removed any trace of our submission because putting our "user id and password" into their website returns only a blank page...and one doesn't need to be a genius to deduce what that means.

The icoc committee and dodds can run but they can't hide from the truth and their piss-poor actions.

Thanks to RK many, many people now know dodds is a liar and a cheat, not to mention a rug-know-little, and we are also sure after reading this webpage many more will realize how undemocratic and prejudiced those that run the icoc prove themselves to be.


In the late 1970s to early 1980s there was a considerable amount of controversy surrounding Anatolian Kelim and their place in carpet history.

Unfortunately on account of much mis- and dis-information on the part of many who were involved in this issue there was never any genuine discussion concerning fact and reality, both of which seemed to have been overlooked in the favor of hearsay and opinion.

For this reason I am proposing a re-examination of this now 25 plus year old controversy in a round-table forum where several individuals representing the various sides of this subject discuss their views and present information/research they believe supports their positions.

This type of forum would, I believe, be a lively addition to the icoc by providing a necessary vehicle to air this issue in a scholarly manner and fashion.

Creating an environment for discussion, especially on a subject that has been as controversial as the Anatolian Kelim, should be something the oriental carpet collecting community and the icoc committee would welcome and encourage.

I believe I have the knowledge and contacts to successfully organize such a presentation.

Controversial issues must be professionally and very delicately handled and I feel if done properly with solid organization and care this forum will have lasting effect, both for this subject as well as for the far larger subject of raising appreciation for the historic oriental carpet and related weavings like Anatolian Kelim.

I will be glad to provide additional information list of participants and a general outline of how discussion could proceed, should the relevant icoc committee green light this proposal for further consideration.

Jack Cassin
Weaving Art Museum
A non-profit art organization

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