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Thu, Nov 4th, 2010 12:22:38 AM
Topic: Not So New Lows in RugDUMB

We live is strange, or is it just sick, times.

Times when ass-backwards, or forwards in some cases, rule the roost.

Take for instance a proven and convicted thief like peter, aka saunders, mueller who is considered by some to be a rug expert.

Here is a picture of mr(ms) mueller that recently appeared on the internet on a New York "society" website:
'zandra fox', also known as peter aka saunders real name mueller, at the winter antiques show at the 67th street Armory in New York City January 2010

How anyone, even a stuffed-shirt rug gadfly like kurt aka sneak-peep munkasci president of the hajji baba club, could even sit in the same room as this deviant creep, saunders/mueller, is beyond imagination in RK's estimation. But to do it repeatedly is totally beyond.

Even far more absurd is munkacsi's belief this transvestite creature from the black lagoon is a rug expert. Guess it just shows how little munksci, himself, knows about old Turkmen rugs or how to pick an "advisor/consulant" to assist his buying of old rugs.

Does this impact munkasci's over-blown reputation in rugDUMB?

RK will have to say unequivocally, most unequivocally.

Regardless of mueller/saunder's proclivity to appear in public dressed in woman's clothes, some decades ago he was caught red-handed STEALING customer's rugs sent or brought to his former carpet cleaning shoppe, Tekke Carpet Cleaning, in northern California.

When mueller/saunders finally went to jail for his thievery, one of the victims had mueller/saunders beaten within a couple of inches of his life -- what goes around, comes around. This is why mueller left California and hides out in New York City -- he still fears the man who put him in jail and then the prison hospital for months, as RK has heard.

In RK's world the fact a man wants to wear ladies underwear in public, like webb hill does; or dress-up like a dowdy harlot, like mueller/saunders, should be sufficient evidence to be very careful in participating in any activity with them, if not to avoid them like an open sewer.

Cross dressing, in RK's opinion, is a sickness and a mental disorder -- it is not a lifestyle choice any more than wanting to preform sex acts with young boys, like ronnie newmann hungers for.

Nope, in any world not gone mad such "men" would be immediately swept off the streets, just like fresh, steaming dog doo-doo.

But, in the pathetically stupid world of rugDUMB, mentally ill young boy possessed homos like newmann, transvestites like peter mueller/saunders, or gay bar hopping dudes dressed in corsets like webb hill are respected as "expurts" and not vilified as sub-humans.

Yesshhh, Scottie beam me up and outta here.

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