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about Turkmen rugs? Part I
Tue, Nov 9th, 2010 01:29:19 AM
Topic: What does RK know
about Turkmen rugs? Part I

We know a great deal about historic Turkmen rugs.

In fact we are not ashamed, nor are we bragging unjustly, when we say we know more about these weavings than anyone else alive.

Go read the Weaving Art Museum Turkmen Trappings exhibition text we wrote in 1999 and published in 2000:


That was written 11 years ago, and trust us we have not been asleep since then but have been researching and honing our understanding; clearly we know alot more now.

Go compare our writing with, say, the pinner/eiland text for the Weisersperg collection published in the "Between the Black Desert and the Red: Turkmen Carpets from the Wiedersperg Collection" book by the DeYoung Museum.

The text these two acknowledged but clearly under-preforming supposed experts, pinner and eiland, produced is devoid of any thing resembling scholarship or ground-breaking research. Fact is their text is nothing but a restatement of age old, worn out and tired blah-blah about the Turkmen and the weavings they produced.

RK is sick and tired of being denigrated by the rug-morons and clowns who populate rugDUMB, are RK haters, and are too dull and incapably inadept to see the difference between what we have produced, for instance the Turkmen Trappings exhibition, and what those two Turkmen poseur, eilland and pinner, scribbled next to the collection of weavings Wolf Weidersperg and his wife donated to the deYoung.

We doubt few of you have ever read the complete text to either our exhibition or the deYoung book. Nor do we doubt few of you have ever even read all the captions or spent time thinking about the pictures.

So for most of you that are sleep-walking thru rugDUMB, and to the vocal minority of you who are RK haters, why don't cha roll up your sleeves, turn on your brains, and go read both texts.

RK is sure if you do you will learn enough to see RK is not bragging, nor are we dissing with out reason what pinner and eiland produced. It's all there in black and white so get-goin'.

Author: jc
Tue, Nov 9th, 2010 01:29:19 AM

A propos to this topic RK will, soon, post some musing we have been formulating concerning a new concept and approach to understanding where and how the ubiquitous Turkmen gol developed.

In this endeavor we will refer to an ancient Saryk main carpet along with a most unusual and archaic pile fragment we discovered soon after purchasing the Saryk.

So stay tuned for more on this subject and while waiting feast your eyes on this detail:

detail ancient Saryk main carpet in our collection

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