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Sun, Oct 17th, 2010 02:00:58 PM
Topic: Scrapping the very
bottom of the barrel

RK has just been informed the Joesph McMullan award, which has become nothing but another back-slappingly putrid nepotistic example of rugDUMB's incestuous stupidity, has been awarded to Daniel Shaffer, a hali employee for the past 25 or so years.

Now please someone, anyone, tell RK what the freak Shaffer has done besides his job, which like all jobs he does for a paycheck?

Under the excrutiatingly rancid and dumber than a rock 'leadership' of bruce baganz, who let's all remember brayed about the brilliance of his choice of do nothing dan walker for the textile museum directorship and then 15 months later summarily ushered walker out the door, the textile museum has sunk to new lows, which to RK's surprise continue to get lower.

Yeshhh, when will this end? Will we see next year's crop of awardees include professor steve price=clown for the G.H. Meyers award and blurry the former ebay cheat and embezzler oCONnell for the McMullan award?

There is absolutely no doubt baganz is full of shit and the worst stuffed-shirt arsehole to ever assume the chairman of the board position at any museum.

RK could not think of a more fecklessly incapable or ill-prepared person, who undoubtedly bought his position at the textile museum or was it just the lack of qualified aspirants that led to baganz getting his butt into the chairman of the board's swivel-chair, to lead(what a joke even using that word sarcastically to describe what this ignorant fool baganz is pathetically trying to do) the textile museum into the 21st century.

In either case, or any other, RK hopes he gets swiveled out of it asap, and takes the rest of the dumbass fools and clowns, who are allied with him as members of the textile museum's board of directors, along with him.

Time could not come too soon to see the departure of these self-serving rug-morons and the G.H. Meyer's great museum rid itself of the pox and plague baganz and company has foisted on Meyer's namesake institution.

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