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Fri, Nov 12th, 2010 07:49:16 AM
Topic: textile museum G.H. Myer Award

Like the Nobel Peace Prize which has been permanently and irreparably sullied by awarding it to barack obama who has continued and further enlarged america's undeclared and immoral wars in the Middle East, giving the 2009 Meyer's Award to dennis, the thief and cheat, dodds, has equally destroyed any worth it formerly might have carried.

Let RK also state the textile museum's previous award winners, like harold kesheshian who was a rug clown and fool of major proportions, demonstrated the worthlessness of having their two-bit trophy on one's living-room mantel.

There is little doubt a thief and cheat like dodds did not deserve to have his name mentioned in connection to G.H. Myer's, and neither did keshishian, who got it undoubtedly because he bought it through tax-exempt donations and was, like dodds, favored by the patheticly rug-ignorant in-group of slobs who rule the textile museum as if it were their own.

Compared to them and other awardees this year's winner, michael franses, has done enough to warrant it, unlike a thief like dodds or a stuffed-shirt pedant poseur like keshishian.

That said, franses's achievements in rugDUMB are almost equally as overblown and hyperbolic as dodds and kesheshian's, and RK is sure when the dust settles on our generation of rug-collectors, researchers and scholars franses's name will be, at best, a footnote.

Whose name will head the list?

Go and guess.....

Author: Honest Abe
email: [email protected]
Fri, Nov 12th, 2010 07:49:16 AM

Hey scheiss-kopf:

Here is the full caption to the photo we posted:

"Russell Pickering Chairman of the Near Eastern Art Research Center Inc., Washington, presents the Joseph V. McMullen Award for Scholarship and Stewardship in Islamic Textiles to Dennis Dodds, President of the Organizing Committee of the Philadelphia Eighth International Conference on Oriental Carpets, Inc.".

Nowhere does it say Pickering presented the "award" to dodds in Phildelphia, so unless you have a crystal ball or were there, both which we sincerely doubt, you are just blowing more smoke outta that hole you sit on.

RK is willing to bet the award was presented at the textile museum.

Go email that liar and cheat dodds and ask him.

We'd do it but that weasel dodds is too chicken-shit to answer our emails.

As for you, honest as a car thief, abe?

If you don't like what RK writes don't visit our website---it's as simple as that.


The weaknesses of your self-aggrandizing opinions are apparent when it is so easily shown that you routinely get the underlying facts wrong. You show a picture of Pickering giving the McMullan award to Dodds and pompously ask Guess where that photo was taken? Let RK put your obviously weak brain-cells and miniscule cranial capacity to rest before they bust and tell you that photo was taken AT the textile museum. Your own miniscule cranial capacity has the facts wrong again. How did you TRY to get the facts? You went to Mr. Barry OConnells website, which is far more informative than yours. You then lifted that image from his site. If you would only pay attention to what he posted, you would see that the McMullan award was given to Dodds in Philadelphia in 1996 and that the picture was NOT taken at the Textile Museum. You confused the caption with the caption for a black and white picture on the same page taken of Dodds at the Textile Museum in 1997. You will call this nit-picking, of course, but when you consistently obfuscate and confuse the facts and are unable to substantiate them, of what use are your egomaniacal opinions? They are of no use and that is obvious to everyone but you.

Author: jc
Sat, Oct 23rd, 2010 08:20:55 PM

RK finds it amazing someone, like (dis)honest abe, can continue to bash us when his entire premise is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to deflect the logic and truth awards to those in rugDUMB serve no real purpose other than to continue the status quo.

Isn't it obvious rugDUMB is suffering a complete lack of candor and honesty?

Isn't it obvious rugDUMB's central 'instutions', like the textile museum or hali magazine or icoc or acor, have lost whatever former glory they might have had and a sinking into their own graves?

The paid readership at hali is, as we have heard it from an insider, far less than half of what it was at its hayday and the textile museum under the stewardship of bruce baganz, who by the way was also given the McMullan award, has become at best a shadow of its former self.

And what happened to the "next" acor, or why is the icoc struggling to present anything but regurgitated pseudo-scholarship and nothing but a bunch of rug-know-littles parading around in their ikat-inspired shirts and clapping their hands when a proven cheat and thief like dennis dodds, their leader, addresses them?

No, no anyone who believes rugDUMB is not on the ropes and going down for the count is both deaf, blind and dumb for sure.

There is nothing to see in rugDUMB other than a small circle of aging do-littles who are congratulating themselves with worthless awards, worthless palaver and fiction worthy of Walt Disney.

Go prove us incorrect, all you anonymice who are too chicken-shit to post with your real names, too stupid to call a spade a spade and too ignorant to know when someone is pissing down your back and telling you it's raining (RK's favorite line from Clint Eastwood in the movie "Outlaw Josey Wales".)

Author: Honest Abe
email: [email protected]
Sat, Oct 23rd, 2010 03:47:56 PM

Learn to read, schmuck, before you open your yap.

We admitted confusing the Meyers award with the McMullan but so what, as they are both awards given AT the textile museum by and for people who are part and parcel of the textile museum, like Russ Pickering, dennis dodds and harold keshishian .

You're such a idiotic blind wanna-be RK basher you remind us of steve price=clown and his penchant to pick at minutia and blow it up into cause clbre.

What more do you want? We admitted we erred in confusing the Meyers with the McMullan award but remember you declared with such gusto neither dodds nor kesishian ever received any other awards:

"Dennis Dodds has never received any formal honor of The Textile Museum. Harold Keshishian in 2007 deservedly received The Textile Museums Award of Distinction for distinguished service in fulfillment of the museums mission to expand public awareness and appreciation of the worlds textiles."

It appears to us, and to any unprejudiced reader, you were far more incorrect than we.

But which award a proven thief and cheat like dodds, or a stuffed-shirt rug-moron like keshishian, had hung around their neck is irrevelant; what is relevant is both of them are guilty as charged and by bestowing 'awards' on them those awards are cheapened and in our estimation made worthless.

Again giving a Nobel prize to a war-mongering liar and deceiver like barack obama, or giving a McMullan award to a liar, cheat and thief like dennis dodds, is an important issue, and the one we initially cited.

We live in a world of NewSpeak, as George Orwell's prescient book 1984 explains, and that NewSpeak -- Hate is Love, War is Peace -- which seemed so impossible unreal and total fiction when RK first read it in 1963 has actually happened.

Dumbass jerks like yourself, (dis)honest abe, swallow hook, line and sinker rugDUMB's nonsensical myths and palaver, what's worse is your refusal to acknowledge them, particularly when they, and you, are proven wrong.

RK makes mistakes, and when we do we correct them and admit our errors.

We always say "big people make mistakes but little people are always right"

Welcome to the club of little people, (dis)honest abe, a club RK will never join.


Oh my, what a fool you are. You are completely wrong but also incapable of recognizing that you could be wrong. Evidently you can't even read what you post. First, you declared that both Dodds and Keshishian were given the George Hewitt Myers Award by The Textile Museum. Neither ever received that award, a simple fact that can easily be verified. In a vain effort to refute my statement correcting your error, you posted a picture of Dennis Dodds receiving the Joseph V. McMullan award. That award was also given to Harold Keshishian. However, the McMullan award has nothing whatsoever to do with The Textile Museum; it is awarded by the Near Eastern Art Research Center. You are always so eager to begin one of your rants that you completely ignore the facts, even those that you present. You should try engaging your brain before spewing the venom. If you did, you might not look quite so ridiculous.

Author: Honest Abe
email: [email protected]
Sat, Oct 23rd, 2010 05:03:23 AM

Yo honest Abe, you schmuck:

1. You are neither honest or Abe and your beliefs you are anything but a schmuck are as tooth fairy-land as dodds' are concerning his bogus 'bellini'.

2. For your information here is a photo of dennis the thief and cheat dodds receiving the Joseph McMullan award.

Guess where that photo was taken?

Let RK put your obviously weak brain-cells and miniscule cranial capacity to rest before they bust and tell you that photo was taken AT the textile museum.

Here is another photo you might want to bone up on, unless you prefer having the proverbial bone up your butt, as that's where it now rests you schmuck of an RK hater.

Guess hot-air harry keshishian did receive that recognition regardless of your insipid crying he didn't, huh?

So while we are thankful for your pointing out our recent mis-spelling, though the myriad of other times it had appeared on RugKazbah.com it was correct, of G.H. Myers name, which we corrected, we surely are not thankful for your patently incorrect assault on our accusations about the worthlessness of awards presented by the textile museum, regardless of the fact we confused the Myers award with the McMullan.

Neither one carries any more credulity in the real world than 5 cents used to buy a good cigar, and belief that they do is equally outdated.

Many people have tried to bash RK and all of them, like your fat-mouth self, have been proven wrong.

And where an ignorant hick arsehole like yourself comes off howling that RK needs professional help is, like the other flatulently ignorant fools who have levied similar claims, nothing but sheer imaginary bullshit.

Those who speak truth and do it in the face of omnipotent, so these 'institutions' believe, hierarchies and bureaucracies are often labelled "crazy" "mentally ill" and "disturbed".

This ploy is nothing but slander and defamation aimed by those institutions, and their supporters, to deflect the truth and true charges accusers and whistle-blowers have levied against them and to obfuscate and confuse the public from believing them.

It's the old shoot the messenger to make the message disappear.

Such tactics usually are successful in the short run but in the end rarely keep the truth from seeping out.

Such is the case with RK and our crusades against the likes of dodds, thompson, bruce big-mouth baganz, the textile museum and others whose bogus reputations have been placed into perspective in many people's minds thanks to our making the true facts known.

However, schmuck, it is those, like yourself, who support those same misguided, and sick if we might add, hierarchies and bureaucracies, like the textile museum, that need 're-education' as the Soviet's used to call it.

So where does that leave you?

We'd have to reply in the shit you are clearly and evidently so used to swimming in.

Might we suggest the next time you get the urge to write in to RugKazbah.com be sure to get all your facts straight but first, and we quote the movie "Cool Hand Luke": you'd be best to "get yer mind right", Luke.


Jack, Jack, Jack,

Because of your narcissistic behavior disorder, aberrant self-love and jealousy of others who are able to succeed at normal human interaction, this website is no more than a disgusting and unrelenting stream of psychotic rants against virtually everyone in the rug and textile world. If you could view it as others do for even 10 seconds, it would be obvious that all of its content is the product of an extraordinarily sick mind. You should seek professional help.

Your rants and tirades are based on your assumption that your opinions are the only correct ones. However, on those rare occasions when you attempt to discuss facts, your knowledge is almost invariably wanting.

This particular rant is based on your belief that Dennis Dodds was given the 2009 George Hewitt Myers Award by The Textile Museum and that at some other unspecified time the GHM Award was also given to Harold Keshishian. You are, once again, completely wrong. Neither Dodds nor Keshishian has ever received that recognition. Mattiebelle Gittinger received the 2009 George Hewitt Myers Award. Previous honorees are Jon Thompson, Lloyd Cotsen, Josephine Powell and Jack Lenor Larsen.

Dennis Dodds has never received any formal honor of The Textile Museum. Harold Keshishian in 2007 deservedly received The Textile Museums Award of Distinction for distinguished service in fulfillment of the museums mission to expand public awareness and appreciation of the worlds textiles.

By the way, your spelling and punctuation are consistently atrocious. The name is George Hewitt Myers, not Meyers.

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