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Sat, Oct 9th, 2010 03:51:26 AM
Topic: distressing news

The contents of latest issue of that rag hali magazine, we have just learned from their website, contains the following bit of distressing news:

"Dan Walker for Chicagos Art Institute"

RK doesn't bother to read that rag hali religiously but we do, on occasion, thumb thru the declining quality of paper its pages and their contents demonstrate.

So we have surely not seen or read what exactly dan, aka do nothing, walker is going to be doing at the Chicago Art Institute.

Honestly, in our opinion do nothing dan shouldn't even be allowed in their hallowed halls with an admission ticket, let alone be considered for a job there, even as a broom man.

But, it surely appears, this is not the case and the fact walker, who did next to nothing after 20 plus years at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, and was then summarily fired and ejected after a far shorter stint as the director of the textile museum in Washington D.C. after leaving the Met, is now going to fill the vacuum recently created at the Chicago Art Institute(CAI).

This is dreadful, walker is at best a place holder having duly earned his moniker do nothing, and RK pities the board of directors at the CAI for their feckless and blundering decision to hire walker.

RK would be hard pressed to imagine a worse choice, though hiring barry, aka blurry, oCONnell or steve, the rug clown, price would easily fulfill that imagined horror.

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