Thu, Oct 21st, 2010 03:31:08 PM

There is little doubt professor steve, aka steev, price is a rug clown and buffoon of immense proportions.

RK has riddled price with proverbial lead concerning his dumbass ideas about oriental rugs as well as the 'quality' of his airport-art rug collection but like the Terminator price just keeps coming.

We realized long ago our efforts to carpet-bomb price with facts and words of merit were in vain. However, since RK is not easily dissuaded when we believe in an issue, we decided to make our disdain for professor price more public -- hence professorsteveprice.com.


Author: Jack Williams
Thu, Oct 21st, 2010 03:31:08 PM

williams, you dumb-shit:

You can only dream about killing Taliban from your perch in some white-trash trailer-park in Louisiana, where you undoubtedly live.

And any rug that catches your deader-than-dead eye is equally as specious to bray about.

Stick to posting your worthless asinine comments on the piss-puddle website your compadre in rugland professor steve price shepherds, as we never encouraged, nor have sought, your participation, or even your readership.


Great day today! Used a Preditor/hellfire to take out four more murderous Taliban who were foolishly celebrating another beheading. Then we were allowed to pillage their belongings, looking for intelligence data. Wow, I found three pretty good Baluch rugs and one rather threadbare Turkman, damaged by the blast unfortunately.What is sad is when one of the suicide murder-bombers blows himself and hundreds of innocent men, women, and children into the land of 72 virgins, lots of rugs, personal bags, get severely damaged.Jack, have you every considered trying the Taliban bomber option on your many enimies?

Author: [email protected]
email: [email protected]
Wed, Oct 13th, 2010 02:26:34 PM

Thanks for the compliment, fool.

The main trouble with the world today is arseholes like you who, regardless of the information available, still believe the bullshit those in control feed you daily. By the way, they have been feeding this "truth" to schmucks like you since the French and American "revolutions". Go learn what the truth really is instead of swallowing a version of "history" that is as veritable as watching a professional wrestling match -- or does a mindless clown like you, and the other big brave posters to this thread, truly believe those guys really are wrestling and not acting?

It is really pathetic to watch our freedoms, which by the way are God given and not attached to any document any man ever wrote or tried to supress, being eroded and washed away like sand on a beach.

You are nothing but a dumbass moron, congrats

jesus christ, you are loopy!

Author: Your Admirer
Wed, Oct 13th, 2010 06:42:57 AM

Listen up, schmuck:

We know you have emailed us before and you are the one whose comments bordered on criminal.

We will deal with you when we have the time and inclination but for now take your sarcasm, stupidity and duplicity and get lost. Life is too short to parry your inane comment with anything but a .45.

PS: We're not mad, a weasel like you couldn't possibly get our dander up, no matter what you might invent.


No need to get mad, I know that everything you said is true. But I can't quite connect the dots. For instance, how do you get from US complicity to the conclusion that WW 2 didn't help the people of Europe, especially the Jews and Slavs and gypsies? Or would it have been better for all of us if he wasn't stopped from finishing his mission?

Author: Your Admirer
Tue, Oct 12th, 2010 05:04:20 PM

Ahoy there lost in the sauce:

Hitler, for your information, was supported materially by both the American and English governments, forget about private companies like the one which george bush senior's father, prescott, worked for.

Pearl harbor was, for your information, completely known about by the Navy and fdr, and they let it happen.

These are facts supported by numerous first person accounts which are easily accessed by anyone who wishes to know the truth.

The civil war was fought over states rights, not freedom for blacks or cotton.

Honest Abe lincoln, who was an agent of the bankers, just like jfk, eventually stood up, rejected the mission they had planned for him, and lost his life because of that betrayal.

History is full of theater and only a fool believes what a moron like you have implied.

The best quote RK knows about history is from Voltaire "history is nothing but fables agreed upon".

So go back to your ignorance, fool, or go learn the truth and quit trying to insinuate RK is anything but knowledgeable and right.

Oh, PS: king george the third, who was king of england at the time of the revolution loaned the colonists the equivalent of 3 million dollars, which was a hell of alot of cash back then.

Now go stretch your miniscule cranial capacity and try to figure out why ol'king george would loan his adversaries money so they could fight him?

Write in again, ask us, and RK will tell you, and all the other simpletons who might believe what you wrote is anything but nonsense, why.


You are so right. Wars are awful. They don' benefit anyone except bankers, and are never justified. The world would be a better place if we had let Hitler finish his noble mission, and it was childish to get so testy about Pearl Harbor. The Civil War was a big mistake, and the Revolution was an act of ingratitude.Keep speaking the truth, JC. It's straight up guys like you that make me proud to be an American.

Author: Jack Williams
Mon, Oct 11th, 2010 09:03:39 AM

Hey williams, you first-class idiot:

Many pieces from RK's collection are both published in the four books RK authored, as well as being posted on the internet on the Weaving Art Museum, http://weavingartmuseum.org, website as well as here on RugKazbah.com.

You are such a lost arsehole a compass would not get you back on track.

And for your information the Taliban is mostly a creation of certain governmental agencies, and while there are members who, we have heard, are not supported by our government, they have only joined because of the murderous actions creeps like yourself perpetrate in their homeland.

Kill a commie for Christ was the chant of the 1950's, kill a nazi the chant of the 1940's, kill a gook the chant of the 1960's.

So tell us, big-boy, where all this killing has gotten our country?

Only a moron like you could possibly not see the fallacy in such action.

But you will, trust RK, you will, and when that time comes you will have no words to weasel out of your predicament.

War is bullshit, like your stupid "collection", your idiotic notions about rugs, your belief steev price is anything but a clown and turk0drek is anything but wastebasket material.

Go kill some Taliban, you dumb shit, but note most of them are nothing but innocents caught up in a net of politics and greed.

Wars benefit no one other than bankers. War has never solved any problem or made life better for anyone other than bankers.

But RK does not expect a pathetic simpleton like you to realize what a pawn you, and every other soldier who aims a gun and kills for some ridiculous and worthless ideology, are.


Whatever ... anyone can look at my accumulation on the site below, conveniently subdivided into Afshar, Baluch, Turkman, and Other. I post my rugs for all to see, good or bad. Others, including you, keep their supposedly marvelous collections secret and just refer to their wonderful hoard without ever allowing anyone else to judge it. Too bad. http://community.webshots.com/user/JacknolaDo you think I am delibertly murdering poor innocent, peace-loving, gentle and kind Taliban Pashtun's to plunder their rugs? Oh... I see ... nevermind.

Author: Jack Williams
Sun, Oct 10th, 2010 05:37:26 PM

Hey schmuck: You're not even worth a reply.

But for the record anyone who believes RK is a standing joke belongs in the shit-house with a fool like you.

Your "collection" be it posted on line or lining a garbage pail, be it an "accumulation" or an abortion, is not worth even a first glance and whatever money you spent to acquire it would have been better spent on helping the poor, innocent children of the men and probably women you and other "soldiers" unnecessarily sent to their graves.

You will rot in hell for what you have done, be it directly with your gun or indirectly by being involved with others who killed for "peace". What an asinine notion only a senseless moron could possibly believe.

You and all other "soldiers" know this deep own inside and when it comes time to meet your maker you will quake in your boots and fill your pants with excrement, you chicken-shit piece of crap.

Why you bother to write here is unfathomable, williams, but we realize a warmongering scumbag like you needs an outlet. However, we would suggest you go into your bathroom an relieve yourself there instead of trying to ex-lax your bowels on this website.

RugDUMB is full of bloated shitheads like yourself, and RugKazbah.com has, as we have done with you and professor price=clown, chewed them up and spit them out for all to see.

Sadly you, he and others are, as we noted above, terminators whose propensity for self-reflection and assessment is as absent as their abilities to understand an oriental rug, so you just keep on coming.


You're a standing joke you know. Too bad... because occasionally you exhibit sanity and even a modicum of knowledge. But now that I think about it, whenever you venture into fields that I know about... Baluch, Afshar, Timuri, Tamaini, for instance... your ignorance is on public display.I assume you do know something about Turkmen weavings... but given your propensity to bloviate, I have grave misgivings.Re: my "collection." It is more of an accumulation and it is posted on the web for all to see and admire. Actually many are somewhat banal though I like them... but some, especially some Baluch and Afshar, are good to very very good... but I really wouldn't expect you to be able to disguish the difference in that milieau.Remember, two blue pills in the morning, and the pink ones at night. If you reverse it, you will post drivel while foaming at the mouth... oh!!! wait.....!!!

Author: Jack Williams
Fri, Oct 8th, 2010 07:24:58 PM

hey williams, you stupid son of a bitch:

The only one who needs "medicine" is you and the rest of the rug-morons who bother to read or post on turko-drek dot com.

And by the way, we are glad even a schmuck like you reads RK.

Keep it up, you might learn something, the least of which would be steve price or turkotek dot com is worth anything but a waste-basket or dumpster.

PS: Your rug "collection", williams, is so piss-poor it makes price's look world class, congrats RK thought that would be impossible.

PPSS: And your knowledge about oriental rugs, even worse.To wit, neither wiler nor wagner could even be called rug mini-minds, let alone knowledgeable.

Go back to Afghanistan, big boy, and kill some gooks for obama; or do you kill for Christ, you pathetic excuse for a human being?


Uhhh.... did you forget to take your medicine again, or are you just cycling through another manic stage?The discusions on Steve's board may be uneven in quality, depending on what rug is offered, but it is the best such site around... Wiler, Wagner, et. al. are knowledgeable people.

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