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your ignorance
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Sat, Oct 2nd, 2010 10:50:43 AM
Topic: 'Scuze us but
your ignorance
is showing

RK has, as our avid readers know, little respect for the overblown reputations many names in RugDumb possess and we have demonstrated, with fact and not just words, proof plenty to substantiate our accusations.

One of the overblown, pun intended, ruggies we have skewered is ronny, aka runny, newman whose longtime dealer activities show little actual reason for that supposed reputation.

Mr newman is someone, like dodds, who is a persistent over-dater and over-charger for his wares, which are equally over-rated by him.

We find the merch newman, again like dodds and others, sells to be mostly mediocre pseudo-collector pieces; tho, that said, in the past newman has sold some outstanding ones.

Those pieces had correspondingly outstanding prices, something RK believes is good. What we do not approve of is charging outstanding prices for mediocre pieces, and worse doing it over and over.

We do not know what runny wants for his torba, pictured below, we recently spied for sale on the internet but we are sure it is way too much for such a scrap of turko-nothingness.

RK has long ago, in fact not since the late 70's, had any run-ins with runny, for after the last one we decided we'd rather fall off a log into boiling oil than deal with this greasy, sleazy, use-every-trick-in-the book rug-creep.

OK, since we really don't know what the price is, let's get to the meat. or should we say the meat-head, of the matter: newman's short "description" of this cramed together, ghastly Tekke torba.

Calling the border "unusual" reminds us of a dodds-ism-- useless patter based on ignorance, if not complete stupidity.

The border is nothing but a degenerate version of the so-called rarely seen 'peikam', and the elem an equally poor attempt at the trifoliate plant that one encounters on certain "S" group chuvals, for instance.

Turko-morons like runny and dangerous dennis dodds should at this point in their rug-dealing "careers" be astute enough to differentiate degenerate from unusal; but, alas, they can't.

Were others in RugDumb able, turko-dummies like them would be long forgotten.

Again regrettably they aren't and their status, which should be as tarnished as a silver service left untouched in the attic of time for three generations, remains as untouched.

Frankly, we doubt anyone but the most ardent supporters of these two turko-clowns will be shocked at our excoriating newman, or dodds, as rare is the occasion their expertise and reputations are not as easily critiqued and rebuked.

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