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Wed, Sep 22nd, 2010 03:12:43 PM
Topic: an open letter to alberto boralevi


the fact you never had the courtesy to email me regarding the proposal i sent youdoesn't bode well for your integrity or honor,however,doing anything with that CHEAT and THIEF dennis dodds is even more condemning

dodds cheated the Los Angeles County Art Museum by selling that a late genre period reproduction of a "bellini" rug

you pretend to be an expert of Anatolian rugs .. don't you know the difference between the real thing and a late genre period reproduction??

if not you should start selling shoes or pasta, man -- you dont belong in the antique rug business ...

clearly dodds doesn't know the difference or he is just too greedy and disgusting to pretend that piece of crap rug, which languished unsold for almost 30 years on the international rug market, was the real thing

it is clear he is both a turko-moron and a thief

alberto, you should be ashamed to not speak out at what that THIEF dodds has done

note: LAMCA will never buy another rug and many other museums in America will not either -- thanks to what dodds' greed and unbridled ambition has caused

frankly, what little respect i held for you has evaporated considering the above

SHAME ON YOU, sir, wake up you fool

Author: jc
Wed, Sep 22nd, 2010 03:12:43 PM

RK has now had a talk with boralevi about the dodds situation and his position vis-a-vis what dodds has done.

We were quite surprised to hear boralevi say he "doesn't know enough about Anatolian rugs to judge" whether or not dodds is the cheat and thief RK has proven he is.

Frankly, we don't really know what to think about what boralevi said -- was he being truthful? does he really not know enough to discern the bellini dodds sold to LACMA is the late period genre copy we claim it to be? or was boralevi just trying to extricate himself from the situation by saying anything he could?

The following is from his website:

"Alberto Boralevi is specialised in tribal weavings, early classical and rare carpet fragments, Islamic textiles and embroideries, Italian peasant rugs and textiles. Besides dealing, he lectures on Oriental rugs and works as appraiser and consultant. Moreover he organises study tours to rug producing countries and for visiting important Rug Collections worldwide."

So what to believe?

Seems to RK boralevi, like most other big names in rugDUMB, is just too afraid to say anything, which is piss-poor pathetic.

Clearly he has a relationship with dodds, and it is also as clear boralevi does not have the courage or honor to tell that cheat and liar dodds what he should tell him.

Either that, or boralevi's statements on his website are a lie and if he really doesn't know enough to ascertain dodds' 'bellini' is the late genre repro we claim he should close that gallery and start selling shoes or pasta.

We honestly expected more from boralevi but, alas, he is just another rug-fool and clown whose inaction has allowed dodds to escape censure and exposure for his thievery. This is also piss-poor pathetic...

Author: jc
Tue, Sep 14th, 2010 11:42:43 AM

dodds the cheat and thief will be "exhibiting" at the Sartirana show and RK hopes and expects every exhibitor and visitor will make it plainly clear to dennis dodds that they not only disapprove of his greed and stupidity in cheating a major American museum like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art but they expect him to finally do something to rectify his deplorable and, in RK's opinion, criminal actions.

The antique rug and textile world is a small one and when a blatantly dishonest and greedy scum-bag like a dennis dodds is a leader it bodes terribly poorly for it.

There is no doubt dodds cheated LACMA and the fact dr jon the con thompson and that idiot louise mackie have not spoke up, like honest Dr Walter Denny has done, throws them in just a poor a light as the one shining on dennis the cheat and thief dodds.

Time for rugDUMB to wake up and call dodds out for his greed, stupidity and thievery.

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