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Sun, Nov 28th, 2010 12:56:25 AM
Topic: Greed or Stupidity?

Concerning rippon-boswell's September 2010 sale RK would have to comment both, but the stupidity end is the far greater.

Everyone knows business is bad, and not only the rug business.

However, there is also little doubt great pieces, be they paintings or other types of art -- including antique and historic carpets of all types --, bring great prices.

This is as positive an idea as rain is wet.

So why try to off-load mediocre, cheap pieces as bozwell exhibits for sale when such goods were always difficult to find buyers for, and surely now that business is bad are equally as unsaleable?

RK has never been impressed with mr bozwell's, aka detlef maltzahn, supposed rug expertise or his business acumen.

Putting together such a piss-poor sale, as the coming September 25th non-extravagazena demonstrates, can have only one result -- a piss-poor one.

Does mr bozwell imagine numerous bidders for the 282 easily forgettable, at the best, lots?

Clearly if he does he should put down the pipe, and if he doesn't they why on God's green earth hold such a sale?

RK feels sorry for the foolish consignors, after all putting rugs in bozwell's hands costs even if they don't sell -- there ain't no free rides when maltzahn takes your goods.

It is also patently clear mr bozwell doesn't hold much anticipation of success for the sale as his usual over-blown and often questionable "descriptions" don't grace his catalog -- well at least the one on his website RK referenced.

Frankly speaking, RK believes maltzahn is a dummy and meat-head for having this sale and we can only believe his greed in doing so has been exceeded by his stupidity.

But, heck, that's why we started calling it rugDUMB, and still do...

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 28th, 2010 12:56:25 AM

By default the jury is out on our question: Greed or stupidity.

Clearly both reigned, and continue to, at boswell's auction house, as their next sale is this week but still the results of the last one are unpublished.

Mr. boswell, aka detlef maltzahn, should be queried by those who brave Europe's cold, snowy weather to visit, view and maybe to bid for what is on offer.

RK has looked at the catalog and were we inclined to spill more pearls we'd comment. But honestly, dear readers, the "why should we bother question" looms large in our thoughts.

Frankly this upcoming sale is yards better than the last but that comparison, though factual, says little, as there is not one exceptional lot on offer in our estimation.

There are a few good things but in this day and age who wants to dump out the wallet for good things when as time goes on those good things are declining in price?

The market for old, collectible oriental rugs has always been an non-existent one and the charades those like boswell and others, who have either fled the scene or been purged, used to perpetrate is long an old feeble tale.

The hows and the whys of this are easily explained, and RK has explained them for years now -- too bad none of you listened, or even bothered to really consider what we wrote.

So bask in the cloudy days of today's miniscule collector-rug market and be prepared for worse to come.

Keep reading that rag hali and for those of you who plan to continue to collect let RK give you some advice: Only buy the best and forget about the rest.

Oh, and by the way, here's another tidbit to chew on -- better sharpen up your rug savvy as from what we have seen and know there are frightfully few of you who can really discern the best from the rest.

Author: jc
Fri, Nov 12th, 2010 07:23:37 PM

It is now more than two months since boswell's sale and still he has not published the results.

One might be prone to ask why but it is patently obvious -- they were miserable.

However, mr. boswell, aka detlef maltzahn, did see fit to put the catalog for the next sale, which will be on December 4, 2010, online and RK will publish our unabashed opinions and expert commentary concerning several of the lots soon.

Stay tuned...

Author: jc
Sun, Oct 24th, 2010 04:47:25 PM

It's more than a month now since the hammer, which bozwell like to thump on his podium, came down on the last lot of this rather weak collection of rugs for sale and still there are no published results.

Need RK tell you all why?

Author: jc
Mon, Sep 13th, 2010 11:46:32 PM

We received an email from one of our more astute readers who mentioned there have been other sales where maltzahn has not written and included his, in our view, 'fanciful' descriptions.

And while we did not take notice of this, it is meaningless. For whether or not such descriptions grace bozwell's catalog the level of the goods on offer in this sale is low, in our estimation way, way too low.

This is the salient point, especially considering the effects of the world-wide "financial crisis" is having on the art market.

BTW: that financial "crisis" is as fake and phony, and as manufactured and choreographed as a professional wrestling match; it's just not as entertaining or harmless to both viewers and participants.

Should any of our readers doubt what we say RK will be glad to direct them to enough information to convince even the most suspicious doubting joe or jane.

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