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an Engsi
Mon, Sep 6th, 2010 04:51:55 PM
Topic: Hey Putz, It's Not
an Engsi

RK is on the record stating Turkmen small format rugs like the one pictured below are not engsi, and why mokes like this dealer continue to push the idea they are is beyond our comprehension.

Failing to understand this, we will just have to put it down to stupidity in rugDUMB, a title this dealer deserves, and not only for this confabulation, to wear on his lapels.

By the way, calling a small format rug like this an engsi does not, in fact, increase its saleability; on the contrary, we believe, it diminishes it.

But, again, rugDUMB is really dumb and an example like this truly proves our point.

Need we say more?

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