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It's 'Tekke'
Sun, Aug 29th, 2010 09:01:24 PM
Topic: It Ain't Saryk, Fool
It's 'Tekke'

Today RK spied this rather late and degenerate Tekke engsi being offered for sale by a German dealer whose business ethics, and personal morals, are as questionable and dodgy as his knowledge of Turkmen weaving.

Here is the foolish petty cheat of a rug dealer's description: "Saryk ensi, basically unknown design. 19 th c. Find me another one. Slightly damaged. Completely depressed warps."

First off the old if it looks, walks and quacks like a duck then it is a duck aphorism definitely applies here since every design feature is associated with a vocabulary that is Tekke and not Saryk.

Secondly the fact the warps are "completely depressed" likewise has nothing to do with any Saryk weaving RK has ever encountered.

This feature, the "depressed warp", would have been more logically, but equally ridiculously, associated by this fool ruggie with an "S" group provenance rather than the stupidly posed Saryk one.

Thirdly the color scheme is not Saryk; it too appears to be Tekke but, as we have heard it, this dealer is color-blind which might explain this facet of his error.

It is clear by the middle to the end of the 19th century certain groups of Turkmen had experienced great societal displacement and disruption, and the effects of these forces can be seen in their weavings, as a mismosh of an engsi like this one demonstrates.

RK is amazed this dealer, who has been peddling rugs for decades, remains such a turko-neophyte and dummy to believe such a ridiculous provenance as Saryk for his piece.

We are also equally as amazed he forwards the "completely depressed warp" factor as proof of his stupidity.

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