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Wake up and get real
Fri, Aug 27th, 2010 11:45:15 PM
Topic: This yastic circa 1700?
Wake up and get real

There is little doubt ronny newmann has had and sold many interesting, rare and important rugs and textiles during the almost 40 years he has been on the rug scene.

However, RK has always maintained, and we still do, that newmann does not know much about them, nor does he know enough to differentiate early excellent ones from later unimportant ones.

Its easy to ask a huge price for anything, and this is newmann modus operandi often he gets away with it. Bully for him but condolences to those sucker ruggies who get caught in his greasy venus fly-trap.

This example, which newmann is offering on the internet, is case in point and while RK does not know, or care, what the price is we do know stating it is circa 1700 is absurd:

Here is newmanns hyperbolic "description

Rare Turkish Yastik, Ca. 1700, elegant drawing with unusually saturated early colors indicative of the sensibility of Mamluk carpets, original selvedges, 41'' x 24''

First off calling this mid-19th century yastic circa 1700 is incredibly stupid. In fact it rivals dennis, the cheat and thief doddss 16th century bogus bellini.

There is no way on Gods green earth newmann is even close to being correct.

Is the drawing elegant?

Well, elegence is an opinion, and newmann is surely entitled to his, but RKs says it is inelegant to the max.

We find this yastic to be ghastly and, while it is far better than others of its ilk, who could really care as the group to which it belongs is nothing but late and derivative.

RugDUMB is in a sad state to allow someone like newmann or dodds to escape critique and rebuke for their ridiculous assertions about the rugs they are peddling.

And dropping the Mameluk word in association with this yastic is about as dumb a statement even a four-flusher like newmann could possibly utter.

Author: RK
Fri, Aug 27th, 2010 11:45:15 PM

RK has heard, and we are pretty sure it is true, mr newmann is a reader of our website.

That being the case, we are surprised he has not tried to defend his ridiculous assertions about this yastic.

Were the situation reversed, rest assured, RK would defend our position.

Perhaps, the reason newmann doesn't, is because he now realizes how wrong he is about the dating?

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