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w/ mr ronnie newmann
Sun, Aug 1st, 2010 12:08:13 AM
Topic: Down the Rabbit Hole
w/ mr ronnie newmann

RK has been watching what appears, and occasionally buying something, off the rugrabbit.com website.

We were, however, not aware of the website until a number of months after it went online since we are not in the loop, or should we say noose, many in rugDUMB chatter about and thru.

Our first look at the site, which was in December, yielded a wonderful and early engsi bought from shiv sikri for a song.

Well, the monetary part of the transaction was a song(there was also some trade involved) but dealing with mr sikri was a hilarious story which we do not, at the present, have the time to recount...though we will be sure to write about it in that future autobiography we have hinted about publishing.

Since then we have scored a few other excellent weavings, all again for stupidly cheap prices, from other sellers as well.

However, these purchases have been only, maybe, a one in a thousand event, which again is not something worth discussing.

When you go fishing you don't always come back with something to fry, now do you?

Anyway, we decided this evening to pen a few lines about rugRABID.com to memorialize our take on what is happening there, which to some degree is applicable to rugDUMB in general.

It appears to us a certain 'desperation' has taken over the sellers who post their wares for sale.

Perhaps we are wrong, but we will be willing to bet our dollars against anyone's donuts we are correct in this statement.

And since there is a very small clique of repeat sellers, who use rugRABID.com, coming to that conclusion is not a difficult one.

Also, RK knows almost all of them, some like sikri for many years, and so we can, we feel, 'sense' that desperation.

Business is hard these days, not only in rugDUMB, and there is no shame attached to any seller who's motivation to trade rugs for dollars has increased of late.

That said, it does appear to us to be idiotic and ridiculous for any rugRABID seller to post the same piece(s) over and over, since the buying audience is very limited. In fact it is in our estimation almost as limited as the number of sellers.

Someone once said "stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".

This aphorism is fantastically applicable to some of those sellers, particularly a mr ronnie newmann from New Jersey, USA.

Mr newmann has been on the rug scene at least since 1973 when we first had the displeasure of running into this rug-schmuck.

RK has a few choice stories to recount about newmann but, again, this is not the time or place for us to do that but rest assured we will roast mr newmann in that future autobiography for all to read.

But we would like to point out newmann's failure to heed the logic and truth of quote above by commenting on his latest re-offering on rugRABID.

as seen today, August 1, 2010 on rugrabbit.com

Now then, newmann has at least half a dozen times, or more we have lost count, offered this same chuval for sale. And while it is not an unworthy piece, it is not super-champion either.

Were he to have ever posted its technical analysis RK would be glad to tell him, and our audience, which Turkmen group we feel might have made it.

But since he hasn't, and RK doesn't need to warm up our crystal ball, we will not protificate, but we will offer a wild guess that the knot is symmetric and it is a Karadashli made in the early 19th century.

We will also state whoever wove this also wove Kepse Gul pieces as well.

Besides the fact newmann has repeatedly tried to peddle it on rugrabbit.com, the fact he has now included the qualifier "serious inquiries only" in his briefest of brief "description" was the kicker causing us to comment.

Let RK translate ronnie-speak for those who do not know this rug-schmuck, who is legendary for his ridiculously over-arched and idiotic prices.

We'd venture to say newmann has received some offers for it that were in his dumbass estimation insulting.

But when you ask the moon for a piece of swiss-cheese and someone offers what they feel is a reasonable price, only a fool would be insulted -- after all newmann did not make this, nor did his grandmother so why should someone in his position feel insulted?

Let RK again explain how things work in the ass-backwards, or should we say ass-forward, world a rug-schmuck like newmann inhabits.

It is true newmann has sold some outstandingly great weavings for outstandingly great prices over the years but, since newmann's rug knowledge and expertise in RK's opinion is mediocre at best and he has continually proven to us and others his usual modus operandi of asking outrageously high prices is nothing but asinine, making such an assessment is totally warranted and correct.

RK would venture to guess this is the case with this chuval, which by the way is not outstandingly great, and that's why it has not sold.

This is also why he now chastises rugRABID's audience with his dopey "serious inquiries only".

In closing let us also remind those who know newmann, and clue in those who don't, our title for this post "Down the Rabbit Hole" has in newmann's case a special connotation, as does describing the world he inhabits as ass-forward or calling him a "schmuck", a "dumbass" or stating his prices are "asinine".

Need we say more?...

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