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Sat, Jul 24th, 2010 01:18:06 PM
Topic: Meyer's Award 2010 Goes To michael franses

Today RK learned the textile museum in Washington DC has awarded its George Hewitt Myers award to michael franses.

This decision follows in the footsteps of awarding this accolade to jon thompson and others whose accomplishments in rugDUMB need to be put into perspective, something few people are able to do on account of either vested interest, personal attachment or ignorance.

However since RK has no vested interests and no personal attachments in rugDUMB, we are probably the only person able to shed some light of fact and truth to the fluff and puff in the following press release the textile museum has published concerning their latest award receipient.

Before we wade into the misleading history of mr franses's career in rugDUMB, RK needs to make clear what our reason(s) for publishing this examination truly are.

1.RK is presently, and has always been, an outsider to the hierarchy that controls the public perception of antique oriental rug collecting we have never joined any associated organization, institution, museum or private group.

2.Nor has RK ever pandered to seek the support of any of these concerns to further our interests in historic weaving.

3. We have reluctantly assumed the position of rugDUMBs truth disseminator ONLY after witnessing no one else had either the courage or knowledge to do so.

4. We realize what we have written, and continue to write here on RugKazbah.com, is unappreciated by most in rugDUMB because they are either too stupid to discern our truth from the fantasy a press release like the one below demonstrates or what we say conflicts, and negates, their own personal interests and beliefs, which are equally as prone to error.

Only a jaundiced observer could believe franses has made no contribution and that is definitely not where RK is coming from, not at all.

Yet, that said, anyone who really knows about franses, his failures and machinations in rugDUMB, could not possibly entertain swallowing and believing what is written below.

RK first met franses in 1974 and was quite involved with him until 1980 when our relations began to sour but they did continued on a much reduced level until 1984 when, at RK behest, we ended all contact with him.

Elsewhere on RugKzbah.com we have published an abbreviated explanation of our relationship with franses and it does not need to be reviewed here once again.

What does need to be reviewed is the actual history of mr fransess career in rugDUMB to set the record straight after the stilted and selective one presented in the textile museums press release.

It is this reason, and this reason only, that has motivated RK to publish our comments, which will appear in bold type below.

And by the way for those RK bashers who are now thinking RK is jealous or suffering from sour grapes please note: RK will NEVER accept any award from any rugDUMB organization until we see change in the status quo of protecting and honoring shills and liars, like a dennis dodds, or poseurs, opportunists and charlatans like a jon thompson or michael franses.

Those are tough words, but they are words RK has proven are true just like we have proven ourself to be above the greed and stupidity that has become ever more present in this art-field.

So without further ado here is the complete press release published July 19, 2010 on the textile museum website.

Michael Franses to Receive The TMs 2010 George Hewitt Myers Award

The Textile Museum announced today that Michael Franses, renowned textile publisher and scholar, has been chosen as the 2010 recipient of the museums George Hewitt Myers Award, one of the highest accolades in the field of textile arts.

Renowned? Well, maybe in many circles of rugDUMB, but surely not in others, and as far as outside rugDUMB the name michael franses is no more renowned than many others including RK.

As for scholar? Well, again, those same circles might believe michael, aka mr footnote, franses might kick some shit but in others he is seen for exactly what he is, and thats why RK added the title mr footnote to others, like little lord, which we have christened him with. But more about this later.

And calling the Meyers award one of the highest accolades rings rather hollow considering dennis the thief dodds, and jon the con thompson have also been so anointed, not to mention other recipients have, through their financial donations to the textile museum, figuratively and actually bought their Meyers award.

The Myers Award, named for The Textile Museums founder and given by the Board of Trustees, recognizes Franses lifetime achievements and exceptional contributions to the field of textile arts. Previous recipients include researcher Mattiebelle Gittinger (2009); scholar Jon Thompson (2008); collector and philanthropist Lloyd Cotsen (2007); the late Josephine Powell, an ethnographer and photographer (2006); and textile designer and collector Jack Lenor Larsen (2005).

Franses will be honored with the Myers Award at an event held at the Residence of the Turkish Embassy on Thursday, October 14, 2010.

Perhaps no one else alive today has accomplished more for the field of Oriental carpets and textiles than Michael Franses, said Bruce P. Baganz, president of The Textile Museum Board of Trustees."

RK has christened bruce baganz big-mouth bruce and this flattering statement, and the one below, surely exemplify why.

Through his scholarship, publications and exhibitions, Mr. Franses has demonstrated his commitment to educating a wider audience about the textile artsan effort closely aligned to the mission of The Textile Museum.

Frankly, and trust us we know a lot about franses, from both what the public knows as well as from behind the scene, wed question what in fact franses has ever done that was not either directly or indirectly self-serving.

Unlike Josephine Powell, the only recipient of the Meyers award named in this press release who could factually be so described, franses aint no Mother Theresa and big-mouth bruce should either shut his yap or go do some serious thinking about what he says before he does open it and immediately sound like the hypester and clown we accuse him of being.

Upon receiving the award announcement, Michael Franses commented, In 1967, soon after I started to build my carpet and textile library and photo archive, I became aware of The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. through its Journal and numerous other outstanding publications.

I first visited the Textile Museum in 1973 and was immediately smitten. The kind of textiles that [Textile Museum founder] George Hewitt Myers collected, in particular classical Persian, Spanish and Chinese carpets, were in my opinion then, and still remain today, at the aesthetic pinnacle of textile art.

This statement reveals the disingenuousness RK has repeatedly accused little lord franses of mouthing, for what about all the small-scale society, aka "tribal", pieces Meyers collected?

If the truth be known one of the great strengths of George Hewitt Meyers collection is in these non-classical pieces and franses failure to mention, respect and honor them is far more than disingenuous, it is embarrassing.

While franses morphed himself, just like jon the con thompson did, from non-classical rug dealer in his case, and collector in thompsons, to big-money classical rug pseudo-honcho, this is where they both started off.

And this is where the mythos of franses the great scholar unravels and falls apart.

More about this later.

The more I study what Myers collected, the more I rank him as probably the greatest collector and connoisseur of historical carpets ever. Even before my first visit to Washington, I had named my business The Textile Gallery, so that I might modestly attempt to follow in his footsteps.

Modesty is, and has never been, fransess middle name and why he should now try to appear so is absurd.

So is his trying to rewrite his own history.

Fact remains, well before franses setup the textile gallery business he worked for Hugh Moss, a gallery in the most fashionable business district of London, where franses sold rugs he had picked-up as the itinerant rug-picker he had been prior to working for Moss.

Its easy to understand why franses wants to forget about this part of his life when he made his first efforts at publishing, as a catalog like The world of rugs. Hugh Moss Gallery. 1973, $15.00 evidences.

Another bit of history the press release and franses as well avoids mentioning is the fact franses has little formal education, having left school before even graduating from public school, what in America is called high school.

And while there is surely no shame in having done so, and gone to work for his father who was a traveling rug dealer, here surely it is shameful to pretend this is not the case.

Now, at the end of my business career, as I embark upon full-time carpet and textile research in my retirement, to be honored with the George Hewitt Myers Award is the greatest recognition I could ever have received.

Maybe so but again since franses has built his reputation in rugDUMB as an alleged scholar, and not a dealer, will he now really do some research?

This rings hollow as it is similar to the statement dan, aka do nothing, walker made as he was kicked in the butt by the textile museum's front door after being fired several years ago by the textile museum board of directors.

RK is not very interested in classical carpets and since this is the arena franses has been for the past 20 years researching and writing about RK has not turned our attentions to critiquing what he has done.

We have, though, demonstrated repeatedly over the course of our writing on RugKazbah.com how questionably deficient, and self-promoting, franses efforts prior to his changing from tribal textile dealer to classical carpet dealer were and still are.

This is the real weak link in the chain and one which franses can not deny or gloss glibly over, same with jon the con thompson.

More about this, keep reading.

About Michael Franses

Michael Franses is the author and publisher of numerous books and periodicals related to the textile arts as well as co-founder of several textile-related organizations.

Ok, this is true on the surface but, in fact, almost everything franses has ever done in rugDUMB was done to further himself socially and to make money we defy anyone to prove different.

And while again there is nothing wrong with this, it is duplicitous to make it appear franses did something for nothing he has done nothing for nothing and only to benefit himself.

Again, this press release makes it seem like franses is a deep scholar, and great publisher of many books --something that is about as true as the tooth fairy.

Keep reading and we will explain.

For more than 40 years he has built major private and institutional collections worldwide as a dealer and advisor and organized exhibitions for galleries, museums and private collectors.

Please now cut the shit, forty years ago, 1970, franses was sitting in a car and driving around in the English country-side buying Mahals, Sarouks and the occasional Caucasian, Turkmen or Turkish rug.

This is a fact and it was not until sometime in the late 1990s that such hi-fallutin statements could be associated with him.

RK knows, for we were on fransess scene and we are not alone, however, as we wrote above others who know this are silent for the reasons we enumerated.

RK also knew franses's father Robert quite well.

He, Robert Franses, was a wonderful kind and gentle man whose friendship we were glad to have made. Too bad the apple fell far from that tree, as michael franses, unlike his father who was anything but a pompous poseur, is nothing but an uneducated, envious and invidious jerk who, again unlike his father was, is ashamed of his past and tries in every which way to cover-it-up and pretend it never existed.

Fact also is, during this period 1970s late 1990s, franses had only several real clients besides the dealers, like Eberhart Herrmann, he was working with.

The best of them was Marino DallOglio, of Wher collection fame, and from what we know about that relationship, much of it directly from franses himself, franses was more of a go-fer than expert for DallOglio.

Well does RK remember franses telling us how he often bought pieces at auction for DallOglio for no commission or remuneration, only so he, franses, could look like a big man in rugDUMB spending someone else's money.

Other times, franses told us, he got small profit when he sold pieces he had found in the country-side, or on his travels outside England, to DallOglio.

Another of his few private clients was robert pinner and his wife Leslie, who was, as RK has written before, the real collector, as robert in those days was only the checkbook who paid for the pieces Leslie was the brains of the collection.

So anyone who might be gullible to believe franses has been for forty years as described in the press release needs to adjust such a ridiculous notion.

Thats it for today but stay tuned for part two of RK examines franses and the textile museum press release.

Author: antijack
Sat, Jul 24th, 2010 01:18:06 PM

RK has done some checking and your announcement of franses impending demise is nonsense.

You really need help, we suggest a visit to turk0tek.com where professor price=clown might be able to diagnose your condition.

Here's our free diagnosis: We believe you are full of scheisse, go relieve yourself over at price's website, they appreciate scheisse-kopfs over there, RK doesn't.


If so then maybe RK will shed a tear as we are posting part two.

Funny but just the other day we spoke to someone who is a closemate of franses's and he did not mention anything when we discussedhim.

Part two will be up this evening, have a read...

By the way, what is franses suffering from? A broken heart over hisinability to do anything other than pretend he is a scholar?

And as far as RK's death goes, would you like to make a survivor's bet, as RK is sure we will be around long after you croak, mr/ms squeeky anonymouse?


Jack you are so far out of the loop that you haven't a clue. Doesn't anyone in the "IN" crowd talk to you any more. Michael is dying and that is why he gets the Meyer Award now. Sad that if you were dying no one would care until the party after you croaked.

Author: ohpuhleeze
Fri, Jul 23rd, 2010 10:46:50 PM

Who's afraid of big-bad RK?

When someone has a good reason for anonymity then, of course, it is acceptable, particularly when it comes to politics.

This was the context the quote was written in, you fool, to protect the life and safety of those whose opinions are not in the majority, or accepted by the powers that be.

And since RK is the dissident, whose opinions lie outside the mainstream and those who oppose us are in that mainstream, using anonymity has absoloutely no justifiable purpose here.

Also, since RK always uses our name to identify us when we post anything in ANY context anywhere, be it art world or politics, we not only talk the talk but we prove constantly we walk the walk.

Sorry the same does not apply to you and others who use anonymity to defame or falsely criticize what we do and say.

So go think about the facts instead of the fantasy you and others believe.

We also recomend you read the quote again, and take out your dictionary this time as perhaps some of the words are not familiar to a two-bit clown like yourself.

"Particularly in light of an emerging trend against vocalizing public dissent in the United States, we believe in the critical importance of anonymity and its role in dissident speech."

Plus the issue here in michael franses and his "award", not RK.

We expected some noise from the peanut-gallery and here it is loud and clear.

So wait for part two of RK's roasting mr franses, and the press release as well, in his own juices and should you or anyone else wish to comment, then fine, fire away.

And by the way, the same criticism concerning anonymity applies to you as well, pussy-foot.


I'm sure you wouldn't be excoriating mmmm's anonymity had he/she endorsed your opinion. It ill behooves the man [btw, what's with your use of the collective "we"?] who posted the following -- just a week ago under Airport Art -- to accuse anyone else of hypocrisy:"RK's website and discussion forum is anonymous, and while RK believes in posting our name when we write critique of others we do not demand others do the same.Such is not the case on steev price's turk0tek.com website, where no anonymous posting is allowed. *** Below is a brief statement about anonymity we found on the net this morning in an article about economics, which is highly pertinent to this issue.Have a read and think about it....'Though often maligned .... anonymous speech has a long and storied history in the United States. Used by the likes of Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens) to criticize common ignorance, and perhaps most famously by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay (aka Publius) to write the federalist papers, we think ourselves in good company in using one or another nom de plume.Particularly in light of an emerging trend against vocalizing public dissent in the United States, we believe in the critical importance of anonymity and its role in dissident speech.Like the economist magazine, we also believe that keeping authorship anonymous moves the focus of discussion to the content of speech and away from the speaker- as it should be.' "

Author: mmm......
email: mmm. who does that sound like.com
Fri, Jul 23rd, 2010 01:27:11 PM

Hey there mmm....

Do we sense you are trying to point your middle finger at us?

Well, if that's the case, let RK suggest you shove that same finger into that dark, dank spot between your legs, Scheisse-Hhle.

When RK is through roasting franses and those clowns at the textile museum who wrote a hyperbolic press release in their own juices let's see who the uneducated, envious and invidious jerk is.

Plus the fact you are too chicken-shit to do it in your own name says alot, punk.


"...is nothing but an uneducated, envious and invidious jerk who.... is ashamed of his past and tries in every which way to cover-it-up and pretend it never existed."

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