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Wed, Jul 7th, 2010 02:08:14 PM
Topic: Chodor Chuval eBAY

RK called this chuval airport-art and was accused by the owner of beingwrong because there were no airports when it was made and even if it is post-airport there were none around for it to be sold.

This is a dumb defense as airport-art is not only sold in an airport -- rather it means commercial "art" made only to be sold in a foreign commercial environment.

Fact is this chuval has many features that RK knows to be derivative or wrong.

Fact is it is ghastly, the most apparent ghastliness is the ornament at the bottom of the skirt, the third in the repeating 7 rows of small anchor/plant design.

This is the invention of a weaver working outside the traditional cultural bounds, hence the airport-art epithet.

But we are sure the owner, professor steve price, who knows little believes he got a good deal on a good piece.

Funny but that's what most airport-art buyers believe, well at least until they are shown the truth.

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 7th, 2010 02:08:14 PM

RK could dissect this chuval as easily as a tenured bio prof can dissect a dead frog so in that end think on this.

The main border in the Chodor, if you look very carefully, is a very strange duck, regardless of the fact a small cluster of equally as uninteresting airport examples have it as well.

Basically it is a combination of two earlier ones, this one below and the typical kotchak border found on almost every Tekke torba.

detail Tekke chuval classic period, unpublished

This type of invention, like the ornament in the skirt, screams airport-art...need we go on?

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