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Fri, Jul 30th, 2010 05:59:14 AM
Topic: rugRACKET.com

A short while ago RK wrote about rugrabbit.com and referred to the website as rugRABID.com.

Now, RK would like to change that moniker from rugRABID to rugRACKET.com.


Simply put because they have now started an "auction", which by the way is further demonstration of how the owners of rugrabbit.com have further copied the format, both auction and normal sale, RugKazbah.com formulated and initiated many years before rugrabbit.com went online.

No matter -- RK is used to midget-brained ruggies, like coad and beneyen who own rugrabbit.com, copying what we do.

Their auction, like Ebay now, does not allow bidders to see who they are bidding against. In fact, on the rugRACKET.com auction anyone from the seller to his friends could be shill bidding to raise the price buyer's will pay.

We'd suggest coad and beneyen install software to allow bidders to determine who they are bidding against, and of course, to see who actually 'won' the auction.

RK has attended and bid by proxy in thousands of auctions all over the USA and Europe and we can flatly state unless there is transparency, and a good amount of it, buyers should be, as we are, very wary of participating.

Very wary....just a word to the wise

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 30th, 2010 05:59:14 AM

Not only has what appeared to have been shill bidding by 8KUMULA8 disappeared from rugrabbit.com's auction but it seems consignors have as well.

RK is not surprised at this turn of events for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact sam the sham coad and ben jr rug wanna-be banayan lack the proper "cred" (credentials) to carry off such a project.

Facts be knownst the pool of sellers and buyers who frequent their rabbit(s) is a small one, far to small to support anything but flash in the pan success.

Chalk this one up as another RK told you so...

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 22nd, 2010 06:29:38 AM

Well, wadda ya know? Seems mr 8KUMALA8 has retired from picking bargains, huh?

What happened; did he run out of money,desire or both?

RK would have to opine neither, as 8KUMALA8 was nothing but a shill bidder, or straw-man.

We'd also opine our exposing this sham was the reason for 8KUMALA8's disappearance and exit stage right.

One more observation: seems the "bid history" feature on rugracketauction.com has, like 8KUMALA8 vanished as well.

Did RK's investigative mettle cause this to transpire as well?

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 16th, 2010 05:45:08 AM

8KUMALA8 strikes again

Ersari MC offered by tony shill bid hazeldine on rugracketauction.com

When RK saw this interesting but surely not 18th century Ersari MC, according hazeldine's guess-timate, offered for sale we figured no one would buy it and it would remain unsold.

For one the picture stinks, something the seller should have realized and changed, as we all know how important first-impressions are particularly when trying to sell something.

There were a number of other clues, not only the seller's crappy photographic skills, leading us to that conclusion, like the bogus 18th century dating the seller foolishly pitched and the rug's undeniable 19th century elements.

The fact it is not 18th century or have a flattering picture are not deal killers since this MC is unusual and quirky, qualities not often seen in Turkmen weavings but ones that do time to time appear in some unusual pre-later 19th century Amu Darya area examples.

For the record RK dates hazeldine's rug as second quarter of the 19th century.

This rug is an interesting topic but one RK will not expound upon as we are not posting the photo for any other reason than our continuing interest in the quite apparent shill bidding going on here.

Well and not to our surprise it turned out 8KUMALA was the winner, which was our guess when we saw it remained unsold.

So is it possible tony aka shill bid hazeldine actually sold this carpet for 500 pounds(a real cheap price especially since he believes it is 18th century) and 8KUMALA8(who is buying up almost everything that sells for dirt cheap prices on rugracket's auction) was once again the buyer of a bargain?

RK says hell no and will now be glad to wager donuts to dollars this is nothing but shill bidding and we are also willing to up the ante on sam the sham coad and his cohorts and challenge them directly to disprove RK accusation of their condoning, and perhaps even organizing, the rampant shill bidding we have questioned.

In conclusion RK does not believe this, like a number of other auctions on rabbitauction.com (the actual name of coad and co's website), is anything but a ruse and 8KUMALA8 is nothing but a shill bidder protecting the merchandise of dealers like hazeldine.

The auctions where 8KUMALA8 was the allegedly the 'winner' are so easily identified as blatant and obvious attempts to rig or at least protect rugs offered for sale, what else did the rugrabbit crew expect? Guess they forgot not everyone in rugDUMB is asleep at the wheel, huh?

PS: Let's all remember sam the sham coad's career in life and rugDUMB demonstrates he is neither straight nor honest and as far as his cohorts? Them as well, as they too are going along with this chicanery.

Tsk Tsk...

Author: jc
Thu, Jul 15th, 2010 12:32:45 PM

Seems 8KUMALA8's major passion for buying rugs on rugracket.com is still unabated.

Go check yourselves to see how this "buyer" is buying up that proverbial storm.

While the rugs on offer bought by this person are not exceptional examples, they are good enough and RK does not believe for one minute these sellers are allowing their merch to be sold at such low prices.

RK is pretty sure this is a ruse and nothing but the epidemic of shill bidding we are accusing these sellers and rugracket.com of perpetrating.

RK will be glad to both apologize and post a correction if anyone can provide proof we are mistaken.

However, don't hold your breath any proof will be forthcoming, we aren't and that's for sure...

Author: jc
Wed, Jul 14th, 2010 05:20:22 PM

RK has no time to waste proving our contention rugrabbit.com's auction is an epidemic of shill bidding.

All the proof needed is to look at the bid histories for the three most recently completed auctions from tony hazeldine.

Seems mr hazeldine has a budding new customer who gobbled up these three items for peanuts.

Go check yourselves and you will see a bidder called: 8KUMALA8 won them, but were they really won and not still in mr hazeldine's lager?

RK is willing to bet dollars to donuts 8KUMALA8 is nothing but a shill bidding name.

RK will be glad to retract our accusation should mr hazeldine or the rugrabbit.comers successfully prove we are wrong.

If not we will then christen mr hazeldine as tony aka shill bid hazeldine....

BTW: There are others indications the rugrabbit.com "auction" is nothing but a platform to shill bid and protect sellers and their merchandise, again go see for yourselves by checking the "bid history" for the few "sold" items.

Also it looks like this part of the rugrabbit.com website is not going to last long -- fact is we think it is on its last legs, but time will tell.

Author: rabbit
email: Rugrabbit.com
Tue, Jul 6th, 2010 06:22:37 PM

It's obvious from what you write you believe RK only acts selfishly.

We won't bother to disabuse you of that mistake.

However, we will suggest you go check out selfish sam or blundering ben's reputations in rugDUMB and after you do so come back and tell us if you are still so sure RK is a 'bad man'

RugDumb is full of myopic morons like you, who know nothing about us other than the scurrilous slander and innuendo that was made up and spread by those who thru their unbecoming actions created enmity with us.

Keep believing their bullshit, chump, and congrats you have lots of company


JC you say"We'd suggest coad and beneyen install software to allow bidders to determine who they are bidding against, and of course, to see who actually 'won' the auction." so you call or mail them asking how dare you are bidding against us RK, stop bidding or we will expose you. I think this rabbit is way smarter than you Way to go Sam and Be..And by the way how many supported your Rugkazbah and how many of supporting rugrabbit..

Author: jc
Mon, Jul 5th, 2010 04:43:31 AM

RK just took a careful look at rugrabbit.com's auction rules and conditions of sale, which are published on their website.

We found several interesting 'points' to discuss.

The first is nowhere does it state, or even infer, sellers or their accomplices are NOT allowed to bid on their own items.

As we wrote above, this type of bidding is called shill bidding, and the fact the rugrabbit.com auction does not mention, or forbid, shill bidding means to us it is allowed or at least condoned.

If that is the case, and it sure appears to be, RK suggests prospective bidders think carefully before entering into a situation which in our opinion is both devious and problematic.

After all, who wants to be run up by the seller of an item you might have interest in?

A second caveat RK found was rugrabbit.com's publishing of the 'bid history' five days after the auction closes.

Now why would this 5 day hiatus be applied?

Honestly, we have no answer, nor could we suggest one but we would counsel rugrabbit.com to make their sales genuinely transparent and have the name of the bidder posted with each bid so other bidders would be able to see exactly who they were bidding against before they bid.

The third thing we learned is the cost and fees to be a seller in the rugrabbit.com auction:

"The listing fee for each item is $36 USD. Additionally, you, the Seller, agree to pay five and a half percent (5.5 %) commission of the final auction price."

We think this expensive and since we examined most of the already complete auctions that resulted (allegedly so) in a sale and found the same few names of buyers, which coincidently matches almost name for name those who are sellers on rugrabbit.com, it appears the number of possible buyers is very, very small.

Were we looking to sell something at auction we would be hard pressed to pick rugrabbit.com.

Frankly we'd suggest Ebay to anyone who asked our opinion, as the sheer number of buyers there is far, far greater and naturally includes those rugrabbit.com names, who are actively searching Ebay as well.

Let's also remember RugKazbah.com's auction, which was no doubt the inspiration and model rugrabbit.com copied, let sellers post their items for free and only upon a successful sale was a 10 percent commission suggested.

Seems like far better deal to us; but then RK has warned rugDUMB about the sleazy, duplicitous business and personal ethics of sam the sham coad, now haven't we....caveat emptor

Author: jc
Fri, Jul 2nd, 2010 05:23:09 AM

Like a fisherman's hook in the water occasionally what RK writes catches an elucidating comment or two from readers.

Such was the case here and we received several reply by email which all stated the rugrabbit.com auction allows both the sellers to bid on items they have offered or their accomplices to do it for them on their behalf.

This type of bidding, called shill bidding, is first of all against the law and secondly forbidden by ALL other auctions RK has ever heard about.

Of course these prohibitions are difficult to enforce, and therefore shill bidding does happen.

But to leave the barn-door open by allowing, and encouraging, shill bidding the rugrabbit.com 'auction' in our opinion should be avoided by anyone and everyone who wishes to participate in a fair and equitable sale.

Getting run-up by having the seller or his buddies shill bidding to artificially increase the price is definitely something any savvy buyer will avoid like the plague.

So, RK suggests the mini-minds behind rugrabbit.com, sam the cheat and reprobate coad and benni mr nobody in rugDUMB beneyen, rethink this and do it asap.

However, RK knows our sagacious advice will most likely be ignored as we have learned over and over that rugDUMB would rather go down in flames than follow any suggestion RK offers -- a fact, one of many we should add, which has led RK to use that moniker.

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