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Tue, Jun 22nd, 2010 07:07:21 PM
Topic: Kirchheim [email protected]

For many onlookers the S group kejebe, lot 1, in the rippon-bozwell sale selling for 46,ooo euro was a surprise but it wasnt for RK.

However, the really high prices paid for those few lots of Kirchheims cast-off kelimdefinitely were.

Now then compared to 9 million usd paid for a Safavid rug recently on auction in London, or the 50,ooo plus usd paid for that S kejebe, prices for Kirchheims ex-kelim are not even a half a hill of beans worth mentioning.

Yet, RK cannot remember seeing, ever, a group of kelim at auction perform so well.

Please remember the franz sailer, another proven liar and cheat, whose group/'collection of them belly-flopped at sotheby NY some long years ago.

Maybe it is the famous orient stars name or association with mr orient stars himself that pushed would be kelimji to open their wallets and splurge out on Kirchheims cast-off, mediocre kelim.

RK already mentioned how jurg rageth pandered to Kirchheim and in the process unloaded these and some others on him.

Fact of the matter is Kirchheim was an old-school collector who knew he didnt know much so he put his faith and trust in various experts over the years.

This is not the time and place to discuss Kirchheim, his rug career or his rug-buying methods and psychology but it is germane to mention rageth cheated him by selling a group of over-rated, over-dated and severely over-priced kelim. And stupidly Kirchheim trusted rageth look where that got him.

Kirchheim, though not really a rug connoisseur, eventually knew he had been taken by rageth and others so he decided to sell most of the rugs he had purchased.

This included almost all of the 19th and occasional 18th century Caucasian and Turkish rugs, the aforementioned soon to be pictured kelim and various textiles and other weavings he had acquired.

Kirchheim knew these pieces were totally unimportant historically, and nothing but expensive pseudo-collector furnishing carpets.

Pseudo-collector for someone like himself who was going after far bigger-game pre-16th century weavings.

Anyway, these kelim we illustrate from the bozwell sale are, in our opinion, the worse group of weavings Kirchheim got bamboozled into purchasing and rageth, a know-little weasel of a ruggie, should be embarrassed and totally ashamed.

lot 88

This is, believe it or not, the best of them and it brought 12,200 euro.

RK has written about this type, foolishly called saf by some dummy kelimologists, and frankly we never were tempted to acquire one, although had we been it would never have been this one.

Also attaching a moronic Karapinar attribution puts maltzahn in the corner with his dunce hat once again.

lot 87

Again maltzahns pin-the-tail-on-the-kelim attribution, Cappadocian, is nothing but nonsense and, while there are pre-1800 kelim, this nor lot 88 should be so dated by anyone other than a clown-auctioneer trying to hype his merch..

It sold for a bit more than 9,ooo euro, which is afterall not very much but neither is this kelim very much of anything except decorative.

Just for those kelimji who are reading this we suggest you compare the now corroded black and white elem panels with what appears on two of the Weaving Art Museum pieces in the Anatolian Kelim exhibition.

lot 86

Musical chairs maltzahn hangs a Balikesir name-tag on this boring not so old fella, which once again is nothing but wrong, wrong, wrong; as we would place it farther south and west like in Bergama environs.

But regardless of where it was made, or by whom it is not 18th century, nor is it, in comparative terms, worth the 14,ooo euro someone was willing to shell out.Last but not least in the dog parade of maltzahn peddling Kirchheims reject kelim was this absolute misery (might we call it a botched abortion?).

lot 85

This is bar none the most ghastly revolting Belikesir, yes this one is from there not the proceeding lot maltzahn you dunce, kelim RK has ever seen.

The fact it sold for 14,6oo euro only proves PT Barnums Theres a sucker born every minute observation.

We are sure Kirchheims achucklin about how he ended up profiting after getting ripped off by jurg rageth and his bullshit spiel.

So now bozwell, like rageth, has stitched-up some new owner(s) by selling far, far less than stellar examples of the venerable tradition of kelim weaving in Anatolia.

Frankly, reading the dribble bozwell scribbled about them makes RK want to go looking for an air-sickness bag .yessshhhhh what a waste of good money was spilled at rippon purchasing lousy, late and totally unimportant kelim.

Thats it for today but before we sign off wed like to take this opportunity to say how we miss Kirchheim; and, while we remain in total, vehement disagreement with many of his ethics and practices, Heinrich had an undeniable lust for life, limitless ambition and until his doctors destroyed him sufficient strength and drive to actualize those character traits.

Author: jc
Tue, Jun 22nd, 2010 07:07:21 PM

We need to clarify rageth was not the only personto sell Kirchheim kelim.

If our memory serves us well lot 85 was illustrated in frauenknecht's book, now wasn't it...

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