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Sat, Jun 19th, 2010 09:15:54 AM
Topic: Caveat Emptor

Last week we received an email from someone who asked us our opinion of this pinwheel kazak selling on Ebay.

After only a few moments of inspection of the pictures the seller posted we were positive this is a fake, recently minted reproduction.

While the design and weave look OK on superficial inspection any further look returns a positive verdict its a fake, well at least in our opinion.

Honestly, we wouldnt touch a rug like this even for the exceptionally low price of 2,676 euro( about 3,400 dollars at the present exchange rate).

The business of faking Kazaks has been going on for decades, RK remembers many Lori Penbak rugs sold by auctions houses large and small as the real thing.

Many of those repros were called circa 1900, which is nothing but a euphemism designed to fool prospective buyers.

It also demonstrates the lack of knowledge and expertise on the part of those who work for such auction houses. By the way, sotheby was one of those companies whose experts dont know the difference between a cleverly produced repro and the real thing.

What is interesting about this Ebay example is the sellers avoiding putting a date on it. Clearly this person knows the rug is suspect and by not placing a date on it intends to avoid the pitfall of having it returned as a recent production.

The seller also provides this caveat at the end of the description:
Privatverkauf: keine Garantie und Rcknahme

Translation: private seller (sold without) without guarantee or (possibility for) return

So if it looks like too good a deal, like this offer, buyer beware is all RK can suggest.

We often give advice to collectors and dealers, sometimes for free and other times for a fee and had the buyer approached us and paid for our expertise we can guarantee paying us would have saved this person a lot of heartache -- after all who wants to buy a fake when believing they are buying the real thing?and a tidy amount of dough.

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