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Fri, May 21st, 2010 11:57:06 AM
Topic: rugraBID.com Part III

RK has been occupied for the past weeks and this morning we had the opportunity to start on finishing this thread.

But before we do that wed like to mention several conversations we have had with ruggies who objected to our having done this little experiment.

Their argument, which we can not possibly countenance, makes us into a liar and a cheat for posting rugs for sale that did not belong to us.

Frankly, we find this argument specious and absurd as we never intended on taking anyones money, nor were the pieces we published harmed in any way by our having done so.

More silly BS, as we expressly entered into this experiment to prove most rug dealers are both ignorant and greedy, not to say some, like dodds, are cheats, liars and dishonest.

16th century Turkish Village rug in the Vakiflar Museum, Turkey

RK chose the two pieces carefully and throwing our hook into the pond of rugraBID.com definitely ended up with some fish on our line.

The Vakiflar rug is such a champion we have trouble understanding the silly/amateurish questions some rugrabbitters sent us. We also have trouble understanding why anyone of them would bother and not just send a blank check to the seller and say send it to me.

But they didnt and here are some of the replies we received.

The first person to reply was James Cohen.

Here is his:
I am very interested in this piece. Can you give an indication of what price you'd accept for it?
And where are you?
Thank you and best wishes, James Cohen

James is right in wanting to buy it but what does the owner's location have to do with anything?

Wed have to say nothing but to someone who is not an expert, something we are sure James would fess up to, perhaps thats all he could ask.

Cohens reply was straight forward and not at all deceptive or downright stupid like some that will follow. We surely respect him for that.

Dear Evan
Thank you for posting sucha wonderful fragment
Yes, I would like ot herewith PAY:
US$ 580.00 plus SHIPPING for this used beauty
Please advise how you wish to get paid
Best wishes
Bernard, Switzerland

RK can excuse Bernard for his foolishy low and ridiculous offer, as he is an Ebay seller, who is clearly not knowledgeable about historic Turkish Village rugs.

He has a good excuse, others as you will read dont.

Dear Evan,
Thank you for your respond.
I am sorry but I cannot give an offer with only this picture. I have to see the pile closer, backside picture with high resolution images.
I have to know if there is any rotten places or not. Murathan

RK does not know Murathan and while we do realize condition is important, it is not in an instance like this one that needs much attention.


Well in RKs world when a historic masterpiece weaving like this one appears its condition is surely the least important piece of the puzzle.

By the way, Murathan was not the only rugrabbiteer to ask and we posted his reply for no special reason we could have posted a number of others but for brevity we decided one was enough.

We did get some other amazingly low-ball offers and this one:
$1500 ?
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device
was in anyones book extremely low and bordering on stupid.

We are not going to publish the name of the person who sent it for several reasons the least of which is our friendship with this person.

Thats all we have time for today but we will asap return to it and when we do you can read what other rugrabitts, like dodds, webb hill and ben evans of hali, wrote.

RK will also tell the complete story (we already mentioned it in passing) of a rug dealer from Istanbul who owes RK money for many months; money he falsely claims he doesnt have so, therefore, he can't repay us.

Too bad for him RK caught this dishonest lying cheat red-handed, as he offered to send Evan a ridiculous $2,000 for the Vakiflar rug -- that's the money he claims he doesn't have, yeah right.

RK will reveal all soon, especially the story of the lying cheat of a small-time rug dealer from Istanbul so stay tuned.

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