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Mon, May 17th, 2010 05:20:35 AM
Topic: Impertinence

In the now 8 plus years RugKazbah.com has been online a number of persons have attempted to assail RK with what we can only characterize as slander, defamation and complete bullshit.

Witness the most recent attempt, posted by someone who is too chickenshit to post in his own name so he adopted the moniker: Quiet Man.

Here is what he wrote and although RK does not feel it necessary to defend ourself from his stupid assault we decided for the record to post our comments, in bold type, after his asinine acusations.

"hijack, If you can not be straight about where you went to school how can we trust that you are being straight about Jon Thompson or Dennis Dodds."

Let RK assure this moron we did graduate from college and should he or anyone else doubt this fact we will be glad to prove it.

Calling us a liar is stupid since we made it clear we would, under the condition we outlined, bona fide our statement. All he or anyone who doubts us needs to do is escrow 10,000 dollars - we will do the same - and we will prove it.

This is a simple equation, one even a mentally deficient schmuck like this person should be able to comprehend.

We need not prove anything to anybody but should someone, like him, demand we do we will be glad to oblige but we will not do it for free.

"I saw that ridiculous book you wrote about the tent band collection."

Calling Tent Band-Tend Band a "ridiculous book" should be enough proof to substantiate "Quiet Man" is nothing but a disingenuous fool, since Tent Band Tent Bag established new perspectives for appreciation of Turkmen weaving.

It also put in publication a number of significant examples of historic Turkmen weaving art and calling it ridiculous is, in fact, completely ridiculous.

"Were you high when you wrote that drivel? You make Thompson look like Einstein in comparison."

From such comments RK can easily see "Quiet Man" never read what we wrote, or if he did then he was too dumb to understand what he was reading -- forget about what he saw when looking at the pictures, something a moron like him is probably only capable of doing.

"Back to one other point even if your Salor was not bleached why do you think it would rate an "8"?" Are you incapable of explaining your grading rational?

Further substantiating his stupidity, and Turkmen rug ignorance, "Quiet Man's" barrage of comments about that "S" group chuval we owned 35 years ago, and his demand we "explain our grading system" also reek of disingenuity. Maybe if he knew something about Turkmen rugs, and "S" group chuvals RK could set him straight but a broken-arrow like "Quiet Man" can never be straightened or enlightened -- this is patently obvious, therefore why should we bother?

"Maybe you want 10 grand to explain your egocentric puff job. Send me $10,000 and I will tell you why I think you are full of crap. Send it to;Quiet Man C/O People who Laugh at Jack, Box 212, Grand Central Station, New. York, NY 10163."

Hey "Quiet Man", you lying bag of excrement, don't expect anything from RK, surely not a check, but should you want to put your money where your fat mouth is then, no problem, put up or shut up.

Hope that's now clear to you and anyone else who believes RK lies -- trust us we don't need to lie however we will be glad to take your money should any of you have enough guts to engage us in a wager.

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