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Thu, Apr 15th, 2010 01:23:21 PM
Topic: One High Price...

RK has just learned lot 100, a vase technique carpet with impeccable provenance and excellent original condition, sold at Christie's King Street London salesroom carpet auction for 6.2 million POUNDS, that's over 9.5 MILLION USD.

The carpet, formerly in the possession of the Comtesse de Behague is a beautiful piece of work but is it worth $9,500,000?

Clearly two bidders though so and this price now eclipses by double the old record price for a carpet.

What does this mean for the carpet world?

RK believes very little besides, perhaps, a bunch of short and fleeting blurbs in the mainstream media.

We say perhaps as carpets are not exactly featured in auction reports and although 9.5 million is alot of money, it ain't but chicken-feed in the painting and sculpture art markets.

Rumors of who the two bidders were are swirling around presently and perhaps when the dust clears their names will be known.

One thing is sure, such a price will not have legs in the rug market, so don't go calling up your insurance agent to revalue your collections, that is unless you have some other old wool that used to belong to the Comtesse de Behague.

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