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Sat, Jul 16th, 2011 07:09:07 PM
Topic: rugraBID.com Part II

original catalog listing for the Tekke embroidered asmalyk

Its too bad the listing on rugraBID.com did not stay up longer as RK is sure wed have gotten some other flies in the ointment.

The reason our ploy ended was not because of coad or banayans catching on but because RK couldnt resist rebuking someone who emailed in a ridiculous offer.

We are not going to open the closet door on this miscreant presently, as we have better things in store for him, but we will, as readers will see below, publish the emails Karl received from some of rugDUMBs rug hounds and dealers.

The first to reply, which was no surprise to us, was sam the sham coad, whose email reached us not more than 10 minutes after we first listed the embroidered asmalyk.

I would love to buy this from you it looks cool and my sort of condition
I can pay pal ??
Guess this will get a lot of interest here
best regards sam coad

We doubt coad just happened to be looking at his website and would imagine, but this is speculation on our part, that he is notified every time anyone posts anything for sale on rugraBID.

This is perfectly legal but in our estimation it borders on unethical because the site is not billed as sams private internet rug fishing hole.

More on sam the sham later.

Here is the first email Karl received from dennis the liar, cheat and thief dodds.

I will buy the piece.
please hold it for me and tell me the price.
thanks, Dennis Dodds, Philadelphia USA

What a pompous self-impressed arsehole dodds is.

Imagine telling someone youll buy a piece and for them to hold it without even knowing the price?

Maybe RK should also add blind to liar, cheat and thief, as the price 1200 was clearly listed and dodds, being a frequent seller on rugraBID, is surely familiar with their listing style.

Soon thereafter dodds sent a second email.

I see the price now, so I will buy it.
Dennis Dodds

So I will buy it ??

Had dodds not, just a few minutes before in the email above, committed to buy it?

And what if when hearing the price he decided not to?

Guess screwing the seller who might have trusted his word is something a self-righteous slob like mr. dodds feels entitled to do, huh.

So, as he proves again, doddss word, his moral and business ethics are about as solid as running water.

Then a third email from dodds

Hello again, Karl...as I said yesterday, I will buy the piece.
Please send instructions as to how I should send payment.
You may send the weaving to:
Please give me a call if you have any questions.
My e-mail address is [email protected]
Thank you and kind regards,DD

Sorry dodds no Tekke asmalyk will bedropping on your doorstep anytime soon.

Should RK give dodds credit for recognizingthe asymalk was worth the $1200?

OK lets pat him on the back but while doing it well be sure to keep our other handon our wallet.

Another would-be buyer was a collector from Germany who RK has spoken to several times, Ingo Bauer.

We have heard he is the bird-dog for hanssienknecht.

RK doesnt know for sure if he emailed onhis own account or sienknechts but here is his email.

Hello from Germany,I can bid 1000 $ incl. shipping to Germany (US Priority Post-low value)
Hope you can agree!
Kind regards,Ingo Bauer

Karl received several other similar emails from him and finally we then sent him an email saying his offer was too low and others had offered more.

This was his excuse.

Thanks for you answer - but please understand my offer right, because the picture was not so good to seethe problems of the piece - so I make my bid.

Alls fair in love, war and rug buying but when a piece like this one is offered for a cheap price trying to make it cheaper showseither greed -- why look a gift horse in the mouth-- or ignorance as to what a bargain it was.

In Mr Bauers case we havent a clue and figure probably both are plausible.

Another batter who stepped up to the plate was James Cohen, who wrote this second email after we did not receive his first generous reply.

I guess the rugrabbit mailing systems isn't what it should be.... Would you accept$1,000 for your piece...? And how much would USPS to Italy be...?

Again why look a gift horse in the mouth and not just pay the ridiculously cheap asking price of $1200?

After all rug dealers have a worldwide reputation forgreed.gee need we wonder why?

Karl received an email from mohammad zavvar, a true rug-schmuck who has a shoppe in Oakland, California.

Heres his email.

I am interested in this embroidery, is it possible to send it to me on approval?Please let me know.

Send it on approval? What a clown.

Who needs to examine a masterpiece when it is being sold for 25% or less of its real value?

RK has an interesting incident to recount about zavvar, who by the way has recently advertised he was going out of business but still, obviously, is in business.

About 15 years ago we visited his shoppe and after a quick look around (note: we had been there before and left empty handed), we started walking to the door being totally disinterested in anything he had for sale once again.

Why are you going he asked us.

We said ther was nothing we wanted.

He then said listen I need some money are you sure there isnt anything youd want?

Yes, that's right nothing interests us, we replied.

Please, he said, buy something I will give you a great deal.

Again we said nothing interested us.

He almost started weeping, though of course he didnt, and repeated Please, please why dont you buy something. I will give it to you at your price.

We had seen but were really not interested a pair of late, but all organic dyed, soumak bags and since zavvar was so adamant in his trying to sell us something we then said OK what do you want for the pair of soumak bags on the back wall?

He said Well I want more but you can buy them right now for 1500 dollars.

We said No thanks and continued towards the door.

Ok, OK he said How about 1200?

No thanks again was our reply.

Make me an offer zavvar said.

We then stopped our now quite protracted journey to the door and said 800

No, no I couldnt sell them for that he said.

We said Fine, remember you asked for an offer and we told you we didnt want anything.

As our hand was touching the doorknob zavvar said OK but you have to pay us right now in cash.

We said wed have to go up the street to the bank to get the money and he said Come back quick.

So we went to the bank, got the 800 and paid him and left.

About 6 months later we sold the late pair of bags to a German dealer for $2,500 under the proviso he could pay us whenever he sold them.

About another 6 months later he sold them and we got paid.

Maybe 2 or 3 years later, at some rug event, zavvar came running up to us screaming what a thief and cheat we were for screwing him.

Wadda ya talking about we said and zavvar then said he knew we had sold them to the Germany dealer and he was asking now $5000 for them.

Really? we said so what.

Again zavvar, the little schmuck, started yelling You fucked me, you thief.

We laughed and walked off.

Typical midget-brained bullshit, after all zavvar begged us to buy something and gladly and willingly accepted our offer.

We have seen zavvar a few times since and he has remonstrated about this each time and each time RK has told him to piss in his shoes and get lost.

Ture story.

Another contender for the bargain of the year, the1200 dollar asmalyk, was runny, aka ronnie newman, who besides his perversion for young boys, is about a greasy, greedy and sleazy as any rug dealer who has ever bought a weaving.

I have interest in the piece. Would you send it to me to examine?
Thanks and regards,Ronnie Newman

Unlike coad and dodds, newman is not a thief, petty or otherwise, but he is the most greedy, odious, self-interested and propelled revolting homosexual to ever attend a rug auction.

We cant stand stand him and tho we have some tales to recount about him we dislike him so much we are not going to even bother to drag him thru his own mud.

But the most surprising reply Karl received was from ben aka jimmy olsen evans the editor of hali magazine.

My name is Ben Evans, and I am based in London and not a dealer.
Could you send me a few additional images of the condition and stain?
Where are you based and where did this come from ?

Not a dealer? OH, is that a curse, to be a dealer?

Is it something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about?

Is not being one a feather in ones cap?

Does not being a dealer make one morally superior; or a better buyer or customer?

Clearly ben evans thinks so but does he come off that way to all the dealers who advertise in hali?

Surely not but maybe all of them should know what bennys opinion of them, and himself, really is.

Not so nice in RKs book and our catching benny-boy with his little mitt in the cookie-jar does validate our long held and voiced opinion of this rug-creep.

And while RK surely knows who benny-boy is, here is Karls tongue in cheek reply.

If you are not a dealer what are you, a collector?

Heres his answer.

Indeed, I am, I have a few pieces that used to belong to robert Pinner. Does this come out of an old collection?

Does owning a few pinner pieces bestow sainthood or something even more respectable and important?

And is this why benny-boy, halis know-little ruggie editor, mentions it to Karl

Well, Karl wasnt impressed but we were impressed someone would need more pictures before committing to buy the bargain of the year.

Some noteworthy editor of a rug mag ben evans is, yeah right pass the ketchup.

Is it any wonder hali is in such a pathetic condition?

Karl got some other emails but they were realistic and from people who are not public figures in rugDUMB.

Thats it for tonight stay tuned for Part III.

Author: society of decent people
email: [email protected]
Sat, Jul 16th, 2011 07:09:07 PM

i heard newman reweaves the secondary guls in his rugs with made-up "unique" designs he also tries to butt bash unwilling adolescent males on occasion

Author: Quiet Man
Sun, May 16th, 2010 08:36:12 PM

Enjoy your laff, SH.


hijack, If you can not be straight about where you went to school how can we trust that you are being straight about Jon Thompson or Dennis Dodds. I saw that ridiculous book you wrote about the tent band collection. Were you high when you wrote that drivel? You make Thompson look like Einstein in comparison. Back to one other point even if your Salor was not bleached why do you think it would rate an "8"? Are you incapable of explaining your grading rational? Maybe you want 10 grand to explain your egocentric puff job. Send me $10,000 and I will tell you why I think you are full of crap. Send it to;Quiet Man C/O People who Laugh at Jack, Box 212, Grand Central Station, New. York, NY 10163.

Author: Quiet Man
Wed, May 12th, 2010 08:02:31 PM

If anyone is a fool, a liar and a shithead here it is you.

Why should RK prove anything to you without getting something for it?

Afterall, you are the one who is asking, right?

So pony up your cash and RK will prove we only speak truth.

And further more we do it in our own name, anonymouse == go squeek squeek elsewhere, forget your fantasies about us, or come with cash and we will prove how wrong you are, schmuck.


Jack Cassin when you hide between a silly bet rather than just give the name of the school you prove one thing. You do not have a degree. You are a liar and you prove it here. Not only are you a liar but you are a cheat and a fraud. But more than that you are a Jon Thompson wannabe. But face it jack, his books are better, his collection is better, and his ideas have changed how we look at rugs. No wonder you wish you were him. QM

Author: Quiet Man
Sun, May 9th, 2010 06:55:57 PM

Hey ShitHead:

We do not need to prove anything to you or anyone else.

However, if you are so sure we are lying, and let us assure you we are not, then put up 10,000 dollars in escrow and we will prove you wrong and take your 10K.

If not, chickenshit anonymouse, then go pee in your shoes.


OK Mister Cassin, I will give you an easy one. Give us the name of the school you "got your degree" from. That should be so easy. You give a name and I call the registrar. It is not like I am asking you to produce your father's zeppelin tickets and I never expected you to come clean on the insurance job. You have anything you want me to tell Pan?

Author: Quiet Man
Sun, May 9th, 2010 01:57:46 PM

Listen big mouth

you know nothing about us, forget what you have heard.

And be careful what you do and say here or anywhere else about us.

I will slam you into a court for libel if you keep it up.

And by the way EVERYTHING we have ever said about us is fact.

Come with money, real money 5 figures, and put it down if you believe contrary.

PS: Playing a big tough guy and in reality being an anonymouse bodes poorly for you, shithead.


When a man lies for a reason even when we do not approve we can understand. Such as when Bill Clinton lied and said, "I did not have sex with that woman". I think even though it was wrong every married man can understand. But when a man lies for no advantage that is a far lower thing. You lied and said you had rugs to sell that you did not have and could not sell. You lied for no benefit, no gain, no good reason. This makes you worse than the man who lies for gain. You lie for a sick twisted need to hurt. This makes you lower than the cheat. By the way. You keep telling us about your childhood trips to Switzerland. You can put that story to rest, you know it isn't true. And that one about your college degree. That is a load of crap, scan your diploma and post it or shut up. If you want to tell the truth start with the late unimportant trapping that you sold to LACMA under highly unusual and possibly illegal circumstances. Then you can tell us about that little game you played with the insurance company. Were you really robbed? Tell us that story I would love to hear it. If you need to tell stories forget about Dodds and Thompson and tell us the real truth about Cassin Cassin the Rug Assassin. QM

Author: Quiet Man
Sat, May 8th, 2010 02:07:46 PM

Doesn't this make you a fraud and a liar? i talked to a man in DC who said he caught you lying. I guess he was right.QM

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