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Mon, Apr 5th, 2010 12:23:31 PM
Topic: Late 19th century? Bullshit

To say antique oriental rugs is an imperfect science goes without saying but there are a number of signposts, quasi-rules, markers and the like that shine light through the murkiness.

After many years of study and hands-on-experience those clues do, in reality, enable one to differentiate weavings into broad groups and categories.

This, considering the lack of any scientific paradigm, is the basis for oriental rug studies of non-classical, read non Ottoman/Safavid, examples.

That said, it is amazing and startling dennis dodds continually proves by his own words and actions he has, after more than 30 years of involvement, been unable to comprehend even the most obvious of those clues; or he is just too greedy and dishonest to admit his never ending trampling of them.

RK believes dodds is suffering from both and our continual critique of dodds's words and actions prove hand's down this is the case.

This kelim, which dodds posted online for sale today is another perfect example:

Here's dodd's description:
An unusual and attractive kilim from the sw Caucasus, woven in one piece.
Motifs do not have outlines.
Hard, tight weave with very small old repairs.
Clear, fresh vegetal dyes and palette are same as those used in great Kazak pile rugs.
Approx 6 x 9 feet.
Late 19c.
price: on request
Ask about this item
Maqam, Dennis R. Dodds's pages

RK has researched and collected 'Caucasian' kelim for 40 years and we believe our small collection is not only the best in private/institutional hands but we also believe we know more about these weavings than any one else.

With that knowledge we can tell a genuinely historic one from a fake, as well as a questionable example from one that is not.

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind this kelim of dodds's is both eminently questionable and positively not "late 19th century".

Why does dodds continue to attempt to sell questionable weavings, let alone attempt to pass off fakes on the unsuspecting?

Again RK believes dodds is a know-little as well as a liar, cheat and thief and our posting his latest offering is just another nail in his coffin.

We are so sure of our opinion we are willing to bet dodds 5000 usd that we can prove his kelim to be far newer than his "late 19 century" claim.

Will dodds stand up to the plate, and behind his mealy-mouthed words, and take us up on our offer?

Chances are next to nil because even a rug dim-wit like dodds knows deep down his merchandise is often bogus and questionable.

So come on now, dodds, you piss-poor excuse for an alleged rug expert and scholar, let's see you once and for all take RK on instead of hiding, like a little boy in mommy's skirts, behind all the bogus accolades, like the McMullan award, rugDUMB has so stupidly showered on a creep, liar and cheat like you.

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