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Wed, Apr 28th, 2010 06:57:12 PM
Topic: Congratulations

RK sends our congratulations to the owner of the rug shown below:

This picture is from the auction catalog where the rug was sold early in Feb 2010.

Luckily for the owner RK intended to bid on it, and surely would have made the price far higher than the 250.00 dollars it ridiculously made in the sale, but the sale was a two day affair and when we called the auction to arrange our bid we learned the rug had sold on the first day not the second as we incorrectly believed.

Our mistake is now someone else's gain.

This Ersari main is great example, early and highly interesting, and had the rug not appeared today on turk0tek.com we surely would not mention it here.

Something that is even more astounding than the 250 dollar price it made in the sale is the fact the owner chose to send a picture of the rug to turk0tek to illicit comments.

Yesshhhh, who in their right mind would send a picture of an historic Turkmen rug to the magpie rug-morons who frequent professor steven price's rug-sandbox website?

The owner is welcome to email us, or post here, and RK will be glad to clear up any questions.

Author: Quiet Man
Wed, Apr 28th, 2010 06:57:12 PM

Thanks Jack, 18th seems spot on from what I can see. I got a chuckle over all the sampler crap and had to agree when I saw what you wrote

Author: jc
Mon, Apr 26th, 2010 04:50:11 PM

The turko-idiots who hang in the rug sandbox of professor steev price=clown have now postulated this rug is a sampler.

Frankly, this is such an imbecilic suggestion it boggles the mind and is, for RK, nothing but further proof professor price-clown and his magpie morons need to exit stage right, and do it asap.

Author: Quiet Man
Thu, Apr 22nd, 2010 04:44:15 PM

Hey there QM:Age? well that's a slippery slope, now ain't it....

The Ersari rug is older than most, not older than the oldestso we'd therefore place it, on a time line, as 18th century.

It surely is a wonderful example of a Turkmen rug with great personality,charm and joie de vivre.


Great rug, I really liked the images on the sandbox site. Jack would you like to give us an estimate of how old you figure it is?

Author: The owner
email: [email protected]
Thu, Apr 22nd, 2010 12:17:42 PM

Greetings John, you late to bed rug buying man!

Please email --rk at rugkazbah dot com -- and you will hear from us, as we don't have your contact info.

And yes, you are right, the person who wrote those foolishly ridiculous comments is about as limited as one could possibly get.

By the way, John, it's Turkmen, not Turk0men -- the country is Turkmenistan not Turk0menistan.


JC: You have my email. I tried sending you an email after I purchased it to discuss with you but all the previous email addresses bounced back.Anyway I was very surprised that I was the only bidder on the piece. I stayed up into the early hours to bid on it.I dont know who put the follow up comment but obviously he has a very limited knowledge of turkoman pieces.

Author: Turkmensa
Sun, Apr 4th, 2010 11:32:31 AM

Like a broken record, or a chirping magpie, you repeat your stupid questions as if they had substance.

Sorry, rug-moron, they don't and you would be far better suited to baking muffins than trying to fathom the complexities separating airport-art from historic weaving.

Got it now, chum?


Facetious? Main guls are crowded. Minor guls are a hodgepodge (pastiche). Fragmentary condition without ends. If colors are good, maybe late 19th. If chemical, early to mid-20th. What's exciting about it?

Author: Turkmensa
Sat, Apr 3rd, 2010 02:20:29 PM

First off: It Seems like you misnamed yourself -- Turkodemetia might have been far more appropriate.

Forgetting that, and your chicken-shit anonymity, we must say your comments are foolish and ignorant regardless of whether or not you posted them sarcastically.

RK is always amazed why schmucks like you bother to post such drivel; but if you can explain your reason(s), and if they sound reasonable enough, RK might teach you a thing or two as to why this piece is eminently worthy of purchase and worth far more than a measly two hundred fifty usd.


Looks like a late 19th century pastiche. One of every gul the weaver ever saw. Airport art, and just a fragment. Why would you give anyone $250 for that?

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