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Give It Up, dodds
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Sun, Jun 6th, 2010 12:20:00 PM
Topic: Busted Again
Give It Up, dodds

Among all the other outrageous blowhards, who spin complete and utter nonsense around the mediocre rugs they are attempting to peddle, dennis dodds should be considered the poster-boy ring leader.

Who does dodds think he is fooling by describing a rather worthless Turkmen weaving like the one below in such important and salutary terms?

Maqam, Dennis R. Dodds
"An extremely rare Yomut family prayer rug with extraordinary 'eagle' motifs and archaic curled leaves in the border, circa 1800, approx 4x4.3 feet (122x130cm).
Green, pale yellow and 2-3 tones of madder in the palette, true camel hair highlights in the pile.
The overall pile is in good condition. There is about 1 square inch (6 sq cm) of reknotting with minor losses at each end.
This is not only an important collector rug, but an engaging and enigmatic art piece with unique character and a profound message."

Perhaps the most absurd claim is doddss palavering the rug has a profound message.

And what might that message be?

To make such a stupid and worthless claim demonstrates, once again, what a cheat, liar and dumbass dodds is as nothing could be farther from the truth concerning this late uninteresting, likely workshop produced, Turkmen weaving.

On top of this is the fact dodds has been trying to unload this loser Turkmen for several years now, as RK remembers seeing other come-ons for it online.

We are also pretty sure dodds has shown this rug in the bogus museum, read selling, exhibitions a certain university museum in Pennsylvania has allowed him to curate.

Curate? My ass, says RK, as dodds lined the walls with his inventory and used the exhibition to try and sell his crapola rugs to the nave and innocent public who ventured into the venus-fly-trap charade rug-peddler dodds organized.

How much more proof would any thinking and independent individual need to realize what a low-level, abusive schmuck mr dodds, chairman of the icoc, truly is?

Author: jc
Sun, Jun 6th, 2010 12:20:00 PM

To say dennis dodds is a pathetically slow-learner will come as no surprise to astute RugKazbah.com readers.

After being "involved" with old carpets for decades dodds apparently is still quite wet behind the ears when it comes to identifying the importance, or lack of it, of Turkish rugs.

Part of dodds's problems can be ascribed to his inability to date pieces -- witness his ridiculously over-dating the bogus 'bellini' he shafted the Los Angeles County Art Museum over, or the myriad of other examples RK has culled from dodds's own adverts and puff-publicity pieces.

The Melas rug pictured below, which dodds originally posted for sale as circa 1800, met with some stiff critique from RK last time around.

We expressly pointed out to dodds and everyone else the absurdity of that early date, and it seems dodds has taken our counsel as he now dates it to 1800-1850.

We'd prefer to see a mid-19th century guesstimate, as it is highly unlikely dodds's Melas is any older than 1850, at best.

It's not a bad rug but it is far down the totem pole from the one recently sold at sotheby's that dodds references, and we illustrate below.

lot 18, Melas Prayer, sold sotheby, New York, June 2, 2010

As anyone with two functioning eyes and experience with older Turkish rugs can quickly deduce, dodds's trying to compare his Melas with the sotheby example is nothing but a dead-eye, dead-end analogy.

The sotheby example can be veritably dated to 1800-1850 -- we'd prefer calling it 'early 19th century'.

As for dodds's dating his as early and comparing it to sotheby's?

All RK can say is rubbish, dodds, you persistent over-dating rug clown.

For the record, there also was quite recently another Melas prayer rug sold at auction.

Unfortunately, we can not find the picture at the moment but we will post it asap.

We prefer it to the sotheby example, which by the way sold for 12,500 usd.

Needless to say in this trilogy the dodds example is the runt of the litter and frankly dodds's reassessing it as circa 1800-1850, rather than the previous overblown circa 1800, doesn't make it more attractive to buyers or show dodds's remorse at over-dating it the first time.

But if dodds, the liar and cheat, wants to reassess anything he should go immediately to Los Angeles, beg the forgiveness of the Los Angeles County Art Museum and, of course, refund the 250,000 usd he ripped the museum off for when he pawned that revival reproduction 'bellini' on their trusting former curator and Collector's Circle of donors.

Author: jc
Wed, Mar 31st, 2010 05:29:37 PM

This afternoon RK was speaking with a collector, yes a rug collector, we sometimes have a chat with.

He said, among other topics: "It's really a pity no new, young collectors come into rug collecting."

Of course, we readily agreed. We then added, as we see it, the prime reason for this is: The complete and total lack of any real scholarship or discipline on the part of the rug community.

In what other field could a dennis dodds survive for 30 plus years and continue to lie, over-date, over-estimate, bamboozle and cheat anyone stupid enough to deal with him?

In what other field could someone like dodds operate and still be the "president" of the largest and best known organization involved in that field?

When we posed these questions to our phone friend he just said, what we say, in NO other could a dodds exist and prosper.

So if any of you don't realize this, and surely not the quality or importance of historic oriental rugs, is the primary reason oriental rug collecting is an aging, and yes, a dying field let these words from RK resonate in your cranium.

And when they are done echoing, then get up off your chair and do something to remedy the situation -- and challenging dennis dodds for his thievery and deceit is an obvious place to start.

Author: jc
Tue, Mar 30th, 2010 12:22:09 PM

RK was right. Not only has dodds been trying to peddle this "prayer" rug since at least 1996, when he "placed" it in the Atlantic Collections exhibition and publication but it was also 'exhibited' in "Masterpieces from Philadelphia Collections" held at the Ross Gallery of the University of Pennsylvania, as the two citations below clearly demonstrate.

Dodds, D. R. and M. L. Eiland, Jr., et. al., ORIENTAL RUGS FROM ATLANTIC COLLECTIONS, Philadelphia ICOC, 1996, p. 176, pl. 198.
EXHIBITED:"Central Asian Rugs from Private Collections," Philadelphia ICOC, 1996.

"Antique Rugs of the Turkmen Tribes: Masterpieces from Philadelphia Collections," Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, 2003.

Both these 'exhibitions' were organized by, and curated by, dennis the cheat and thief dodds who thought nothing of using them for his own commercial and highly unethical purposes.

Like his bogus 'bellini', which dodds proverbially traipsed from Maine to Spain in his leave no stone unturned effort to sell it, this "prayer" rug has received a similar treatment from mr rug salesman dodds.

Just for further laughs here is the late but surely not so great robert pinner's comments about dodds's "prayer" rug published in the Atlantic Collections publication:

"...the scarcity of Turkmen prayer rugs woven before the late 19th century.. . (is because that) prayer rugs were not part of the early Turkmen weaving tradition." However, this very rare rug displays a distinctive, yet subtly articulated, architectural form of a mihrab at the top of the field, unequivocally identifying this enigmatic weaving as a prayer rug. Woven in a region east of the Caspian Sea, this rug conveys all the design features of a dramatic and unique art weaving. We know of no other example of this type in the literature. The winged eagle (Pinner) ornaments are startling and the palette is very diverse with three shades of indigo, including green, and three shades of madder, including apricot. The prolific use of true camel hair in the details is unusual in Yomut family weavings. Note the variations in main border elements as the weaver changes from archaic curled-leaf motifs to ashik forms to stepped polygon "Memling" type medallions. It is a stunning collector piece. Very special."

Very special?

Come on now, mr pin-head, if dodds's rug is so "very special" how come after 15 plus years of being on the market and marketed everywhere by dennis dodds it is still unsold and remains in his inventory?

RK is not ashamed to call pinner a novice and turko-know-little -- we did it to his face while he was alive and we will continue to say so now that pinner is no longer with us.

A turko-creep like a pinner or a dodds -- shall we include others like hoffscheister, sienknecht, munkasci, et.al. -- apparently can't discern a genuinely historic Turkmen rug from a piece of airport-art; nor can, or do, they notice when someone can't.

So, will lightning strike twice?

Will another naive, trusting curator/purchaser like the one from the Los Angeles County Art Museum dodds blatantly lied to and cheated show up to buy his "prayer" rug?

RK believes dodds really has nerve, or is it just naked thievery, to continue to hype crapola rugs, each time upping the ante on making even more outrageous claims, like these airport-art revivals? Or is he just so dishonest as to believe he has the right to then place them in "museum" exhibitions and try to sell them?

Time is now and long past to take dodds out and get rid of him, his shit stinks and while rugDUMB is nothing but a cesspool, who need more crapola especially dodds's clogging the pipes?

PS: Notice how the dating, which was "1800-1850" in 1996 according to the caption in the Atlantic Collections publication, now morphed to "circa 1800" according to dodds?

Oh, RK knows: dodds must have done some real "research", or it is a "new" c14 date -- yeah right, don't make RK laugh any harder, dodds you turko-schmuck.

And speaking of changes, below, is the "condition report" for the Yomud "prayer" rug published in Atlantic Collections:

"Comments On Condition: The short pile shows localized wear but is in good condition overall for its significant age, with few minor reweaves."

Guess somehow the "few" reweaves noticed back then, in 1996, have now in 2010 been miraculously turned into only "1 square inch (6 sq cm) of reknotting", according to liar and cheat dodds.

Or did he just forget about them as well?

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