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Sat, Mar 27th, 2010 02:39:18 PM
Topic: Cheap, Greedy, Dumb Bastards

In every other collecting field RK is involved in, or has witnessed, there exists, to varying degrees, a core of highly motivated, GENEROUS, and passionate people who, for what ever reasons, devote themselves to publicizing, through words and action, their collecting interests -- both in the private, commercial and museum worlds.

It is highly regrettable, and even more so apparent, such a group does not exist in the oriental rug collecting field.

Sure, several recent donations like the Caroline and McCoy Jones and the Wolf Weidersperg collections have become part of the deYoung Museum, and a few rugs like the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Animal Rug" have also been bought but, by and large, the oriental rug collecting field is shunned by both donors and museum curators.

Of course, one can mention the fiasco the Los Angeles County Art Museum, and their Collector's Circle, became entangled in by purchasing that bogus "bellini" carpet from a thief and liar named dennis dodds.

Could it be possible in any other collecting area that one of the highest profile individuals would stoop to the devious and deceitful level dodds did in order to "sell" an object the market place had rejected for 30 plus years?

No, it would not be possible but in rugDUMB such an event was met with abject silence and consent by all except RK.

What dodds did, the rip-off he perpetrated and the way rugDUMB ignored this crime, is quite clearly part and parcel of the rampant stupidity, greed and selfishness oriental rug collecting and 'scholarship' continues to present to the art world at large.

Why haven't the aging group of collectors stepped up to the plate of reality and tried to better this deplorable situation -- one that ignores the great achievements masterpiece oriental carpets demonstrate?

Who among you oriental carpet collectors will get off your behinds and try to do something noteworthy?

What will happen to the collections formed over the past 40 years? Will any collectors be generous and donate their rugs to museums?

How many of you plan to do anything other than read the next sotheby auction catalog or that worthless rag hali magazine?

No, no RK knows none of you will, as it is patently obvious you all are either too stupid, paranoid, afraid, greedy or demoralized to make a statement or, God forbid, take a stand.

Frankly, RK has long ago decided to avoid as much as possible any contact or intercourse with rugDumb and the incredibly high percentage of clowns and fools who call themselves rug collectors.

You all deserve even stronger words than RK has summoned here and since our time is short and better spent in other pursuits let us just leave you all with one last thought -- better to try and fail than to fail without trying.

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