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RK says no way, Jose
Sun, Mar 14th, 2010 02:54:56 PM
Topic: Is it an engsi?
RK says no way, Jose

This small Yomud group rug, so-called Eagle-group 2, is an interesting but late example of a type of rug that is referred to as an engsi by some people.

However, since it does not really have any of the design elements of an engsi, RK has long be critical of such an attribution for small rugs that look like this -- pseudo-engsi might be more correct but even that term is, in our opinion, almost as incorrect.

The old saying if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck then its a duck easily applies here.

And since nothing in the overall design, or even in any of the particulars of the design, is typical of an engsi RK believes it foolish to attempt to hang such a moniker on a rug like this.

But, alas, what else is new; and as the dealer to whom this rug belongs is someone who frequently is on the wrong side of many issues, from honesty and integrity to expertise and knowledge, this type of hype and misattribution is something we are not surprised to see from him.

By the way, said dealer is not alone as there are many others who are equally as challenged and culpable.

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