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Author:Michael Raysson
email: [email protected]
Wed, Mar 10th, 2010 06:42:11 PM
Topic: Turkotek

I see what you mean!

Author: jc
Wed, Mar 10th, 2010 06:42:11 PM

Hey There Michael:

Yes, it is easy to see what a clown and pedant professor steve price is and how pedestrian and worthless turk0tek is.

But worse is his, and his website's, inability to comprehend the, let's just say, higher qualities certain, rare weavings have.

These qualities while inestimable to all but the most experienced are quantifiable and demonstrable; however, those proofs have yet to be scientifically examined.

This is why RK has, for the past 25 years, attempted to garner financial support to begin to establish a forensic database, the first step in that process.

RK does not need to do this and that is why we have not spent our own money to begin. We feel we have already spent enough of our own money, and expended a huge amount of our time, to publish our books and establish the Weaving Art Museum. We have put our money where our mouth is, so to say.

The proof of what we say is there for all to see but clods like price and many others are too indoctrinated, and yes ignorant and stupid, to see the difference between a weaving that has higher qualities and one that doesn't, even though they both might "look" the same to untrained, inexperienced eyes.

There is no doubt price is a fool and a clown, and jim allen is a charlatan and an inebriated babbler.

So your experience is one any thinking, intelligent and independent person would have and this, besides a number of other faults turk0tek.com demonstrates, is the main reason we have waged a vocal campaign against price and his motley assortment of magpies and morons.

RugKazbah.com was conceived and placed online for many reasons, one of them to provide a real forum for discussion.

Why has it not caught on?

Why is there little participation?

Simply put because RK sets the bar pretty high and, regrettably, little in rugDUMB comes even close.

Also RK does not suffer fools and idiots well, nor are we afraid to express our distain and dislike for stupidity and nonsense.

The fact remains that certain weavings are something special and well worth investigation and admiration.

This is what interests us, and while it might seem from the paucity of posts here we are alone we know there are a few others out there who are equally as aware of this, as well as equally as fascinated as we are.

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