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Thu, May 21st, 2015 02:35:03 AM
Topic: Desperately seeking...

To say jimbo allen is full of crap is redundant and a waste of time, as allen proves this everytime he opens his mouth.

For the past 20 years or so he has been braying about his claim to fame, his alleged proof a chuval he formerly owned is 17th century.

Big freaking deal is all RK and most other knowledgeable people we have met say -- c14 dating is unreliable and allen's ideas, theories and suppositions are equally as challenged at best and at the worst complete crapola.

Let us mention, however, the idea there are 17th and even 16th century Turkmen rugs extant is one that should be taken seriously, just not based on flimsy pseudo-proof like a c14 date or the words of a turko-clown like allen.

Using expert art historical analysis is a far more objective and conclusive basis for any such claims and the reality there is an abysmal lack of this in jimbo allen's arguments is no accident, as he like most turko-idiots proves incapable of marshaling the required intellectual proof and substantiation such an exercise requires.

"I think most observers would say that I had hit the nail squarely on the head. Nobuko certainly felt that I had. Before this time I had lived and "worshiped" my chuval for over ten years before I wrote the Hali 55 article."

Nobuko Kajatani used to work at the Met, RK knows her well enough to have asked her about allen and each time we did the only reaction Nobuko registered was to giggle or laugh.

She has NEVER publicly said anything about allen's continued obnoxious name-dropping nor has she or anyone else ever supported his stupid claims publicly or privately.

Mr jimbo allen is only a legend in his own inebriated and pip-squeek mind or in those of others who are equally as uninformed and turko-ignorant.

Mr allen is nothing but another stupid pathetic self-promoter in a field, oriental rug studies, where any schmuck can hang out a shingle and pontificate with abandon.

And since RK met allen in the mid-1980's because of allen's curiosity of what that chuval was, ie he had no clue then nor does he now, all allen's buster about having "worshipped" with it for 20 years is nothing but more bullshit allen has invented.

Time is neigh to take allen by the scruff of the neck and deposit him, and his absurd theories, ideas and notions, in the nearest trash can.

Only in rugDUMB would a charade parade like allen leads garner any adherents or interest and the fact it does, as that online discussion demonstrates, bodes extremely poorly for any ideas this art area can or should be taken seriously.

Author: RK
Thu, May 21st, 2015 02:35:03 AM

Recently RK engaged in some email conversation with jim , aka Jimbo, allen.

We did so against our better judgement and belief it would turn out to be a waste of time. We were not incorrect.

It began when we received an email from him concerning our views about the coming munkasci sale.

RK found it amazing someone like Jimbo who has professed such great interest in Turkmen weavings -- interest we might add with little expertise or knowledge behind it -- now believes no one cares about the subject, and neither does he.

Here are some quotes from Jimbo:


"You think you know me but you don't. I have changed a great deal and the last thing on my mind is some underappreciated central Asian weaving."

We told Jimbo there are people who give a "shit", and even if there aren't the subject of Turkmen weavings, and their collection and preservation, is an important matter.

Not to waste more of our time recounting the nonsense, unsubstantiated bullshit jim allen can't refrain from spewing when trying to discuss Turkmen rugs we offer this comment to show Jimbo has not changed in one iota from the sub-human turko-moron he has always presented himself as being.

Readers might remember the engsi below, as it was the center of some discussion here on RK in 2012 that can be found in our Turkmen Rugs Topic Area. The title is "Ersari Engsi - early or late and the date is Nov 23, 2012.

Below is the engsi in question and some of our comments posted then

Ersari engsi, early Traditional period, deYoung Museum collection, donated by George Hecksher

RK knows this engsi well, as sometime in the early 1990s jim allen, a former owner, proudly showed it to us foolishly calling it Saryk.

At that time, and even today, allens understanding of Turkmen rug weaving was extremely limited. His beliefs, like thinking this engsi Saryk, often continue to be as misguided and extremely suspect.

We expressed interest in buying the Saryk engsi but allen assured us it was not for sale.

Then, on our next voyage over the East River to Brooklyn to visit allen, it was gone and soon thereafter we learned George Hecksher had purchased it.

While we recognize allen was surely entitled to sell it to Hecksher, or anyone else, we did not appreciate his doing so when he was continually calling us to help him learn about Turkmen rugs and identify for him ones he had found.

So much for jimbos ideas of payback."

OK, it's a nice early 19th century Ersari engsi. But it is not, as Jimbo tried to claim in our recent email exchanges the following

"You have not comprehended what is going on in my old Ensi. Please remember it was chosen on of the top 40 best Turkmen in the DeYoung's exhibition where it was hung. That pretty much says it all. That ensi reads like a book and it tells a wonderful story. I wonder if you will ever see it. Please don't deride me about rugs as I don'treally care any more. I made my millions and now I intend on enjoying them."

It is not surprising Jimbo ended our emails after we insisted he prove some documentation to support his absurd ideas.

Or tells us what this engsi tells everyone since in his opinion it "reads like a book".

Of course jim allen could not provide anything and eventually got so disturbed and flustered he started accusing RK of being uneducated, having poor scholarship, and various other sins we supposedly have perpetrated.

It's nice to know Jimbo doesn't care anymore about the subject and wants to "enjoy his millions".

But this is probably nothing but more Jimbo fantasy trash talking.

We wish him well, but more so we wish good riddens to this clown whose career in rugdumb is littered with a long line of people who bought fake, reproduction, heavily restored mediocre rugs from him on Ebay and got cheated.

Not to mention all the hot-air bluster jim allen, the flapping jawed mouth from tennessee, blew on the internet, and still does as we have heard it on certain social media platforms.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 27th, 2010 03:02:58 PM

After consuming an inordinate amount of time the 'discussion' centered on the Tekke torba in question has finally, in Terminator fashion, ground itself to what appears to be a halt.

Thank God for small things but RK knows magpies are rarely silent for long and the overarching stupidity and self-serving motivations of the participants will, we are sure, soon be rekindled.

A propos to what RK just posted in our "Hot Button Issues" topic area we ask: Would it be too much to expect the "energy" the participants expended on this discussion, not to mention the myriad of other turk0tek.com ones, could be far better expressed in dealing with the innumerable housekeeping, clearing and cleaning issues rugDumb faces?

The Tekke torba in question is, after all those wasted worthless words, nothing but the chemically washed, ungainly early example it was before even the first word had appeared online.

Was anything accomplised?

Did anyone 'learn' anything?

Was any milestone or goal reached?

Answering these questions, which by the way wouldn't present much difficulty to a bright 6th grader, would, RK is sure, stump and tongue-tie those like professor steev price or any of his avian feathered friends.

But for a mealy-mouthed blowhard like jim allen such a question would be nothing but a grandstand for jimbo to continue to pontificate more hot-air and worse from that butt he calls his mouth.

Fact is, dear readers, you all are as idiotic and pathetic as those turk0tekkers -- who among you has, even in private forget in public, commented or better yet stood up to improve the deplorable face of rugDumb a self-possessed pedant like professor steve price, or a cheat liar and thief like jim allen, presents?

Answer: None of you but before you break your arms patting yourselves on the back, or go back to reading your rippon-boswell or other auction catalogs, remember that many in the art world are watching and laughing, while the rest pay no attention and could care less.

Honestly, why should they as you all have done absolutely nothing to clean-up or improve the down-market image oriental rugs and rug collecting unfortunately and undeservedly maintains.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 6th, 2010 12:50:39 PM

The mini-minds, turko-clowns magpies and morons seriously don't "get" it, and not only about this torba.

The hapless owner is now, once again, questioning why the "color" "consistency" changes when viewed from different angles or in different "light conditions".

The simple and correct answer is the fact the torba is CHEMICALLY WASHED.

When certain weavings, like the torba, are CHEMICALLY WASHED this is the result.

As the for the rest of the asinine continuing discussion?

All RK can say has already been said by us "A little knowledge is dangerous" and that, like the refusal to face the fact the torba is chemical washed, is the only reason the discussion is ongoing and continuing to prove itself pointless.

Author: jc
Fri, Mar 5th, 2010 12:33:26 PM

Apropos to what John wrote about price here is perhaps, and this in itself is almost unfathomable, the stupidest, dullest and most obtuse statement steev the turko-idiot has ever written:

"I don't know of any reason to believe that this is so. In fact, it has all the hallmarks of projecting our contemporary western view of art onto the central and western Asian weavers of past centuries. There are lots of people who would argue that oriental rugs, even the great ones, aren't works of art but of crafts. That is, that they were created to serve practical ends, not to be expressions of the souls of those who created them."

Even a turko-moron of price's calibre should be able to realize some, few, Turkmen rugs were created from, and out of, a non- domestic, non-mundane, environment.

They reek of spirituality, but regrettably one must be spiritual to sense spirituality -- clearly a clod and pedant like price doesn't have a spiritual bone in his body, nor has he ever had a spiritual thought, hence his failure to realize what such an argument implies.

RK knows price has been 'involved' in rugDUMB for 20 plus years and in all that time to have missed this salient and painfully aparent fact-- yes, fact, steev you schmuck -- demonstrates to the highest degree he, and many others in rugDUMB, is absolutely deaf, dumb and blind -- beyond any help, instruction or even, God-forbid, pity.

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