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Guru or fakir, Part 8
Thu, Jan 28th, 2010 09:42:13 AM
Topic: What is jon thompson
Guru or fakir, Part 8

the late genre period reproduction/revival bogus bellini; ex-dennis dodds inventory

RK believes the rug above needs no caption or introducton.

It is well known thanks to our crusade to bring public attention to the rip-off dennis dodds perpetrated on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and its now disgraced, unemployed curator Dale Gluckman.

RK is positive every one of our readers knows this is the rug dodds used to cheat Gluckman, the museum and its benefactors, the Collectors Circle.

Its an open and shut case; dodds is guilty as sin, his actions are reprehensible and damning not to say disgusting and bordering on criminal.

Many, but probably not all, readers know jon thompson was also directly involved; his help allowing dodds to perpetrate the rip-off.

Facts are: dodds told Gluckman, in person and in writing which RK has published with our comments, the rug was mid-16th century, a masterpiece of the type, from his private collection, never before offered for sale and a museum worthy purchase.

After listening to doddss sales pitch and receiving pictures and his letter of expertise about the rug Gluckman sent those pictures to the rug guru jon thompson to ask his opinion.

She also sent pictures to louise mackie and Walter Denny to seek their opinions as well.

All three told her the rug was fine and she could have confidence in what dodds claimed.

Walter Denny, the only honest one of the three, soon changed his opinion and on a visit to the museum publicly re-evaluated and re-dated the rug to the period from 1650-1750 but at the end of that continuum.

Denny is an honest broker and admitting his initial errors of judgment, and mistake about the dating, etc, proves this in spades.

Too bad the same cannot be said of thompson or mackie, as both of them have been silent as mice about their errors of judgment and dating that are central to this horrendous fiasco.

Recently, in December 2009 thompson gave two talks in Los Angeles, one of them at the Bing auditorium of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The fact thompson, while there, did not speak up about his having so stupidly vetted a late genre 18th century bellini revival/reproduction copy as a 16th century original is as piss-poor and cowardly an act as doddss ripping-off the museum by selling it to their Collectors Committee benefactors.

It is also abundantly clear jon thompson is a rug-moron and idiot to believe the bellini is 16th century, a masterpiece of the type or a museum worthy object as he told Gluckman when she asked his opinion.

Either that, or he is, like dodds, a duplicitous liar, cheat and charlatan who would think nothing of deceiving and ripping-off a public institution, and an important museum like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

It is, likewise, patently clear the museum wants to cover-up this sordid affair and thompsons fall back position, RK is sure, includes, and is centered, on this reality ie the museum wants him to keep his mouth shut.

However, the fact remains the museum was defrauded and since it is a public institution that fraud is a public matter, making thompson even guiltier of fraud and now its continued cover-up.

So whether or not the new director, Mr. michael govan, believes it correct to cover-up the theft and fiduciary negligence the museum became entangled in by having its employee and curator recommend the purchase of doddss bogus bellini to a group of private benefactors matters not.

By doing so, he too is guilty of covering-up fraud; this is not a pretty picture.

Govans desire and actions to cover-up the fraud do not exonerate jon thompson from his stupidly and idiotically recommending the purchase when asked by Gluckman, or exonerate him from coming out and, like Denny, admitting his culpability in that recommendation, and his errors in judgment by going along with doddss absurdly erroneous dating and hyping of the rug.

RK said we know jon thompson is on shaky ground and weak legs when he talks about Turkish Village rugs and if anything could possibly prove that assertion it is thompsons dumbass vetting of the bogus bellini as a genuine period piece.

Gluckman lost her job and Andrea Rich, the former director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art left for parts unknown soon thereafter.

Frankly, RK cannot imagine how jon thompson can look himself in the mirror and see anything other than a failed, pathetic rugDUMB poseur and fakir, a dishonest cheat and liar.

Calling him a three-strike loser is apt:

1. the Imreli debacle

2. The dragon/phoenix imbroglio

3. The bogus bellini affair

In baseball its three strikes and youre out but in rugDUMBclearly this is not the case for a creep like jon thompson.

It is obvious thompson is no Casey at homeplate; he is nothing but a loser who is allowed to pretend hes a winner in a society of mokes, jerks, fools and clowns called rugDUMB.

In any other field a schmuck like jon thompson would be cast-off like a rotting carcass, and RK believes his time to be jettisoned is neigh and at hand.

Dont you?

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