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Guru or fakir, Part 7
Wed, Jan 27th, 2010 11:22:08 AM
Topic: What is jon thompson
Guru or fakir, Part 7

This fragment was, for a very short time some years ago, in the spotlight; how it got there is not germane to our ripping-to-shreds jon thompsons alleged guru status in rugDUMB, so we will leave those particulars aside.

Oh, and by the way, RK has decided to enforce our (trademark) of the word rugDUMB, since we were the first person to use it.

So from now on we are putting everyone on notice it is our and we will enforce this trademark to the fullest extent of the law against any unauthorized use.

But back to jon the con thompson and the boner he pulled by getting involved with the fragment we picture above.

This fragment entered the rug scene and when the former editor of hali, one alan marcuson, found out it was up for grabs he recommended it to a very motivated, at the time, USA collector.

RK had heard about the piece but never saw it until the dirty deed, so to speak, was done and the collector bought it.

As he story goes marcuson, never one to miss an opportunity to make a fast buck, err should be say pound as that was the currency he spent most of his adult life chasing, enlisted the services of jon thompson to help him place the fragment with this collector.

The macuson/thompson tag team convinced the collector to purchase it for a tidy, well over $100,ooo, price and everyone was happy the collector, marcuson/thompson and the original seller whos such a revolting and disgusting miscreant RK refuses to mention his name on our website.

After the deal was done, RK had still not seen the piece and although we were friendly with the collector and mentioned it several time he did not want to show it to us.

His reticence was a mistake but, as it turned out, one this collector honestly could not only afford monetarily but also psychologically, as his ego was surely never investing in rugs or rugDUMB.

Several months went by and during this time a c14 dating procedure was in the works.

The three musketeers, or should RK say privateersmarcuson, thompson and the unmentionable one, had no trepidations the c14 date would not agree with their ridiculous statements that the fragment was a genuine dragon and phoenix 15th century example.

Those statements had convinced the collector to purchase it and everyone concerned felt the c14 dating was merely an after-thought.

So much for their expertise.

As you all should know by now RK puts little, if any, confidence in c14 dating of oriental carpets, kelim or any other related weaving; so, whether or not an early date is produced, we view all rug c14 dates as nothing more than, at best, an addendum to a proper and expertly done art historical analysis.

Anyway, the fragment in question did not in the least produce and early date, and as the great bard from Avon quipped therein lies the rub.

The fact marcuson goofed and believed the piece was 15th century is of little matter, in fact none, to this expose of jon thompson.

But because mr Imreli thompson signed off on it, thats of interest here.

So, strike number two for thompson, who not only signed off on the piece being 15th century but, as we have heard it from a horses mouth, boasted about what a coup it was and how fortunate and lucky the collector was to have been offered it as there were other collectors who would have jumped cartwheels to have gotten it.

RK did finally see the piece, post-c14 date, when it was publicly exhibited.

In fact, we were with the collector at a public exhibition and, from across the room, we told him the piece was a later genre period copy.

At the time we had not been informed of the results of the c14 dating, nor would we have cared, as even if it had come back with an early date the piece would still have been was it is a later genre period revival/reproduction.

Frankly, we dont know what the collector did with it, it is not something we care to discuss with this person, but we have heard thru the grape-vine he did not return it.

So the great thompson, rugDUMBs leading guru and luminary vetted a probably 19th century dragon and phoenix copy as the real thing.

RK had known for many years prior to this fiasco, number two for him, thompson was on extremely weak footing and shaky ground when it came to early Turkish Village rugs and his opening his mouth to hype this fragment should be all the proof anyone else needs.

By the way, and while were on it, alan marcuson, like thompson and dodds, quite falsely and absurdly enjoys a sterling reputation in rugDUMB.

His reputation, like theirs, is so entirely unwarranted it is nothing but a joke of huge proportions.

Mr mark-up-some as he used to be lovingly referred to by a number of English old timer rug-men, has been bankrupt several times and each time left a number of innocent and honest folks holding the bag for his greed and mistakes.

His tenure as halis editor is an interesting story RK knows quite a bit about and might, someday, delve into but for now and brevitys sake lets just say his employment came to an abrupt end when marcuson finally was shown the door by halis former owners after his outrageous demands were inevitably seen as a last straw.

And then, of course, theres cloudband.com another notch in marcusons collection of bankruptcies and disasters.

Mind you the disaster was far more for those who believed in, and trusted, him than for marcuson himself, which is typical for those who put their faith in, and money behind, a user/abuser like mr marcuson.

The old saying birds of a feather flock together might be appropriate when mentioning alan marcuson and jon thompson in the same breath.

RugDUMBcan be glad marcuson is gone off the scene, probably for good, and while thompson is still lumbering around, and being afforded kingly status, RK harbors the thought he too will eventually come face to face with his Rubicon and, like marcuson, proverbially drown while trying trying to make his way across what hopefully will be his final frontier.

Not too many people have been able to walk on water and while rugDUMBseems to believe a thompson, a marcuson or a dodds can RK knows different.

And so should you, nest ce pas?

End of Part 7

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