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Author:Michael Raysson
email: [email protected]
Sat, Jan 16th, 2010 09:16:32 AM
Topic: The more things change
the more they remain

Two things are obvious: 1. You have formidable knowledge and experience on and about oriental rugs. 2.You are wasting your time ranting and raving about other people's lack of the above.

Research shows that people have been scamming other people about oriental rugs as far as anyone can remember (I am joking about "research", so don't call me on that.) In most people's minds, car dealers and rug dealers are synonymous with bullshit.

Are you expecting them to change all of a sudden? If so and so cheated some institution, it shows only that he is really good at the game.

The institution is expected to be smart enough to have experts who can judge what is real and what is not. (This is not excusing behavior, by the way. And it is not excusing the fact that innocent people may have been hornswoggled into spending good money.)

But rug dealers have hornswoggled innocent people forever (almost).

Everyone in "Rugdom" is dealing with these people.

Their businesses depend on keeping things on an even keel. No way are they going to change that. You should understand this.

As the Serenity Prayer states: ""God grant me the courage to change the things I can, to accept the things I can't and the wisdom to know the difference"

Please continue to write about oriental rugs. Don't worry if everyone is an idiot or not.

Thank you.

Author: jc
Sat, Jan 16th, 2010 09:16:32 AM

Greetings Michael:

Sorry for the late reply but we did not see it until today when a good friend pointed it out.

You points are well made and said


history, not in rugDUMB by the way, proves when dishonesty goes unheralded it continues
when it is exposed that exposure often has two effects:

1. it stops the individual from further dishonesty

2. as well as stops others who, prior to the exposure, thought they might get away with similar activity

Exposure also leads to prosecution.

You mention so and so who cheated an institution -- are you afraid to name dennis dodds as the cheat and dishonest perpetrator?

If so why? dodds has been proven by our exposure to positively and beyond ANY shadow of doubt to have cheated LACMA, to have lied, and to have been completely duplicitous in the sale.

Plus the fact the buyer, in this case not the museum but a group of independent benefactors acting on the specious information provided by the museum, surely can not be blamed. That information came from dodds, by the way.

Your inference is completely unwarranted -- if you leave your wallet in your car and lock the door and a thief breaks your window and steals your wallet would you blame yourself? or the thief?

This analogy is apt in dodds's case -- dale gluckman, the now out of work former curator, approached dodds and asked him to find her a fantastic early rug -- he said, according to RK's conversation with gluckman, I have just the piece for you -- it has been in my private collection for years, never publicly offered, it is 16th century and a masterpiece of its type.

Gluckman then sent pictures of the rug to jon thompson, louise mackie and Walter Denny.

All three told her to go ahead with the deal, they assured her the rug was what dodds claimed.

So how could you, or anyone, blame the museum when dodds is totally and absolutely at fault?

Also, please remember dodds is not an unknown quantity -- he is not a bedroom dealer or a small time dealer.

He is the president of the largest and most well known organization in rugDUMB, he has been awarded numerous 'awards', and his 'reputation' is excellent.

So how could any responsibility be placed on the museum?

Fact is all of dodd's reputation, awards and notariety are as fake and phony as the late genre period reproduction/revival 'bellini' rug he pawned off on the museum's benefactors.

This is the fact.

Lastly had a significant amount of rugDUMB's population written to the museum to complain about what dodds did and to voice their displeasure at his actions and rebuke him for them -- trust RK -- the museum would have moved against him and tried to rescind the sale.

But because all of you, and you too Michael, kept your mouths shut dodds got away with his thievery and dishonesty.

RK was the ONLY person to speak up, and speak up with authority and fact we did, and will continue to.

So, sir, the fault is not LACMA's, the fault is yours and everyone else in rugDUMB who is/was too lazy, too scared and yes too stupid to right a grievous wrong.

By the way should dozens of letters arrive on Michael Govan's, the new director at LACMA, desk next week, RK is sure something would happen, and those letters would NOT be thrown away; those letters would start a ball rolling down the hill in dodds's direction.

This is also something you can trust.

Have a nice day.

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