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aka "not-novice"
Sat, Dec 19th, 2009 03:27:45 AM
Topic: To "newbie"
aka "not-novice"

RK just had our webman check our logs because RK has harbored the idea you have written in here before.

And, yes, RK was right, you have.

IP addresses don't lie, unless there are proxies used and you have not done that.

RK knows you are posting from, or near, Dallas Texas USA and we also know you used the anonymousey name "newbie" when you chimed in here before.

Here's what you wrote, which by the way is still where you wrote it:

"Dear RK, I'm not a rug dealer, I've never been in a dealer fair, you and I don't know each other.

I'm new to rugs and thought you would be able to help me see the things that make it possible to know when soumak bags were made.

But you got all huffy when I asked, you are collector 1 in your story. I'm sorry I bothered you."

RK knew, from the get-go, you are nothing but a sham, a liar, a rug arsehole, and a piece of shit.

Trust us we are on your ass now, motherfucker, and when you feel our hot breath on your neck and our hand on your shoulder, let's see how big and tough your words are then.

Author: jc
Sat, Dec 19th, 2009 03:27:45 AM

Yesterday, after digging deeper into our logs we discovered not only did you write in here as "newbie" but you also wrote the disgustingly rancid posts authored by "boo hoo, poor jack the world is so against you". Those posts, which are verbatim below, appeared in the "Golden Goose Belouch" thread.

Here is what you wrote:

Jack, this latest temper-tantrum only goes to prove what we thought of you all along. You are a pathetic brat who will scream bloody murder at any perceived slight, however paranoid, but are too self-obsessed and pathological to recognize your own clear hypocrisy. Looks like the only decent thing your mother ever taught you was how to take a dick. Hope it serves you well because it is the only biz you seem to be getting. Time to practice a little self-reflection. Tonight when you are down on your knees taking some strangers load down your throat try this mantra I am my own worst enemy.

And then you followed it up with this:

"Jack, the issue is not where you chose to put your dick as you state but rather how little money is required for you to take one. You dont remember publicly declaring (or rather boasting) how youve had to sell your body? We do. You should be thankful that anyone would want it. Guess it is priced to sell. So do you choose to prostitute yourself because you have discovered man-spunk to be a good macrobiotic protein source? We digress. The fact of the matter is that you are unable to reasonably and rationally assess your own behavior and are completely dishonest about your motivations as the above episode demonstrates. You are a cheat and a parasite and an uneducated ignoramus. Your projection of these traits onto others as well as any notion of others having fantasies concerning you is yet more evidence of your pathology. Pucker up, whore and dont let lifes door hit you in the ass on the way out."

We are in the process of exploring/getting a court subpoena to force your internet provider to release your personal information.

As soon as we have gotten this we will drag you into a criminal court of law, if possible, or should that not come to pass we will bring civil suit against you.

The jig is up asshole and if you have any brains you will email us, jc at rugkazbah dot com, and beg our forgiveness.

You are obviously a sick individual who has pushed the envelope way too far. Not to say destroyed any possibility you are anything but a chicken-shit little man who has used our discussion board to prove this in spades.

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