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Wed, Dec 9th, 2009 10:03:59 PM
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On Saturday, December 5, 2009, thompson gave a talk about the second Ardabil carpet, which was sold to JP Getty and then donated to lacma.

When RK heard thompson had been invited to lacma to do anything other than beg their forgiveness for having idiotically vetted dodds's bogus "bellini" as a 16th century masterpiece, rather than the revival/reproduction furnishing carpet RK has claimed and proven it is, smoke started pouring out of our ears.

The fact anyone at lacma would allow thompson even into the museum after he bought a ticket, let alone fete him like he was royalty, is not only an insult to intelligence, it is an insult to anything called fair play in the art world.

Sure, sure lacma wants to hide the fraudulent sale dodds made so as to prevent the lack of due diligence the museum's representatives are clearly and demonstrably guilty of, as well as to hide their failures in fiduciary duty and responsibility to the donors who put up the $250,000 to buy dodds's late genre period reproducton/revival copy of a genuine mid-16th century "bellini".

RK hired an actor and a videographer and sent them to the talk, and during the Q&A the actor asked thompson some pertinent questions and, of course, the videographer recorded it.

We are now in the process of editing the footage might soon decided to put it online for all to see.

We are also considering releasing, again for all to see, some additional information we have, until now, kept private.

RK has lobbied lacma to sponsor a symposium about the "bellini" and to invite us and anyone else they wish to discuss this "controversial" carpet and its even more controversial purchase.

So far the lacma has refused.

RK hopes the museum and its directorate will now carefully weigh the pros and cons of such a symposium and, in light of all that has gone down around the dodds rug purchase, finally argree that airing this in public will satisfy their responsibilities to their donors, their public and all of those interested parties who appreciate and collect antique oriental rugs.

So stay tuned here for any news, which RK hopes will be soon forthcoming...

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