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Thu, Dec 3rd, 2009 11:30:56 PM
Topic: To "mynamedoesnotmatter"

OK bigtime here's your chance to dance.

When you open your mouth you may believe flower-scented words of wisdom drop from your lips but, and this is RK reality speaking, actually only fetid, swamp gas is all we can sense. And we're sure we ain't alone.

You scribbled the following about RK:

"...people will remember you in the context of hilarious stories and as someone who really was quite brilliant and often right."

So RK is now calling your four-flush bluff, big-mouth -- Why dont'cha recount some of those alleged "hilarious stories" and regale RK's audience with them.

But before you do remember recounting untruth is as criminal as originating it.

So careful, careful here big time...

And one last comment -- RK is positive you know absolutely nothing about us first-hand, and what you do know is nothing but half-baked second-hand bullshit innuendo.

So squeek up and prove us wrong, or just go get lost and prove us right.

Author: doesntmatter
Thu, Dec 3rd, 2009 11:30:56 PM

What a fake piece of lying crap you are.

We mentioned St. Paul and you folded up your pup tent like a snake-oil merchant who got the inkling the town sheriff was coming to get him.

We have countered every bogus, immaterial accusation you levied against us and in the process made you look like all the other RK bashers who traipse in here believing their puny debating skills and slanderous tactics will put RK down.

However, they soon realize RK's no fool and after being on the receiving end of our pen and feeling the gentle pressure of our hand on their jugular wimp off just like you have now done.

Good riddens to you, schmuck, and here's a last bit of advice for you: Next time you try and tame the tiger make sure you can tell the difference between his sabre-tooth filled mouth and his fur covered butt.

After all you might just get away with sticking your head up the latter but, and here's the error you and all the other bashers have made, when you mistake our furry mustache for the fur covering the former you end up just where a two-bit Tarzan like you belongs -- as our next meal.


Mr. Cassin-

You asked: "How's the weather in ST.PAUL tonight?"

St. Paul, MN? Allow me to direct your attention to: http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USMN0664?lswe=Saint Paul, MN, UNITED STATES&from=searchbox_typeahead.

As I have said and learned what I needed to, I will now leave this conversation. I encourage you to continue to fight the good fight, but I can only discourage you from continuing to use self-defeating tactics and language. Of course, given that you do not perceive your ways as being problematic, you cannot and will not change. Ah well, things could be worse. You could have been destined to be ignorant, and/or apathetic, and/or dishonest.

Why not be happy and rejoice in sharing your gifts? After all, you (as I) will be dead soon enough.

Author: doesntmatter
Thu, Dec 3rd, 2009 04:23:31 PM

Listen up, pup

Again you play the petulant child, who when told to eat his spinach (cause it's good for him) pushes it away or throws it on the floor.

Do you really think RK cares if you "call" someone to prod them to do something.

What kind of chump are you -- go do it yourself.

So while you state "we" have come full circle, all RK sees is a singular circle jerk where you are the both the participant and viewer.

Only an idiot of immense proportions, like you, would believe different or that there is/was any "we" here.

As we wrote earlier you are nothing but a (semi-erudite) pest; but an RK basher nonetheless who does it with less incendiary words but in the final analysis is here only to try and target us.

So go circle-jerk with dodds, thompson, that gender-challenged and confused pair -- the publisher and editor of hali--, or anyone else you might fancy.

RK has tried to be fair with you, we have given you more than the benefit of doubt and, at every turn, you have abused that courtesy by continuing your whining and finger-pointing.

We will, should you not heed our request, up the ante...

Remember posting here, or even reading RugKazbah.com, is a privilege not a right.

PS: How's the weather in ST.PAUL tonight?


Mr. Cassin-

You wrote: "First get off your ass and contact any and everyone you can in rugDUMB and voice your opinions in private and in public."

I may well call some people to gently suggest that they consider voicing their concerns on L'affaire Dobbs/LACMA (that is, of course, if they both: are concerned, and, have not yet acted). I began thinking of doing such before reading the above from you. Interestingly, being commanded by you to do something I was already inclined to makes it less likely that I will do it. The reason is as I stated in my first note to you on this topic (at http://www.rugkazbah.com/boards/records.php?id=1855&refnum=1855). There, I wrote (in part):

"Many who might agree with the thrust of some (or most, or even all) of your assesments might be sheepish about stating so in public for fear that, in so doing, the personal revulsion many have for you would accrete to themselves. One might well think that by taking up the mantle against scoundrels in the way that you have, you are actually letting them off the hook because no one else wants to appear as if they are joining a Jack Cassin cause."

We have come full circle, though not without some fun, eh?

You (in part) closed with: "The most successful "revolutions" are not bloody or fought on the physical plane -- they are fought and won on an intellectual and spiritual battlefield."


Author: doesntmatter
Thu, Dec 3rd, 2009 01:54:20 AM

Using the carrot or the whip is always the choice a driver faces.

In RK's world we recognize the advantages, and the disadvantages, of both means of getting the horse moving and keeping him going.

Since RK's long standing efforts (which mind you were initiated with carrots) to right the serious wrongs in rugDUMB were met with silence, vilification and contempt we then resorted to the whip.

And since we have returned to writing here after our long hiatus we have upped the ante.

So here's some advice for you, if you really are genuinely interested in trying to right those wrongs.

First get off your ass and contact any and everyone you can in rugDUMB and voice your opinions in private and in public.

On the acor website there is a list of "rug societies" and RK suggests you call or email every last one of their representatives to complain about THEIR silence.

Then write to LACMA, dodds, thompson, hali, etc, etc.

Also we might suggest contributing to the several other websites that are oriented around rugs and rug collecting.

We also you suggest you email us privately -- RK at rugkazbah dot com -- and let's see how we can improve rugDUMB's miserable state.

By the way: During the Revolutionary War, at a maximum, only 5% of the population actully did something -- like picking up a rifle to defend their country against the colonialism of England or to overtly support those that did.

One last word: The most successful "revolutions" are not bloody or fought on the physical plane -- they are fought and won on an intellectual and spiritual battlefield.

And sadly, there are few that have ever succeeded, whether fought with ideas or bombs...don't forget that.


Mr. Cassin-

Evidently thinking it had something to do with my stating that I have heard hilarious stories involving you, you wrote: "To then prevent RK from making larger in-roads franses started spreading these stupid rumors and gossip about us -- we were a homo, we were a drug addict, we were a pimp -- unbelievable bullshit but it worked."

Your unexpectedly volunteering the information that you are neither homosexual, nor drug addicted, nor whoremonger leaves me at somewhat of a loss as to how to respond. As there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, "congratulations" isn't appropriate. I have not (till now) heard of such rumors, and certainly don't consider those kinds of things fodder for hilarity. Enough said?

You close with: "Silence is consent and since not one warm body in rugDUMB has done anything other than consent to what is happening you all deserve much worse than the tongue-lashing RK has administers."

I would be dismayed and disappointed if it were the case that the community of those who appreciate rugs and textiles as Art has been largely silent on the Dodds/LACMA fiasco. I could also understand such a state of affairs leading a passionate individual such as yourself to be furious, perhaps even indignant. I suspect you are wrong in your appraisal of this one aspect of the matter, but as I do not read HALI, and as I am not in regular contact with members of the community of rug and textile appreciators, there is no way for me to be certain on this point. Be that as it may, I am in sympathy with the proposition that silence is a form of consent. Therefor, I will begin putting together (for myself) a list of individuals and institutions that I will write with my concerns on this matter.

Author: doesntmatter(thoughamnotLegalEagle)
Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009 06:03:54 PM

RK knows what's up and frankly, sir/madam, the fact you claimed to know hilarious stories about us but when pressed had nothing to say first-hand doesn't surprise us, it is par for the course.

Might RK clue you in to the fact all those who allegedly have such stories, like you formerly claimed, are just like you in the fact what they know only worthless innuendo at best, and at worse only complete bullshit.

RK is bored of being skewered by one-eyed midgets, whose flapping jaws recount and relate "hilarious stories" that are nothing but lies and crapola.

This discussion board has been online for years and in that time others have, again like you, claimed to know all about RK and all the supposedly heinous and dastardly things we have done.

What a bunch liars, and an even bigger bunch of gullible suckers who are so afraid of truth and fact they are willing to shoot the messenger before even knowing who or what that messenger is.

Let RK also clue you into another piece of reality: the original RK basher is none other than michael, little lord, franses who became so concerned that RK had moved from NY to London in 1978/9, and in the process learned much about the London rug world, that franses started shitting in his cheap pants.

To then prevent RK from making larger in-roads franses started spreading these stupid rumors and gossip about us -- we were a homo, we were a drug addict, we were a pimp -- unbelievable bullshit but it worked.

And do you know why?

Simple because RK decided not to try and prove to anyone how fallacious and stupid these rumors were.

Big mistake that RK has not repeated, and that's why when the internet came along RK carved out our niche and started dishing back.

But we dished back fact, not slander and defamation like little lord franses's piss-poor morals and puny intellect allowed him to perpetrate.

Naturally the story is more complex than this brief encapsulation.

For instance, franses then enlisted the help of a well-known German rug dealer, and a somewhat less well-known Austrian one, who soon joined forces with him to prevent RK's interests in doing rug business in those countries from blossoming.

So, in fact, alot of the original defamatory bullshit franses started is still today being passed around by ruggies, like you, who know more about their mailman than they do RK.

We should also mention the long line of rug dealers who have used our friendship as a one-way street, and even worse used it to cheat and thieve from us.

When RK likes someone we trust those we like but, as soon as we learn of their thieving and cheating agenda, we read them the riot act, get back what they took if possible, and walk never talking or dealing with them again.

Just like that moke, paul romero, who agreed to pay for our help and expertise but then, when it came time to pay up, tried to bamboozle us.

Sure in his case a few hundred is not a big thing but his disavowal of his word and promise is.

The rug business, like any other business, is full of small-minded arseholes, cheats and petty con men and trust us we have had run-ins with almost all of them.

Naturally, just like a woman scorned, a thief caught in the act and busted becomes an enemy.

And because RK will not work with or fraternize with:

petty thieves(like romero),

larger ones like dodds,

or the types of low-level petty thieves and con-man rugDUMB spawns like salmon in the spring, like a frauenknecht,

these and other equally a sleazy and immoral douche-bag garbage have spread more stories that are equally as ridiculous and absurd as those franses started spinning 25 plus years ago.

NB: By recounting this RK is not looking for sympathy or a crying-towel, far from it.

After reading your email, and several others that have littered our discussion board recently, we decided it might be time to briefly reveal the underlying facts of how and why RK became the big bad boogie man to a bunch of ignorant, gullible slobs who are too lazy and stupid to understand what we do, and why we do it.

Remember what we wrote the other day: It is far easier to chuck insults at RK than to act on the facts of our positions let alone drain the swamp called rugDUMB that is led by:

1. cheats and liars like dodds;

2. pompous over-arched allegedly "renown" experts like thompson;

3. stuffed-shirt big talk no walk arseholes like bruce baganz the chairman of the board of the textile museum;

4. do nothing academics like dan walker;

5. dumbass publishers and editors like those who now fly their flags on hali's masthead;

6. know-nothing schmucks like tom hubbard and the rest of acor's board;

7. see no evil, hear no evil, speak mealy-mouthed bullshit like 90 plus percent of the international board of icoc.

So, mynamedoesntmatter, RK is saving the best for last, and for you:

The contempt we hold for those mentioned above, and others we have not bothered to enumerate, is not quite as great as the contempt and disgust we harbor for all you nameless, chicken-shit, stooges who have not only allowed this situation to happen but, even worse now that RK has exposed so much for all to see, remained silent.

Or, and this is truly unfathomable, for those of you who play the shoot the messenger game and accuse RK of such unimaginable crimes and acts against rugDUMB instead of taking aim at the true culprits.

Dont forget -- Silence is consent and since not one warm body in rugDUMB has done anything other than consent to what is happening you all deserve much worse than the tongue-lashing RK has administers.


Mr. Cassin-

You wrote: "Why dont'cha recount some of those alleged "hilarious stories" and regale RK's audience with them. You also wrote: "RK is positive you know absolutely nothing about us first-hand, and what you do know is nothing but half-baked second-hand bullshit innuendo."

You are correct in that the hilarious stories I refered to are ones that I have been told by others. I have only one semi-hilarious one to relate, but I generally prefer discussing ideas rather than character or characters. That being said, I like a good laugh as well as anybody and I expect, people being people (with I one of them), that there are many more stories about you that others will regale me with as time goes on. Other than the semi-hilarious one that I can attest to, I don't know for certain that any of the others are true. But, then again, I have never said that they are.

I do believe that I know two things about you. One is that you have contributed in an important way to the appreciation of rugs and textiles as true Art. The other is not positive and thus I feel no desire to state it for you or followers of this site. In any event, it is rather obvious.

Author: LegalEagle
Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009 06:19:56 AM

Hey Legal (B)eagle:

Go lift your leg somewhere else, chump.

1. Should RK prosecute anyone for slander we have many options open for legal remedy.

2. Since RK has a business, buying and selling historic weaving, and let's say for arguments sake that defamation interferes with our business we will have other legal remedy -- like business interference -- not just slander to base our action.

3. Slander, when done wantonly, can be considered a criminal offense, especially when the slanderer knows full well of the falsehood of the slander and has been notified and warned.

4. Clearly you know little about the law and most probably, since you clearly are an RK basher, know little to nothing about historic rugs.

5. Your posting anonymously tells reams about your courage, intellect and honesty.

6. The above need not have been part of our reply -- actually we just should have told you to go piss in your shoes and shut the fuck up, as your premise is as stupid a post as we have seen for a long while.

So put you mind to rest, enjoy that warm wet feeling in your shoes and get lost.

Nuff said? Or would you like Round 2?


RK Because you can control the content on this site, you are legally responsible for defamation on it no matter who wrote it. Defamation is civil, not criminal. Go sue yourself.

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