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Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009 09:24:05 AM
Topic: thompson the impostor

Like dodds, dr jon thompson uses his degree, in his case an MD and in dodds's presumably post-graduate studies in architecture, to impress the unknowing in rugDUMB.

And rugDUMB never honestly sees those degrees as being completely unrelated to their high profile and highly unwarranted status in rugDUMB.

Like dodds, thompson is accorded almost royal treatment in rugDUMB.


Well let's just say because of rugDUMB's extreme lack of qualified and accredited scholars and researchers poseurs like dodds and thompson are elevated to completely undue heights of respect by default.

Fact is dodds has never done a damn thing scholastically to deserve any respect and thompson's one and only great achievement -- the identification of "S" group Turkmen weavings -- is now as old, tired and thread-bare as the upholstery in a 1934 unrestored model T with 1,000,000 miles on its speedometer.

Everything else dr jon thompson has done in rugDUMB has either been proven questionable, if not completely specious, or of a totally commercial nature, with little or no lasting redeeming value or import.

Sure thompson is a glib writer and speaker but besides his delivery the content is often nothing but restatement of already well known aspects of oriental carpet making.

Let's give honor and respect where it is due and forgo praising those, like thompson and dodds just to mention a few of rugDUMB's bogus stars, who actually deserve to be treated not as royalty but as the carpet-bagger impostors they truly are.

Author: doesntmatter
Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009 09:24:05 AM

Hey Shit-head

With friends like you who needs Osama bin Laden?

"Help and comfort" RK?

Is this what the pea-sized brain you possess believes might "help or comfort" us?

What a self-possessed moron you are.

We know what your IP location is and have a pretty good idea who you are. But frankly since you are a typical RK poster-boy basher knowing exactly who you are is unimportant and immaterial.

Fact is, Siberian, if 50 or 100 letters of complaint and protest reached the desks of thompson, dodds, michael govan(LACMA's present director who got the position when andrea rich left), or sharon takeda, the present LACMA curator in charge of the costume and textile dept, we would see action.

Even if those letters were sent to those schmucks at hali --trust us something would happen.

But SILENCE IS CONSENT and yours and everyone else's in rugDUMB has allowed dodds to get away with the fraud and allowed LACMA to cover it up to save anyone knowing their failures of due diligence and fiduciary responsibility.

It's a simple equation but as simple as it is for rugDUMB to admit dodds is a cheat and a thief, an even simplier one is the defame and denigrate RK.

So please do us a favor and get lost. You are nothing but another low-level irritant wasting our time with your own inabilities to perceive truth and, of course, to then act on it.

And speaking of "being better than you are" who the fuck do you think you are talking to, arsehole.

Go be better than you have proven yourself to be, shit-head, and quit throwing up your stupid self-inflated fantasies of who and what you are, or what you think RK might be, on RK's turf.

Hope that's patently clear enough for you now.


Mr. Cassin:

You wrote: "Go write a letter to LACMA. Go write a letter to dodds. Go write a letter to thompson. Go write a letter to hali."

Nothing wrong with those suggestions but all those parties already know the score with L'affaire Dodds/LACMA. I think that shunning Dodds (and the unprofessional vetters if one is so disposed), and terminating one's relationship(s) with HALI and LACMA would be more powerful and effective messages.

You close with: Go get lost in the Siberia you inhabit, anonymouse --enough squeeky, squeek from you."

Having concluded that you do not aspire to be any better than you are, I will not try again to help or comfort you.

Author: mynamedoesnotmatter
Tue, Dec 1st, 2009 08:54:38 PM

Your back-handed compliments are not appreciated, nor are they even worthy of our reply. So instead here's some advice:

Go write a letter to LACMA.

Go write a letter to dodds.

Go write a letter to thompson.

Go write a letter to hali.

Go write a letter to yourself and quit littering RugKazbah.com's discussion board with your flap-jawed nonsense.

As far as we can see you are nothing but another RK basher, and a rather typical one at that.

Like all RK bashers, you are too scared to post with your name.

And likewise what you do write is trite, obviously tainted and boringly droll.

And we could care less about hearing more of your pedestrian opinions and holier-than-thou stance.

Go get lost in the Siberia you inhabit, anonymouse --enough squeeky, squeek from you.


Mr. Cassin:You wrote: "Pointing your finger at RK, instead of dodds or thompson for example, is obviously nothing more than more of the same.... it indelibly strikes us as proving how atrophied and destroyed rugDUMB's, and yes your, thoughts and perceptions truly are."--------------------------------I wonder if the situation is as bad as you think it to be? There can be no doubt that the publisher and the editors of HALI are hopelessly conflicted and that none can (or should) take it as a serious or rigorous publication. I can assure you that you and I are not the only ones who know this. Likewise, I belive that most anyone paying attention understands L'affaire Dodds/LACMA. My few conversations on the matter lead me to believe that the secret is that there is no secret whatsoever. There is a particular hell for people of conscience who have very publicly dishonored themselves. My sole point is that by providing distraction in the form of ranting soliliquy, you are very likely (undoubtedly counter to what you would wish) lowering the temperature of that hell. Be patient (of course, you will not, cannot, be). The truth will out. You might take comfort in the notion that it shouldn't be very long after you die that people will remember you in the context of hilarious stories and as someone who really was quite brilliant and often right. Things could be worse.

Author: doesntmatter
Tue, Dec 1st, 2009 02:02:58 AM


Your post and its contents are timely, perhaps more so than you could possibly realize.

While RK recognizes truth is truth -- and speaking of "doesn't matter" (the anonymous "name" you gave yourself) -- it really "doesn't matter" by who or how truth is expressed, for the message (truth) has nothing to do with the messenger.

Now in a perfect world that would be 100 percent the case. But we all recognize we do not live in a perfect world, far far from it.

After this little preamble let's now get to the point:

1. While RK is first to admit our dislike of a nice "bedside manner", or our penchant not to humor fools and worse, we did not come into any of the situations or issues we have written about with guns blazing.

We have never done that -- we have expressed our opinions and when those opinions were ignored or criticized with slander, defamation and innuendo naturally we upped the ante.

2. The situations and issues RK has championed remain intact and as true as they were originally now years later.

Sure the reasons you claim -- no one wants to stand next to big bad JC -- are true but are they real? And do they make sense?

Doubt it, and we doubt it sincerely -- perhaps you know the Henrik Ibsen play "Enemy of the People" that RK has referrred to in the past?

In that drama Ibsen tells of a truth sayer who, on account of the truth he exposes, becomes a threat to the mayor and council members in a small town in Sweden.

First the truth sayer is told by the town's council and mayor to keep quiet. When he refuses, he is then threatened.

When the threats do not deter him, eventually he is thrown out of the town on the basis of false charges lodged against him by the mayor and council.

Whistle blowers, truth sayers and those whose opinions differ from their rulers are often marginalized by various devious means to keep their message contained.

RK has been in this position long before we started to write on the internet.

We have been stirring up rugDUMB's complacency and stupidity with truth and fact since the early 1980's.

Again we readily admit we have increased our pressure during these long years and at the point we are now RK doesn't give a flying fuck that people don't like our tone. Piss-off is all RK can say to anyone who raises this false flag -- remember its the message not the messenger, stupid.

3. So now as for anyone, like yourself, to post here with the cry-baby BS that it's our fault no one wants to join in, RK can only remark wake up and get real.

When we were silent nothing changed.

When we spoke up and did it politely and professionally nothing happened.

So how can you criticize us for now speaking up more forcefully and demonstrably and still having nothing happen?

The reason you ascribe as to why no one joins in, even when they know our position is correct, is not exactly correct but you are close.

That reason is because rugDUMB is too insecure in itself to ever take a chance to show anything different.

Everyone in rugDUMB knows dodds cheated LACMA.

Everyone in rugDUMB knows thompson's Imreli theory was complete nonsense unsupported by anything other than his "position".

We could demonstrate other highly questionable actions by these two carpet-bagging poseurs, and others as well, but to no avail.

While we appreciate the professional tenor and tone of your post, we do not appreciate the outrageous fallacies inherent in it being passed off as fact.

So not to beat that dead horse: we find the central fallacy, the very premise of your post -- that it is RK manner that destroys his message -- as nothing but a meaningless excuse to exonerate yourself, and anyone else who knows RK speaks truth, from acting on that truth.

Frankly, sir/madam, your position is untenable; it demonstrates exactly what we have railed about for years.

It surely doesn't demonstrate RK is wrong, and that, sir/madam is the issue.

Remember it is far easier to shoot the messenger than it is to not only take the message to heart but, and here's the gold-ring prize, to act on that message and change what is wrong.

Slagging RK whether it is done politely or impolitely for speaking up, and then ignoring our message while all the time acting all pompous and goody-two-shoes as you sir/madam have done, is nothing but more rugDUMB BS.

So while you're still busy patting yourself on the back for your post, and its de rigeur position that we've heard far more than once, let RK present a get real moment for you:

Pointing your finger at RK, instead of dodds or thompson for example, is obviously nothing more than more of the same.

And at this point in time we are not only bored to abstraction with hearing it but, more so, it indelibly strikes us as proving how atrophied and destroyed rugDUMB's, and yes your, thoughts and perceptions truly are.


Mr. Cassin-

You have made it clear which well known figures, organizations, and publications in the rug world you disrespect. Many who might agree with the thrust of some (or most, or even all) of your assesments might be sheepish about stating so in public for fear that, in so doing, the personal revulsion many have for you would accrete to themselves. One might well think that by taking up the mantle against scoundrels in the way that you have, you are actually letting them off the hook because no one else wants to appear as if they are joining a Jack Cassin cause.

There is more than an element of tragedy in all this. What good is it to speak truth if it is done in such an ugly way that no one wants to admit listening to it? There is so much in the way of knowledge and ideas that you have to offer. Can you not find a way to do so constructively? Alas, at this late date, there can be little doubt as to the answer to that question.

Wishing you were better than you are...

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