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Try airport-art Konya
Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 01:41:10 PM
Topic: "Karapinar"?
Try airport-art Konya

RK has written convincingly about what we have called the myth of Karapinar.

In that process we have demolished the idea the village of Karapinar, in central Anatolia, was a (prosperous) weaving center prior to the later part of the 19th century.

Fact is this village, Karapinar, was, before then, nothing but a sleepy, poor backwater that could not have possibly been home to the production of the multitude of rugs now considered by most in rugDUMB to have been produced in its environs.

We suggest readers review our post the myth of Karapinar in our Best of RK topic area.

It is clear from doddss offer, shown below, that he has not read our research, which does not surprise us as dodds is a proven rug-ignorant and a prime example of what RK calls rugDUMB.

Below is that offer -- a mediocre example of a rug made in the Konya vicinity incorrectly called karapinar by mr. dodds, a proven rug-cheat and thief.

Its clear dodds has hung the karapinar appellation on this rug in the hopes of disguising its mediocrity with that dazzlingly enticing sobriquet.

Frankly nothing, even spraying painting karapinar goo-goo dust on it, could lift this rugs pedestrian qualities to even beginning collector quality, let alone the heights dodds, the fabricator, has attempted to advertise.

Heres the short sales-spiel dodds includes with his online offer of a rug RK wouldnt let our dog, Bozwell, sleep on:

Rug-idiot dodds states:

Classic Karapinar lph (ed. large pattern holbein) octagon rug with strong graphic presence, c. 1825-50, or earlier

Calling this rug a classic is nothing but a transparent ploy, worthless words meant to deceive and trick a neophyte rug collector; words no seasoned experienced one would credence, let alone open one's wallet for.

However his next breath comparison to large pattern holbein rugs of the 15th and 16th centuries is so preposterous, even a carpet-bRagging clown like dodds should realize its absurdity.

The "karapinar" he is virtually peddling has absolutely no association with earlier large pattern holbein pieces, but in dodd's greedy and twisted world of rug-salesmanship any ploy, no matter how far-reaching, is played.

Such a comparison is laughable and ludicrous. It can not help but remind RK of the now proven inflated deception, lies and hype dodds used in 2004 to pawn off the late, genre period, reproduction/revival bellini off on the Los Angeles County Art Museum's (LACMA) "collector's committee".

RK has made it perfectly clear how rugDUMBs turning its blind eyes to that fiasco and fraud has empowered doods into believing he is above critique and criticism.

Far from it really; but as time goes on and no one fingers dodds for his fraudulent actions he continues to feel immune, and goes about his devious and duplicitous modus operandi.

Witness his attempt to sell pieces like this late 19th century piece of airport-art Konya weaving as a genuine, and important "Karapinar" collectors piece.

RugDUMB seriously needs to assess its priorities, and do it post haste before dodds singlehandedly destroys any remaining credibility rug studies might have now, or might have once possessed.

From the presents sad and regrettable look of things RK would have to surmise rugDUMB and captain dodds will all go down with the listing, sinking ship of stowaway clowns and fools -- a Titanic RK has called rugDUMB for many years now.

Author: jc
Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 01:41:10 PM

dennis dodds is nothing but a petty-sneak thief who preys on unsuspecting rug collectors that fall for the phony awards and accolades he has rung up over the last 25 years as a poster boy for rugDUMB.

RK has used fact and truth to disparage and destroy dodds's alleged reputation as a rug-expert and honest-broker, as well as to demonstrate and prove the half-truths, exaggerations, mis-statements and, yes, lies and deceit dodds has used and continues to use in his gamesmanship rug-sales.

Calling this piece of Turkish late 19th century airport-art a "classic karapinar" with "strong graphic presence" is nothing but pure and unadulterated bullshit.

It's a poorly designed copy, a flaccid and boring attempt to reproduce an earlier rug that could fit dodds's exaggerated description. Even a rug-wimp clown like dodds knows this, yet he continues on his merry way, bilking anyone stupid enough to fall into his greasy venus-fly trap of a gallery, because rugDUMB is too DUMB to stop him.

Granted dodds's kiting the non-existent virtues of this rug is not as big as a deception as calling his bogus "bellini" a "1550" "museum worthy" "masterpiece of its type" but it is just as specious and dishonest a ploy.

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