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Fri, Nov 27th, 2009 07:09:55 AM
Topic: big talk, no walk

Throwing ridiculous false epithets, absurd name-calling and even resorting to branding RK a homosexual prostitute, let alone implying that RK is someone of that persuasion, takes the cake for malfeasant stupidity in rugDUMB.

We have seen it before, and expect to see it again.

However this does not mean we will ignore such behaviour, especially from some chicken-shit nobody who is too scared to try and denigrate us face-to-face and instead attempted to do it from a position of anonymity.

Well, the internet might seem anonymous but it surely isn't, and we already have backfield-in-motion to identify the person(s) who littered our discussion board with those filthy and ridiculously defamatory accusations.

One thing is sure: Should anyone attempt to continue on this slanderous course RK will pursue and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law for any violation.

The fact RK is vilified and hated by a group of ignorant pissants for speaking truth, honestly and without any hidden agenda, demonstrates for all to see how stupid and corrupt rugDUMB truly is.

So, rugDUMBers, go eat those words with your left-over hormone-laden "turkey", genetically modified soy laden stuffing, and artificially enhanced and flavored cranberry sauce, you bunch of dumbass cowardly fools...

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