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Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 11:28:35 AM
Topic: $5K offer still on

RK's offer, made long ago but never rescinded by us or accepted by dodds, to PAY dennis dodds five thousand dollars to meet us as enumerated below is still on.

Why hasn't dodds taken us up on it?

Because even he is smart enough to know we have all the evidence and proof necessary to demonstrate his thievery and lies.

He also knows his arguments about the "bellini" are piss-poor dealer patter that could never be believed by anyone other than the most naive.

We also now make that offer to thompson -- if he meets us on a stage as described above we will be glad to pay him 5k$ to attend a RK lesson in determining a genuine circa 1550 "bellini" from a late genre period one like the one thompson vetted for Dale Gluckman, the trusting now unemployed curator who believed and her believing thompson cost her job.

Not so nice, huh, to lose your job because you believed and trusted thompson, dodds, mackie and denny...

Author: jc
Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 11:28:35 AM

RK has called dennis dodds a clown, a rug-fool, a rug-ignorant, a cheat, a liar and a thief.

To those epithets we would like to add chicken-shit loser for his refusal to accept our long-standing challenge for a debate.

Lord knows RK will even let him have thompson, franses or any other rug-expurt with him.

But in that case he will have to share the 5,000 dollar honorarium we offered with his "helpers".

So come on dodds, you duplicitous rug-cheat and thief, let's see some spine from you, that is if you even have, or ever had, one.

Author: jc
Fri, Nov 27th, 2009 07:23:52 AM

The fact dodds or thompson will not accept our challenge to get on a stage with us to discuss the bogus "bellini" dodds pawned off on LACMA demonstrates even they know defending that late genre period revival/reproduction is hopeless.

But, what is worse, is the fact no one in rugDUMB will point the finger at dodds, thompson, mackie and LACMA's directorate for covering up this fraud and demand a public airing.

Silence is consent and every one of you who knows the dodds/LACMA "bellini" is as bogus as RK claims is, in the end, as guilty as dodds, et. al., are.

Does that make you proud?

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