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Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 04:38:39 PM
Topic: The Ultimate Payoff

The Los Angeles County Art Museum's invitation to jon thompson to speak at the museum in conjunction with their upcoming new exhibition of the Ardibil and Coronation Carpets is about as stupid and absurd a rugDUMB event RK can remember.

There is no doubt thompson is absolutely and completely guilty of advising LACMA to champion dodds's late genre period reproduction "bellini" carpet as a mid 16th century masterpiece to their Collector's Circle of benefactors, who then allowed the museum to take $250,000 of their collective funds to purchase the rug from dodds.

Regrettably, and since then, LACMA has done nothing but try to cover up their pre-sale lack of due diligence and investigation, which would have surely uncovered most of the facts, and dodds's errors, mis-information and lies, RK has based our claims upon.

It's an open and shut case where a dealer, dennis dodds, lied and cheated his way into making the sale and the buyer, LACMA, to avoid facing the truth and having that truth publicized has worked with that dealer to coverup this unseemly affair.

It is also an open and shut case thompson's consultation was instrumental in the museum believing dodds's spurious claims the "bellini" was mid-16th century, a woven masterpiece of high museum quality and that it was in his private collection for 25 years and never offered before for sale to anyone.

RK's extensive investigations have proven beyond any doubt dodds's claims were nothing but lies and sleazy dealer patter.

The reality thompson and two other equally as high profile carpet-experts went along for the ride is both shameful and completely culpable. To now reward thompson with an all expenses trip to LA and to fete and worship him instead of hauling him in front of the museum's directorship to explain his actions should boggle themind of anyone intelligent enough to open a bottle of beer.

Freakin' unbelieveable....


Below please read a concise summary RK published last year about the LACMA/dodds ripoff:

In another thread on our discussion board an English-language challenged pissant continues to question why RK is still pointing the finger at dodds and LACMA.

Here is our reply and what we hope to be the last time we have to state the obvious:

1. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was defrauded by dodds.

Notwithstanding the rest of the facts RK has cited, the "letter of expertise" dodds sent them, which is published in another thread, makes that perfectly clear.

2. LACMA then utilized that same fraudulent "letter of expertise" to convince their Collector's Committee to put up the $250,000 to purchase dodds's bogus "bellini".

3. It is perfectly obvious LACMA does not want to admit they were cheated and defrauded by dodds BECAUSE they would then have to admit the Collector's Committee was cheated and defrauded by the Museum's curator who championed the rug's purchase with the same fraudulent document.

This is a simple and patently obvious equation that explains this situation perfectly.

Equally obvious is the FACT it is far more attractive, and safer, for LACMA to permanently bury the rug in the basement and lose the $250,000 than admit their errors of judgement in NOT properly investigating the purchase before presenting it to the Collector's Committee.

It is also clear meat-heads like you and many other equally dumb and stupid ruggies will, like LACMA, never admit to the truth.

The is no doubt dodds cheated LACMA and the rug they are now saddled with is not even close to being a 16th century masterpiece worthy of being displayed in their galleries or those of any other institution.

It is a mediocre workshop copy -- a late genre period reproduction and that is why no one wanted to buy it on the international market for 25 plus years.

Author: jc
Mon, Nov 30th, 2009 04:38:39 PM

Like dodds, dr jon thompson uses his degrees, in his case an MD and in dodds's presumably post-graduate studies in architecture, to impress the unknowing in rugDUMB.

Like dodds, thompson is accorded almost royal treatment in rugDUMB. Why? Well let's just say because of rugDUMB's extreme lack of accredited scholars and researchers poseurs like dodds and thompson are elevated to completely undue heights of respect.

Fact is dodds has never done a damn thing scholastically to deserve any respect and thompson's one greast achievement -- the identification of "S" group Turkmen weavings, is as old, tired and thread-bare as the upholstery in a 1934 unrestored model T with 1,000,000 miles on its speedometer.

Everything else dr jon thompson has done in rugDUMB is either been proven questionable if not completely specious or of a totally commercial nature.

Let's give honor and respect where it is due and forgo praising those, like thompson and dodds just to mention a few of rugDUMB's bogus stars, who actually deserve to be treated as the carpet-bagger impostors they truly are.

Author: jc
Sat, Nov 21st, 2009 10:03:46 AM

RK has now learned the supposed "reason" LACMA "invited" jon thompson to talk about the Ardibil (and Coronation) carpet is on account of his "discovery" of "new information" about how the pair of Ardibils were produced.

When we heard this from a very high profile rugman our first comment was "Wonder who thompson lifted that "discovery" from?"

Author: jc
Wed, Nov 18th, 2009 08:04:01 AM

It is quite clear that LACMA's directorate decided to invite thompson, and not Walter Denny to talk about the Ardibil and Coronation carpets because thompson has kept company with the museum and not broken rank, whereas Denny has clearly and publicly expressed his opinion that the "bellini" carpet is, to quote Denny, "not 16th century but rather 1650-1750 and from the end of that continuum".

Denny said this at an informal talk he gave at LACMA, and as well to RK when we spoke with him after he returned from Los Angeles to see the bogus "bellini".

RK is positive had we not called Denny and in no uncertain terms explained his serious error in vetting the "bellini" as circa 1550 he never would have considered changing his position or had that informal talk at LACMA about dodds's rug.

But to his credit Denny immediately took our criticism to heart and soon thereafter went to Los Angeles to inspect the carpet personally.

He then gave informal talk in LACMA where he expressed his doubts about his former position and in no uncertain terms changed it to the dismay of LACMA's directorate.

Denny, unlike thompson, mackie and dodds who are still pushing the charade the "bellini" is 17th century, a masterpiece of its type and a thoroughly worthy museum specimen,publicly acknowledged his error and corrected it in an honest fashion. We heartily congratulate him for his courage and personal and professional integrity.

RK is also pretty sure had certain professional pressures not been on Denny he would have said alot more about why his opinion changed but after all being a well-liked and respected museum professional put some strong brakes on his ability to really say what he now knows about the rug and the deceptive circumstances of its vetting and purchase in which he participated.

It's also patently clear to RK that's why Denny was not invited to speak and thompson was.

Frankly this is how corrupt bureaucracies operate -- those who tow the party line find their careers advanced, while those who are whistle-blowers or who stand up to protest wrongs and inequities are never favored.

And this, dear readers, is why thompson and not Denny will now and forever be the favored "rug expert" at LACMA.

How do you like that rotten apple....

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