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Fri, Nov 13th, 2009 09:37:08 AM
Topic: LACMA exhibits two rugs

The Los angeles Country Art Museum (LACMA) has just opened a small exhibition of their two masterpiece classical carpets.

However, their most famous carpet, the late genre period reproduction "bellini" carpet dennis dodds cheated and bamboozled LACMA's Collector's Circle into purchasing remains hidden in the museum's basement.


Simply put because everyone at LACMA, who has even half a brain, knows the museum was cheated by dodds and ignoring his thievery is a face-saving move while trying to prove his deceit would bring attention to the museum's failure to properly research the rug prior to its purchase.

Sad but true; and no matter how long LACMA, and rugDUMB in general, ignore dodd's cheating ways the world will eventually know what a carpet-bagging cheat dennis dodds truly is.

Author: jc
Fri, Nov 13th, 2009 09:37:08 AM

The following "announcement" was posted on the hali website today. To say it is revolting might be too gentle a rejoinder:

"To coincide with their display of the Ardabil and Coronation carpets, which opens tomorrow until January 2010, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is presenting a special lecture entitled The Remarkable Tale of the Ardabil Carpets on Saturday 5 December at 2.00pm. Renowned carpet expert Dr. Jon Thompson will speak about the history of LACMA's Ardabil Carpet and its mate, which is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London."

To called thompson a "renowned", rather than disgraced "carpet expert" is nothing but a bullshit charade.

RK has writtten extensively about jon thompson's very public and well known grevious errors and why LACMA will even allow thompson into the museum, let alone as a speaker, is unfathomable.

Let's all remember thompson was one of the idiot experts who vetted and recommended LACMA purchase the bogus late genre period reproduction "bellini" carpet from dennis, the liar and thief, dodds.

YES, that same "bellini" carpet is now lying in LACMA's basement and quite honestly speaking so should jon thompson's reputation be lying there with it.

It is totally outrageous someone of thomspon's checkered career in rugs should be treated as royalty when he deserves to be shunned and ostracized by rugDumb.

Remember jon tompson also vetted as GENUINE a FAKE reproduction "faces" fragment that an important collector bought on his say so.

Also remember thompson's FAKE IMRELI designation and phony research.

NO, NO jon thompson should not be allowed to continue his carpet-bagging nonsense and LACMA should be ashamed of their invitation to have him talk about anything other than why he stupidly recommended LAMCA buy dodds's late genre period reproduction bellini as a genuine circa 1550 example.

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