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Sun, Aug 30th, 2009 12:13:15 PM
Topic: dodds scams - rugDUMB snores

Yes, it is true: While dodds scams rugDUMB continues to snore.

There is no doubt dennis dodds is the sleazy scammer and liar RugKazbah.com has proven him to be, as well as being someone who has brazenly defrauded both LACMA and private collectors -- and he continues to do so.

When are all you rugDUMB Rip van Winkles going to wake up and call dodds to the carpet of justice for his crimes?

From what we have seen RK believes dodds will never face the music for his lies, thievery and deceit.


Obviously because rugDUMB's feeble power structure -- hali, icoc and acor -- that is made up of rug poseurs, fools, clowns and creeps like dodds will never indict dodds because he is one of them.

Fuck that shit is all RK can say both to them and to their piece of crap poster-arsehole mr dennis dodds.

It's long over due time to get out the tar and feathers to send dodds and a bunch of other equally as revolting schmucks from hali, acor and icoc riding out of town on a cold rail.

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