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Sun, Jul 19th, 2009 07:34:07 AM
Topic: RK Explains RK

What appears below was posted in Feb. 2008 just before we took our self-imposed hiatus from posting.

Regrettably, what we wrote then is even more true today.

RK requests you have a read, think about it, then get off your butts, speak up at the least or better yet do something to affect some change.

Lord knows rugDUMB needs it, and needs it now.


Frankly, RK is absolutely sick and tired of seeing the [email protected] that passes for fact and truth in Rugdom.

The deplorable lack of "peer review" and critique is both proof rugdom is populated by dumb-ass shepple and led by "leaders" who have proven their duplicitous natures by their actions as well as by their inactions.

How much more proof is need to demonstrate dodds cheated LACMA?

Or Viginia Commonwealth University professor steven price is a pompous rug ignorant ill-suited to run any type of rug discussion on the internet or anywhere else, including a kindergarten classroom?

Or how much more proof is need to prove to you all gerard pacquin's, another rug ignorant, "discovery" of those bogus BS pseudo-Ottoman embroideries is no discovery at all -- only a veiled attempt to sell them to those who are even less equipped in rug studies than he is?

Or how about michael, aka little lord, franses equally as bogus and ridiculous claims the kaitag embroideries he sells, and hopes to sell, are 17th or 18th century?

Or how about you all waking up to the fact none of these "questions" will ever see the light on day in hali?

By the way, we use the term "questions" even though these are facts -- hard facts and that is why none of those involved in these affairs has tried to publicly counter what RK has said or even silence us from saying it over and over?

We recognize dodds, hali and the rest of these people have been empowered by your indifference not only to do what they did but, more so, to keep doing it.

So here's the reason RK is talking this way: We will soon discontinue posting here or anywhere else on the internet unless some of you publicly and unequivocally stand up and be counted.

We have given a lot to Rugdom and we will discontinue our efforts in protest of the above, and other issues we know about as well but at this junction refuse to make public.

Silence is consent and unless the best and brightest of Rugdom gets off their chairs and start complaining, RK will no longer be here to cheerlead to empty bleachers.

Choice is yours, folks, but we realize writing this will change nothing because you all are to chicken-shit to stand up and be counted.

So, therefore, should you not prove us wrong, we wish you the best as you continue to wallow in commercialism that masquerades as scholarship; leaders who couldn't lead you to the nearest WC; a magazine that prints hype, promo and distortions bordering on lies in the name of good journalism; experts who don't know their butts from holes in the ground and much, much more.

Think we are joking, exaggerating or just complaining? Watch and see, shepple -- watch and you will see nothing new appearing here unless we see some major outcry from the bleachers.

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 19th, 2009 07:34:07 AM

In another thread on our discussion board an English-language challenged pissant continues to question why RK is still pointing the finger at dodds and LACMA.

Here is our reply and what we hope to be the last time we have to state the obvious:

1. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was defrauded by dodds.

Notwithstanding the rest of the facts RK has cited, the "letter of expertise" dodds sent them, which is published in another thread, makes that perfectly clear.

2. LACMA then utilized that same fraudulent "letter of expertise" to convince their Collector's Committee to put up the $250,000 to purchase dodds's bogus "bellini".

3. It is perfectly obvious LACMA does not want to admit they were cheated and defrauded by dodds BECAUSE they would then have to admit the Collector's Committee was cheated and defrauded by the Museum's curator who championed the rug's purchase with the same fraudulent document.

This is a simple and patently obvious equation that explains this situation perfectly.

Equally obvious is the FACT it is far more attractive, and safer, for LACMA to permanently bury the rug in the basement and lose the $250,000 than admit their errors of judgement in NOT properly investigating the purchase before presenting it to the Collector's Committee.

It is also clear meat-heads like you and many other equally dumb and stupid ruggies will, like LACMA, never admit to the truth.

The is no doubt dodds cheated LACMA and the rug they are now saddled with is not even close to being a 16th century masterpiece worthy of being displayed in their galleries or those of any other institution.

It is a mediocre workshop copy -- a late genre period reproduction and that is why no one wanted to buy it on the international market for 25 plus years.

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