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Tue, Apr 29th, 2008 06:32:36 PM
Topic: hot-air harry and his Turkish Rugs

Today the student, more the sycophant of hot air harry mentioned in connection to the keshishian and Logis carpet fragments we wrote about yesterday, published the following on his webSlight :

Harold insisted that his piece and Schurmann's were from the same carpet.

Hot air harry can insist all he wants, but until he or anyone else provides real proof, the only thing his assertion is good for might be filling carnival balloons.

He also mentioned:

I asked Harold about the two other fragments from the same carpet. Since there was no attractive way to attach the two to the fragment in the show Harold ended up attaching the two together and he gave the joined piece to McCoy Jones.

What, there are now supposedly two other two pieces floating around somewhere?

This story is growing more wings than tinkerbell

BTW: According the student, who is none other than barry, aka blurry, oCONnell a former EBAY rug cheat and thief who found GOD after getting caught swindling both suppliers and customers, hot air harrys collection now exceeds 700 rugs and carpets.

In another glowing mention hot air harry recently received on the internet, this one from an equally dumbass ruggie, a Saturday rug morning presentation keshishian did at the textile museum with Turkish Rugs from his collection is discussed with pictures.

Someone directed RK to it, and from what we gather there were 37 pieces hot air schlepped into the museum for the presentation.

We are surprised he was able to bring such a pant-load of mediocre, pedestrian, amateur collector rugs into their hallowed halls.

George Hewitt Meyers, the Textile museums founder and a real collector of note probably was turning over in his grave seeing this load of rug misery in his former house thats been the home of his extraordinary collection and the museum since his death.

Honestly, besides this piece

hot hair harry keshishian collection

there was not another one of interest.

And even it is a later 18th century copy of the far better 17th/late 16th century example in the Joseph McMullan collection, who like Meyers was a real collector, although not nearly on Meyers stellar level.

McMullan collection; Islamic Carpets, Plate 80

But, compared to hot air harry keshishian, Joe McMullan was way, way far and away much more significant as a man and also as a rug collector.

Among the mediocrities hot air harry dragged in were 9 fair to miserable examples of late 18th to late 19th century Turkish prayer rugs; 17 other rugs lacking any distinction other than the ability to keep someones toes warm on a winter day; 1 clapped out, and totally uninteresting, early 18th century Transylvanian rug; 1 ugly end of the genre mid-18th century Lotto runner RK wouldnt relieve himself on; 8 pedestrian, ghastly mid-19th to early 20th century yastik and one late 19th century kilim, a smart dog wouldnt take a nap on.

So if these rugs are any representation of the 700 in hot-air harrys stash, the 1 in 37 ratio would mean he might have about 20 rugs of merit.

Frankly thats pretty good for what most of these old, rug-ignorant Armenian rug dealer collections usually pan out having.

We are sure hot air harry has a few real treasures but considering he was born into the rug world and worked at it for 60 plus years, and had the money to buy and hold great pieces, thats a pretty pathetic showing as far as we are concerned.

Of course, the reason this rug schmuck has such a pitiful collection

hot air harry keshishian

is because he knows nothing about what great old rugs are all about, and we are pretty sure most of his best have been acquired in the past 20 years.

Before then he was far less knowledgeable, and how do we know this?

We visited him before the 1980 Washington icoc and after talking with him for about 30 minutes had enough of his pompous know-little hot air patter to make us never return.

We have hardly any doubt he still is woefully deficient in rug expertise and would not be surprised to learn he knows even less than his student, blurry.

Just for grins, lets continue with blurrys specious portrait of keshishian:

Harold Keshishian was one of the first recipients of the prestigious Joseph V. McMullan Award and is on the Board of the Near Eastern Art Research Center and is Trustee Emeritus at the Textile Museum.

Think theres any chance he got the McMullan award because it is granted by the Near Eastern Art Research Center he is a board member thereof?

By the way this organization also gave the McMullan award to dennis, the thief and rug cheat, dodds which surely signifies their recipients are not chosen for their rug expertise but rather for their back-slapping place in RugDumb.

We continue with blurrys erroneous paean to hot air harry:

Harold has two books to his credit "Rugs of the Caucasus" in 1968 and "Treasures of the Caucasus" in 1993.

Neither one of these two tomes is worth the paper it is printed on and we defy anyone to prove different.

In the decades RK has been collecting rugs we came into contact with many, many old Armenian rug dealers and keshishian is, for us, nothing but an example of the worst of the type pompous; paranoid; close-minded, wide open-mouthed braggart know-little dumbbells, who quaked when anyone who knew more than they walked through the front doors of their shoppes.

But to blurry, an equally full of crap rug thief turned pseudo-researcher, a stuffed shirt clown and rug moron like hot air harry is a god. Nuff said we are sure

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