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Sun, Apr 27th, 2008 08:53:41 PM
Topic: mad mike and sneak-cheat tom

Todays internet rambling uncovered this engsi which is offered for sale by someone, mister michael craycraft, whos ridiculous attributions outdo even the lunacy of a steev price or a jimbo allen.

RK is the first to admit provocative ideas can sometimes lead to discovery and innovation, however, there are those in RugDumb like mad michael, as we have decided to nickname him, and another former employee and compatriot of his tom, aka sneak-cheat, cole whose ideas are not provocative -- they are down right stupid.

They personify RKs Stupidity in RugDumb label and we will demonstrate by posting the following pictures of rugs they are presently hawking.

This is the engsi and while it is a rather ordinary looking, not very distinguished, version of a typical one ascribed to the Tekke, mister craycraft doesnt think so.

He states it is Chodor on the website we spied it on, and then on his own he calls it Tekke(?) Chodor.

And on what does mister craycraft, a turko-idiot supremo, base this outlandishly dreamy attribution?

Heres his description, you figure it out:

orderly weave but low knot count. Knot is similar to Chodor work. It is certain that a Tekke spindle was not used in the spin. Scale of iconography is very generous while the Tekke style elem is perhaps the most perfectly executed that I have seen. 70% of the wefts are dyed a copper orange. The material of the colored wefts might be cotton but is most probably wool. The top 15% and the bottom 15% of the engsi is natural ivory wool. The natural dark brown wool in the elem is fuzzy on the back like angora or camel wool. The separator bars between the major compartments composing the main border lack the variety of typical Tekke work. A rare and unusual engsi

Is it the knot that is similar to Chodor work, or the 70% of weftsdyed a copper orange?

The fuzzy wool?

The separator bars?

In all seriousness we dont have a clue and believe neither does mister craycraft.

Is he fuzzy or has he been spending too much time lifting glasses of separator bars to his lips?

Probably, but wed offer his desire to create some sensation about this uninteresting, rather ugly and totally unimportant engsi might be the real reason for his taking the plunge and trying to float the idea it is Chodor.

We know mad michael is a reader of RugKazbah.com so let RK inform him we have seen some other mid-19th century Tekke engsi with dyed orange, or red weft.

His equally as dubious declaration the Tekke style elem is perhaps the most perfectly executed that I have seen is nothing but worthess patter.

We suggest after mister craycraft either gets some new glasses, or learns how to remember the rugs he has seen, he will realize the elem is OK but it surely does not deserve any special mention, let alone exclamation.

But as dumb and stupid as the aforementioned points of his description we have ridiculed his It is certain that a Tekke spindle was not used in the spin. takes the cake.

We laugh as we write this but it is painfully clear it is mister craycraft that is spinning and if he actually believes he can differentiate between a Tekke spindle and a Chodor one, or ones belong to any other known or unknown Turkmen group wed like to have some of what he is smoking!

Regardless of his state of sanity or inebriation this is complete BullShit that reaches a level RK has rarely encountered in our 40 years of reading rug literature.

BTW: this rare and unusual engsi can be yours for 1,285 euro but before you open you wallet might we suggest doing some further study and discussing this with your local rug dealer, who we are sure can talk you out of it over a cup or two of overly sweetened tea?

Mister craycrafts flights of fancy would be hard to outdo but sneak-cheat tom is right behind him with his dumbass attribution for this small so-called Tekke marriage rug:

Wed have to say this rug is far more beautiful and desirable than craycrafts boring Tekke engsi but coles calling it a kejebe rug is way stupid, although it does fall far short of craycrafts Tekke spindle and other fantasies.

Heres a close up and if anyone, even sneak-cheat cole himself can substantiate why the kejebe label has been virtually pasted onto this cute little rug we will be glad to mail them a copy of one of our books for free, including postage.

But dont strain your peepers looking for some clue to coles kejebe caprice cause it aint there.

Whats going on in RugDumb?

Are you all so asleep, or is it just so inexpert, to allow fakirs like craycraft and cole to peddle their wares with such outrageous impunity and bombastic meaningless attributions?

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