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Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 11:32:10 PM
Topic: hajji babas or Hajji Bozos?

The jury is almost in on the hajji "gala" and we are working on framing up our comments.

Stay tuned, they will appear in due course...

Author: jc
Mon, Apr 21st, 2008 11:32:10 PM

The jurys in and with them came the verdict: Guilty as charged.

For beyond all the proclaimed accolades, the hype and publicity, reality showed itself and, once again, the emperor's new clothes turned out to be a nothing more than his birthday suit -- a naked pot-bellied figure, warts and all, standing there for all to see.

Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but surely far less of one than the expected king hajji attired in ermine, silk and lace with a diamante crown and enameled golden scepter in hand.

RK has now read through large portions of the text and, while we profess not having read every 'blessed' word jonny-boy thompson scribbled, we really wonder if we will be the only one to question why he was selected for the job.

It is painfully clear there are no new or exciting original ideas, no deep academic treatment of any subject, nor any proof thompson did something worth a whole hill of beans, or even half of one.

His text is surely readable but lacks any genuine sparkle. And that's what should have been his work and why he was chosen, to add a level of glamour and elegance, as it was made clear from the get-go there would be no scholarly academics in this weighty exhibition catalog.

Now to set the record straight: All the pieces in the exhibition are illustrated in the catalog but some of the pieces in the catalog were not included in the exhibition.

As an aside we should mention the 'report' on the hajji "gala" that is linked from professor clown's online rug-romper room website.

Reading the observations made by one of his major magpie posters, who attended the hajji exhibition and 'symposium', it becomes painfully clear even someone of his limited rug experience and knowledge sensed something was amiss.

And there was something amiss there -- too much hot air and hype unfulfilled.

Sure, compared to a going out of business sale at a rug store on Fifth Ave, or the inventories most of the rug dealers who are closeted away in several large office buildings located between 23rd and 34th Streets, the exhibition was superlative.

However, compared to what one would imagine the oldest and most prestigious rug club's member collections should hold, it can only be seen as a major disappointment and let-down.

And the catalog reflects this, far more than proving the hype and expectations that were so carefully engineered beforehand.

We will as soon as time permits post much more detailed opinions about parts of jonny-boy thompson's text, as well as pictures of the best, at least in our opinion, of the exhibits.

So stay tuned, more is on the way

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