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Sun, Apr 6th, 2008 05:06:01 PM
Topic: the art of collecting: RUGS

Like those blossoms RK mentioned, the hajji website is busting out with "exciting" news for RUGDUMB.

Fine Rugs and Textiles
Thursday, April 17 6:30 PM at The New-York Historical Society
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or call SmartTix @ +1 212 868-4444

Featuring a Panel Discussion Moderated by Mary Jo Otsea (Sotheby's, NY)

The Art of Collecting Rugs -
A panel discussion on collecting fine rugs and textiles in the current market,presented in conjunction with the exhibition: Woven Splendor from Timbuktu to Tibet: Exotic Rugs and Textiles from New York Collectors.

Panel members are:

Moderator : Mary Jo Otsea (Worldwide Director of Sothebys Carpet Dept.)

Ronnie Newman (Dealer and Collector)
Mr Newman is a renowned dealer of tribal and village rugs who personally collects American Folk Art.

Judith Glass (Advisor and Appraiser)
A specialist in European and Oriental carpets and textiles, Ms Glass works with collectors on finding and securing pieces.

Kurt Munkacsi (Collector, current President of the Hajji Baba Club)
By day, music producer for Phillip Glass, Mr Munkacsi is a passionate collector of Central Asian Turkmen weavings.

Do you have an interest in collecting exceptional furnishings that will also have noteworthy cultural and historical valuein this case rugs and textiles?

A panel composed of collectors and dealers will offer expert insights on navigating the complex, and sometimes bewildering world of antique and semi-antique rugs and textiles.

The program will primarily focus on woven treasures from Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, and Central Asia."

Well, what can we say? No better yet where to start?

No offense but mary jo would be better put moderating a group on touch typing than the "art" of collecting rugs we imagine.

Calling ronny, aka runny, newmann "renown" is equally misleading for runny is renown according to RK only for his disgusting personal habits and selfish shifty business ethic.

Yes, RK has a couple of stories about runny but because we find even the mention of his name, let alone discussion of this miscreant, unpleasant and a waste of time, they will have to go unmentioned.

But take it from us, runny is a rug know little and sleaze bag dealer extraordinaire-thats our experience.

And who is Judith Glass? Well turns out she used to work for, you guessed it, sotheby's rug dept under mary joe; so you know she'll be brimming with rug expertise and lore.

Last but not least in the RUGDUMB dept we have kurt munkacsi, who is not a mean, vicious person like runny, or a rather ditzy anti-rug intellectual like ms otsea, but regardless his fame in rugdom is due, again according to us, almost exclusively related to his wallet -- in RugDumb hes not alone there.

Funny, but wed guess luminaries and educators like dr john, aka Johnny-boy, thompson for instance will be just too busy hob-nobbin, or is it noggin, with important hajjis to speak to the lay public, the intended audience for this affair.

We could go on but, comme dhabitude why bother; after all with a moderator whose best lines will be plugging sothebys carpet department as the place to buy/sell anything mores just overkill.

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